Chapter 50: Rise Again, Shenron!


Estimating the distance between the building he was on, and the one where the Arc Reactor was located, Saint estimated that jumping after just running over this roof would be suicidal. However, if he was to use Zanzoken, the tremendous force that propels his feet should, in combination with his own jumping effort, get him to the opposite side safely.

“This should work…. yeah… no problem!”

This wasn’t really exact science he’s doing, and Saint had never made such a jump. He took a deep breath, and assumed a jumping posture, then stood still. For a second, even his face froze, and it felt like time itself wasn’t flowing anymore.

The next moment, in mid-air between the two multi-storey buildings, a figure of a man appeared all of a sudden. He drew an ark in the air before landing on the roof of the Arc Reactor’s building.

Then, as seconds passed, the Zanzoken left behind by Saint gradually faded into the air, as if it had never existed at all.

He was scared of his own stunt for the first time in a while, even feeling his own skin tight on his body. He could only stand in place and pant for a while, until his violent heartbeat stabilized. After taking a long breath and cracking his neck, he reached the massive grass-roof above the Arc Reactor.

Just as Saint’s foot was set upon the Glass Roof, the entire room bellow him suddenly began to flash with a dazzling red light, and a shrill alarm sound emerged all of a sudden!

“Damn!” Saint could only wonder: “Was the roof pressure sensitive? Or was I caught by a motion detector?”

Either-way, thinking about this right now was useless, and Saint could only unwind the rope he had on him, and use “Jan Ken: Guu” to break himself an entrance through the glass roof. He tied one end of the rope to the steel frame of the roof, and another around his body. Then, he immediately jumped down the rope to land right above the Arc Reactor.

In the round curve on top of the Arc Reactor, Saint found the Six-Star Dragon ball. After directly hiding it in his pocket, and he did not look back at the rope that hung from the roof. The roof he was at in the beginning was even higher than the one of this building. Using a rope wouldn’t work…

After climbing down from the Arc Reactor, Saint used Ki Sense to avoid security on his way out. As for the security cameras, he just ignored them.

After rushing out of the factory area, Saint destroyed his monkey face mask and went straight to the car he “borrowed”. After driving back to Manhattan, he returned the car where it belonged, and then walked the remaining few kilometers back to his restaurant.

It was already past one in the morning when Saint opened the backdoor of his restaurant quietly, making sure he didn’t wake up the sleeping Lorna. Then, he silently went into the basement, locking its iron gate behind him.

“Come forth, Shenron! Grant my wish!” After Saint took out the six Dragon Balls out of his backpack, put his hand among them together and shouted out these words, the whole basement was once again shrouded by darkness, just for the Dragon Balls to become the only source of light illuminating the areas.

Together with the tattoo on the back of his hands, the six dragon balls turned into seven beams of light, which gathered to form a shining dragon: “Say your wish! Any wish can be granted, but you only get one…”

Saint couldn’t help but grin when hearing “Any wish can be granted!” once again after two months. He did not complain though, just muttering: “Boastful Dragon…”

Although he had already made his mind that this time, he should get the physique of a Saiyan, Saint did not rush to make a wish. Instead, just to further explore his options, he curiously asked: “Shenron, if I want 9999 billion Senzu Beans, could that be done?”


Shenron actually seemed frightened by such a useful wish. After a long silence, he said: “I can only give one…”

Saint remained expressionless, and then puffed and asked: “So, can I get one Senzu bean along with the necessary knowledge to cultivate the beans myself, could that be done?”

“Those are two wishes; I can only achieve one at a time.”

“Dumb useless dragon!” Saint couldn’t help but to angrily curse his luck. He could only forget about the Senzu beans for now, and he changed his question: “Shenron, if I wish for Bulma’s knowledge, could I recreate Hoi-Poi Capsules in the Marvel World?”

Shenron once again remained silent for a long time, as if calculating something, and then gave a detailed answer: “No. Although the creation of the Hoi-Poi Capsules does not conflict with the laws of the Marvel Universe, Bulma is a genius with intellect beyond that of ordinary people. With your brain’s degree of development, if you want to acquire her knowledge, you might just end up as a mumbling madman with so much information shoved into your mind all at once.”

Saint, who lamented his current IQ, asked with his face blank: “So, if I just directly asked for a Hoi-Poi Capsule, could I obtain that?”

Without hesitation, Shenron shook his head: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that…”


“The Marvel World does have enough resources to make it. If you obtain the raw substance needed from the Dragon Ball World, I could do that.”

“Ugh! How could get you to do anything you sneaky dragon…” Saint went on with his tantrum for a while again before cooling down, and then asked: “So, if I wish for this ‘raw substance’, could I get it?”

“That’s a easy wish to fullfil!”

“Huh!” Saint sneered, and then out of suspicion, he asked again: “So, I only need to ask for the raw substance to be able to directly ask for a Hoi-Poi Capsule? Only that?”

“That depends on the specifications of the Hoi-Poi Capsule you’re asking for. I could only get you one that could store 343 cubic meters of matter, that shouldn’t weight anymore than 169 tons. Anything above that would be impossible for me to fulfill.”

Saint was asking for way less than that, so he wasn’t disappointed at all. After some thought, he asked again hypothetically: “Shenron, what if I ask for a Gravity Room to aid my training, could you give me that?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that…”

Saint rolled his eyes and asked desperately: “Why? What would you need this time?”

“The raw substance.”