Chapter 9: Ready to go

 Chapter 9: Ready to go

With his life almost sacrificed in vain, Raditz looked at the scorched land in front of him.

The power of the Makankosappo was no joke; even though he managed to block this move, his arm still remained numb for a while.

Raditz then grabbed back his scouter, and the trio gathered together with Gohan.

Finally, Raditz put on a weak voice, faintly saying: “Damn, you just got me, but thanks anyway for this valuable information about these Dragon Balls on Earth that can fulfill any wish! Now my companions will come to save me! Ha… ha..”

When Raditz finished talking, he immediately turned off the scouter. His voice stopped abruptly, and the signal was transmitted across of the universe.

The last message crossed space and was successfully delivered to the two Saiyans’ scouters.

Following the distortion caused by the loss of signal, Raditz’s voice was completely gone.

“It seems that he is either dead or injured.” Nappa said, as he was fighting at the same time. He still had this expression of indifference on him.

Vegeta punched an enemy into a bunch of his colleagues and said coldly: “Poor guy, he was actually killed on earth. It seems that Kakarot betrayed us and took the side of those earthlings.”

As he spoke, he shot out a Ki Blast that destroyed the bunch of aliens before him, going even beyond that landing on a lake, scorching it dry.

Dense energy surrounded his body, forming a bursting white aura, and making the ground tremble slightly.

Looking at Vegeta in that state, Nappa could only feel pure fear in his heart.

He was a true Saiyan warrior, living by the law of power, and fearing nothing, besides Vegeta. He knew him well. When that angry, he had no reason to support him against the stubborn enemies, no reason to interfere.

“Vegeta, try to calm down. He was just a low class fighter…”

“It’s funny to see you nervous.” Vegeta smiled. “I am not angry, but excited. Didn’t you hear what Raditz said? On Earth, there are Dragon Balls that can fulfill any wish!”

Nappa reacted: “Shall we go there and use them to revive him?”

“That good for nothing? Revive him? What a waste! We could wish for eternal life, so we can continue to fight forever! Wouldn’t that be great?” Vegeta clenched his fist and his gaze was burning as fire!

When he heard that Dragon Balls could fulfill any wish, he immediately couldn’t wait to get them. For him, eternal life was just the beginning! The fire in his eyes was the unyielding fire of revenge! There was a demon’s shadow in the flames wandering, an enemy he buried deep in his heart: Frieza.

He was forced to serve Frieza for so many years, pretending not to know the truth about the destruction of the planet Vegeta. This fueled his desire for revenge and gave him power. Now, with eternal life in reach, it was only a matter of time before he could defeat Frieza. How could he contain himself?

“Nappa, we’re going, going to earth!”

“Yes… but we still haven’t finished.”

“No need! What worth more? This mission, or eternal life!?” Vegeta looked back at Nappa, piercing through him with his gaze

“Alright alright!.” Nappa trembled as he threw his last Ki Blast

The two decisively flew away from the battlefield, rendering the remaining aliens both stunned and happy to survive.

On the earth, Raditz returned to Muten Roshi’s place with Goku and Piccolo, and cleared up the misunderstanding with everyone.

Hearing of such things, and of all these creatures in the vast universe, everyone could not help but lament the vastness of the universe and their own insignificance.

“I didn’t expect such things could exist!” Bulma looked at the sky. “My sister is also travelling around the universe. I don’t know if she’s in danger.”

“What! Bulma, you have a sister?!” Goku, Krilin and others were shocked.

Muten Roshi, with a malicious eye, rubbed his hands. “Does your sister like mature men or not?”

“Bang!” A cooking pan hit Muten Roshi’s head before flying towards the sea!

“My sister is a writer who travels around the universe to get writing material. She hasn’t come back for a long time, but I’m still in contact with her.”

Raditz comforted: “The remote galaxies have no problem or war for the time being, don’t worry. But now, we need to hurry to find Dragon Ball. Krilin, you go to find other powerful guys on this planet, bring everyone to practice!”

“Oh, okay. But… I don’t know where they are? Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu flew away together long time ago. We don’t know for Yamcha either. How can we find him?”

“My scouter can detect the power levels and positions of people, but I have to check with Bulma to block the communication system and see if there is any monitoring device.”

Raditz handed the scouter to Bulma, and showed her how to use it.

Although this type of scouter was old, the technology was still quite remarkable. The material and sensing elements of the screen couldn’t yet be reproduced on Earth, so Raditz was very careful. Despite the fact that most of Frieza’s men were mainly low class soldiers, they got one anyway, and it was worth investigating.

Bulma looked at it for a while, making sure to dismantle it. She quickly understood it’s functional.

Her scientific capabilities were no jokes. Everyone was in awe as she said she believed she could finish working on it within only half a day.

Taking advantage of this time, Raditz personally went to find the Dragon Balls, while Goku and Piccolo went to the big island on the beach, watching Son Gohan play and laugh happily with Turtle and Muten Roshi.

Krilin saw Gohan running around and remembering how Goku’s used to train around the island when he was a child. He couldn’t help but sigh: “I really miss those times!”

Meanwhile, Raditz had already flown thousands of miles away and found the first Dragon Ball.

When Shenron flew away, Dragon Balls were scattered around the globe, with some of them being very well hidden. Although the Dragon Radar showed the position, it gave two-dimensional coordinates only. Along his way, Raditz was ready to go into caves and dive into the deep sea. It could have been even more troublesome if the Dragon Ball were eaten by some animals.

It took a lot of time, but Raditz managed to gather all the Dragon Balls together.

When he returned to Muten Roshi’s house, he saw that everyone else had arrived; even Puar and Oolong were there as well.

“Haha, it seems that I was late.” Raditz put the Dragon Balls on the flood and greeted everyone.

Yamsha responded with a wide grin, while Piccolo and Tien Shinhan remained silent and still wary of him. Raditz didn’t care. ‘When they see King Kai, they’ll understand.’

He took the four stars ball off Gohan’s hat and put it together with the rest of them.

These Dragon Balls gave him the same feeling as the ones he had in his world, but the only difference was that the blooming light was even more dazzling.

“Do you all know what is going on?”

“Don’t try something tricky,” Piccolo said coldly.

Tien Shinhan also echoed: “To be honest, if Goku didn’t trust you, I could hardly believe all this stuff about this so-called Emperor of the universe!”

“Yes, you still doubt me”. Raditz sighed, but their reaction was expected. How could a man, coming from nowhere, and telling so many strange things be immediately trusted. Usually, there would be some sort of catch!

‘Keep calm! The most important thing is that Goku trusts me for the time being!’ Raditz thought to himself

Raditz then took a deep breath and shouted!

“Come out, Shenron!”