Chapter 13: Sudden Attack!

Saint put down the kitchen knife from his hand, took the card from Lorna, and walked out of the kitchen to the checkout counter. Just like he did with Danny, he charged Joy 10.000$. He then went to her returning her credit card and saying: “So, Ms. Meachum, what’s the matter?”

Joy reached out with her right her to take the credit card with two fingers, and gracefully tucked it back into her wallet. Then she said: “Mr. Lee, I want to ask you for a favor!”

Thinking if the 10 grands he had just made, he could only answer saying: “Go ahead!”

“If what Danny has been telling me about is true, then “Rand Enterprises” is in great trouble! I’m afraid that just Danny and I are not enough to face all this trouble. We need my brother Ward on our side! If we are all together, we could get through this. However, without evidence, Ward will not believe us! Please help me convince him.”

“Ms. Meachum, I don’t like proving myself to people. I’ve chosen to get you to feel Ki purely for Danny and…. What!” Halfway through, Saint’s pupils expanded abruptly, and he quickly reached out pushing Joy and yelling: “Get Down!”

Being unprepared, Joy took a very hard push from Saint, one that made her entire body fall to the side, slamming heavily into the ground. She screamed loudly, but she had no time to complain about the pain. With a look of horror, she watched the glass door that used to be right behind her getting slammed into countless pieces with a black axe spinning through it to where she was standing. Being pushed down had actually saved her life!

“Be careful!” As Joy screamed, Saint raised his arm, and almost “magically” grabbed the axe’s handle as it was halfway to the wall across the restoring

“Who did I provoke?”

Saint quickly glanced at the shattered shop door, and watched as 6 bald Asian young men rushed in aggressively with axes in hand. From their Tattoos, they looked like members of a certain Chinese gang.

“The Axe Gang? They exist in this world as well?”

Saint had no time to think. He screamed to Joy: “Stay on the ground, do get up! Call the cops!” Then, he turned to Lorna saying: “Lorna, take Peter and go hide in the back of the store!”

After that, Saint took the axe, and threw it out of the store! He did not retreat, and instead rushed out behind it, taking advantage of the fact that the gangsters were trying to dodge the flying axe, and punching the first one of them to cross his way.

Since Saint wanted to lay low, he only used the least spectacular of his attacks. It was Jan Ken Gu (Rock), and if one was to observe carefully, they’d see a blue line forming in the air around his fist: it was Saint’s Ki.

The one to receive the punch to the chest spurted a great amount of blood on the spot. Before anyone knew, he was in mid air flying out of the store. After landing, blood just kept of flowing out of his mouth. Obviously, Saint had inflicted great internal injuries to him, and broken several of his ribs. He was in great pain, unable to stand up.

Five more to go…

Saint looked at the number of enemies she’d face, and increased the output of Ki in his body. The blue light flowing on his fists became more and more obvious…

Well the thing is that you’ll be writing it anyway would give him more range in his attacks, but would also drain him out faster. With Gu, he could reinforce him punches as long as he has Ki in his body. Also, as long as he doesn’t make contact with an enemy, his Ki consumption would remain negligible. In this way, it was the most efficient tool to fight at his current level.

On top of that, time was on his side. As soon as the New York Police arrive, he’d be in a more comfortable position. Therefore, after taking down one of his enemies, he did not rush it, and instead took a step back, waving his index to show that that they should not go this way.

Saint knew that these gangsters shouldn’t be after a low profile character such as him, but probably after Joy Meachum who was inside. He had to keep them out of the store, and thus insure that threat to her life is minimal. On top of that, he had to keep Lorna out of it, as her possible loss of control could lead to great trouble…

The remaining five looked at their companion on the ground, and were rather intimidated. The thing that popped up in their minds first was that they were facing a “Martial Arts Master”. They were stunned; each waiting for one of the others to be the first to advance.

“Attack!” After an awkward 10 seconds long silence, a gangster with a moustache raised his axe and rushed in screaming in Chinese, “I’ll slice you up!”

“So you’re the one!” Saint’s eyes shined and he immediately stepped sideways to the left, dodging the axe and raising his right hand, to land a vicious punch to his enemy’s side. The impact of the Ki wrapped fist on the gangster’s body caused a wave to spread on his body, and made his feet leave the ground involuntarily!

His whole body flew up and back, and was over a meter high in the air before beginning to fall down.

When still in midair, he felt his innards bursting in pain. He did not fall gracefully, for the pain made his limbs fall into convulsions and his face distort. By the time he hit the ground, his eyes had turned white, and his face was covered with a mess of foam, snot and blood. This all happened in a split second, and his colleges could not afford to blink, as their faces became more gloomy than their already tainted souls!

After that one attack from Saint, he did not carry on attacking. He looked at the other four, and slowly advances towards them waiting for their next attack.

Seeing the terrible state of their fellow, the four stood still with their spirits broken. This time, they didn’t even bother to rearrange their formation. With them not encircling Saint, he found several windows to attack, and he rushed in at them as a vicious tiger!