Chapter 69: GOLDEN BOY


(Translator Note: Sorry for the delay everyone. We’ve had a bad month, with me getting very sick twice, and the editor Sensei’s uncle passing away. Thanks for your patience, and sorry again.)

This whole matter made Saint understand a new fact about the Dragon Balls in this world. Whenever they would come to a certain distance from a high-level Energy Source, it was fair to estimate that they would spontaneously approach it. The five-star Dragon Ball in his hand should be the only exception, as it was integrated with his soul, and cannot fly away.

This made things clear to him: The first time he made a wish, the Dragon Ball that landed on the Arc Reactor was probably heading far away like the other six, when it passed by Stark Industries and was attracted by the reactor.

“Well, since that’s the case, should I make the next wish near the Arc Reactor Next Time? Perhaps all six Dragon Balls would end up landing here, and I wouldn’t have to go searching for Dragon Balls again!”

Saint stopped talking to himself, and looked around and waited to confirm that no one detected the flying Dragon Ball, and then he turned around and flew back at a leisurely pace.

Nearly half an hour later, Saint returned to Hell’s Kitchen, but not to his own restaurant; he sneaked into Colleen’s Dojo instead!

A few seconds later, in Colleen’s bedroom….

“Ahhh!” Startled, Colleen screamed, and then she realized it was Saint.

“You sly dog! How did you slip in here?”

“A window was opened! Now, have you been practicing Bukujutsu? How long can you keep yourself in midair?”

“… You’re coming at this time… Why are you asking about that?”

“I just though we could try some gravity-free love making.”

“Ah! You’re going to die!”

“Have you learned it?”

“I’ll never tell you!”


The next day, at eleven am, Saint was sitting his restaurant reading the newspaper at a table, looking pleasantly surprised…

“GOLDEN BOY?” He looked at the main headline on the newspaper, repeating the name: “Golden Boy? It’s not that bad; it’s catchy. I think I like it!”

“This is not fair!” Lorna stepped forward and snatched away the newspaper from Saint’s hands, saying angrily: “Whenever someone gets some superpower, they get all sorts of praise, but when we become mutants, we can only hide in the streets with everyone harassing us and calling us freaks!”

“They’re reporting on how I was saving people; don’t I deserve the praise? When news is about a mutant, it’s always about them losing control and hurting people…” said Saint; “Unlike me, you mutants obtain your power out of thin air, and do not know how to control it. It’s a shame that there are no special schools in this world to receive newly awakened mutants and teach them how to control their abilities.”

“School?” Lorna’s eyes lit up and she put down the newspaper looking at Saint: “Boss, you taught me Ki Sense…”

“Don’t you even think about it!” Saint raised his hand interrupting Lorna: “For me, anyone who can mask their Ki and use Ki Sense would become my weakness. Having you mastering these techniques is enough!”

“I’m your only weakness?” Lorna pondered thinking, and she realized that this was indeed the case. In this world, there was no one other than her that could sneak up on Saint. But then she remembered something and asked: “Didn’t you teach Sensei?”

“Colleen is not a mutant. Why would she need Ki Masking? And why would I teach her how counter my skills? I’m not insane!”

“You can rest assured! Boss!” said Lorna with a straight face; “When you taught me, I’ve sworn that I would never break my oath of secrecy to you, no matter what!”

“I have nothing to worry about.” Saint puffed: “Without me to introduce them to my Ki, no mutant would ever sense their own. Without me, how would you teach them that?”


Lorna glanced at him, and feeling that her good gesture was ignored, she wanted to scold her boss, only to be stopped by the sound of the door chimes…

Peter Parker rushed into the restaurant like a gust of wind. He was unusually early, but seemed to be in too much of hurry as if he was late. He rushed in front of Saint, and started staring at his face.

The latter frowned, and unconsciously put his palm on his face saying: “What are you looking at?”

Peter’s look was so bizarre; if it was someone that’s unlike him, Saint’s sentence would inevitably be followed by a fight….

The not yet bitten, “layman” Peter released a “squeaky” sigh, slammed his forehead, and then stepped back taking his phone out of his pocket, and pointing to a news report on its screen excitedly: “Boss, this is you, right? The ‘Golden Boy’ mentioned here is you, right? Right? Right?!!”

Hearing this, Saint was shocked! He had thought that his “Super” changed hair, along with putting on glasses should be a significant change, even without him putting much effort in his disguise. How could he be recognized at a glance?!

“It’s him.” At this time, Lorna, who was watching with not too much on her hands, ruthlessly exposed Saint’s identity, and then handed the newspaper to Peter saying: “See? Our family’s ‘Golden Boy’ was just enjoying reading about himself in the newspaper!”


Saint was never one to hold a grudge, but when he did take vengeance, he did it on the spot! Hearing Lorna’s words, he pointed at her and said to Peter: “She told you she dyed her hair, right? She lied to you; it’s actually green, and she’s actually a mutant!”



After a long silence, Lorna’s hands suddenly lit up with a colorful light, and as she screamed: “BASTARD!” she made the knife and fork in front of Saint fly straight to his face!

“Are you crazy?!”

In his astonishment, Saint ignored the knife and fork and advanced through them, grabbing Lorna’s hands franticly with a horrified expression on his face, and hiding her behind his back. Then, he turned around to the store looking at the street outside the door! It wasn’t only the door that’s made out of glass, but also the entire front of the store, giving any pedestrian that might be passing by an unobstructed look at Lorna’s abnormality!