Chapter 14: Saint Ferocious!


Saint stared at a gangster with a sickle-shaped scar on his face. The latter waved his axe randomly, trying to gather his courage at the same time, loudly asking for help: “Come with me!”

However, because of his fellows’ positioning, he was rather isolated, and none of them was in a position to move in without exposing themselves to another one of Saint’s vicious attacks. Saint quickly attacked with a side-kick that his foes could barely see coming, and knocked the scar-faced gangster’s axe to the ground. Then, he advanced to deliver what seemed to be a Karate-chop…. No! It was another punch!

Well, this punch wasn’t like the others, and the poor axe-man with the scar on his face had to be grateful. Saint’s punch hit him on the button, knocking him out-cold before he could feel much pain. What was to happen when he was to wake up however was a whole different story….

Only three were left. They saw Saint’s bloodstained fists go back to his side after knocking their companion down, and fear took over their hearts. Suddenly, Saint turned around glancing at them, it shook them even further. They looked at each-other in great fear. Who is this guy? How could he be so strong?

How come the ones with the blades are the ones who are bleeding?

The three lost their courage, and were filled with hesitations. If it wasn’t for their three companions on the ground, they couldn’t wait turn around and run. One of them, having an earring, looked away and rushed at Saint, while yelling to the remaining two: “I’ll hold him back, and you retrieve the others!”

His idea was good, but he was unfortunately forgetting about the current dire situation. With Saint’s advantage in Ki amount and control, he was much faster and stronger than they could imagine. Once anyone of the six was to leave the formation, he was doomed to be immediately destroyed!

What the earring Gangster asked his companions to do was going to take them a lot more than two steps, which was exactly what it took Saint to deliver punch to the gangster back bringing him down to the ground immediately.

As the earring guy fell to the ground, blood spewed out of his mouth, soiling the tables.

The next moments, the sound of chimes could be heard at the door, for the two remaining gangsters looked at each other with gloomy faces saying in unison: “RUN!”

Saint looked at the two running away, secretly sighting. He did not think of pursuing them. After successfully bringing down four of these gangsters, he was almost out of Ki, and couldn’t even do one other Jan Ken Gu. While he should be able to win if the fight was to carry on, victory wouldn’t have come without some struggle.

Anyway, disregarding the state of the fallen four gangsters on the floor, Saint went to the back of the store and yelled: “Come out, it’s over!”

Hearing him, Joy Meachum poked her head out from under a table. She had obeyed him blindly, keeping her head down all the time!

Saint gave her a hand and said: “Ms. Meachum, why would you go around without a bodyguard?”

“I don’t like having someone follow me.” Joy grabbed Saint’s arm and stood up, then patted the dust off of her body saying: “Call me joy by the way. You’re my savior; all these formalities are out the window now!”

“All right, Joy!” Saint nodded casually, pointing at the four gangsters lying in the doorway: “Who are they? Why were they attacking you?”

“They seem to be from Hong Kong’s Hatchet Gang. I think… this is probably because of the conflict of our businesses. Just recently, our enterprises bought a pier they wanted.”

Bought a pier….

The corner of Saint’s mouth twitched…. She said that so casually as if she was talking about buying some article from a store. Saint really could not understand the rich.

At this time, Lorna and Peter came over from the back of the restaurant. Peter, who was unsettled, said: “Oh, boss, you said that this neighborhood wasn’t the best… you weren’t kidding weren’t you? And… where are the police? I can’t see them! Did you just take down one, two, three, four…. FOUR GANGSTERS? Did you handle them all on your own? Oh! Oh god! That man had just vomited a lot of blood! How did you beat him like that?  Wait, is this what real Chinese kong Fu? Aren’t you cheating boss?”

“Peter… SHUT UP!”

Saint interrupted Peter’s never ending talk, and then turned to Lorna and said: “Lorna, are you alright?”

Indeed, the main reason why Saint did not want the gangsters to ravage inside and cornered them at the door was not just saving Joy. Yes, that was a partial truth, but his main fear was that Lorna could lose her temper, and then go all out wreaking havoc in the store…

“I’m fine Boss, just a little scared.

Despite the fact that she said that, Saint activated Ki sense and observed Lorna’s Ki, just to find out it was stable. This made him relieved for now, but he made a decision: he has to find the time to talk this over with her, if he ever wants to stop treating her as a ticking time bomb.

“Great! Peter, go and clean the glass off the ground.”

Hearing Saint, Joy who stood silently on the side reacted abruptly saying: “Mr. Lee, leave the whole matter to me! I’ll get this door repaired and everything as good as new!”

“Thank you, Joy! And, by the way, call me Saint!” Saint did not refuse, and then politely pointed out where the police sirens started sounding: “Joy, do me one more favor and find a way to spare me from having to go to the police station….”

“Of course!” Joey nodded proudly and walked out of the store saying: “Don’t worry, leave the police to me!”

The Meachum name was obviously big amongst police officers in New York. After Joy and the two Policemen who came exchanged a few words, the whole incident was defined as legitimate self-defense. Not only that, Saint’s name wasn’t even mentioned in the report, as the one taking down these four gangsters was just mentioned to be “Ms. Meachum’s bodyguard”!

In a short while, two ambulances rushed to the scene taking all 4 gangsters on stretchers. The two policemen escorted the ambulances to the hospital. With that, the matter finally came to an end.