Chapter 8: Have You Heard of King Kai?

Chapter 8: Have You Heard of King Kai?

The wind blew from the wilderness, and swept Raditz’s hair gently.

“Goku, do you remember that I mentioned there were a few other Saiyans survived beside me?” Raditz said.

“They are four left, including you and me.”

“Yes, the other two are stronger than me. One of them a huge guy with a colossal strength and the other is Prince Vegeta. His power level is actually ten times mine!”

Raditz spoke in a solemn way, and his words changed Goku and Piccolo’s faces greatly, as if they heard the most terrible bad news! Two more Saiyans existed, and were way stronger than him!

“If I’m right, your current power level is around 400, and your best attack, when used at maximum power, can reach little more than 1,000. Me, I can stabilize my own power at 1800. Vegeta however is at 18,000 power level! A simple Ki Blast from him would be enough to blow you up into smithereens.”

“18…. 18000!” Piccolo’s forehead was once again all sweaty as he breathed heavily.

Although Goku didn’t speak, he was shaking all over.

Even a child could understand the huge gap in numbers. If the two could barely stand against Raditz, they would probably be crushed like ants by Vegeta.

Raditz was anticipating such a reaction from them; he actually wanted it! He kept the corner of his mouth from showing a smile and continued:

“And that’s not all, there is more to know. We Saiyans used to work for a guy who claims being the emperor of the universe. His name is Frieza, and he is a terrible monster. I said earlier that the Saiyan planet was bombarded by meteorites. In fact, this is wrong: Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza!”

“Destroy… planets?”

“Frieza… the emperor of the universe… Wait, if the Saiyans work for him, why did he eradicate them?”

Son Goku and Piccolo’s minds were flooded with too much information, and the truth seemed somehow hard to swallow.

Piccolo had accepted the fact he couldn’t reign over the world, and now suddenly appeared this cosmic monster, emperor of universe. Such a powerful ruler made Piccolo feel somewhat upset.

“Let me continue… Frieza really needed the Saiyans to work for him. However, they were not truly obedient to him, which started to worry Frieza, and that’s why, preemptively, he destroyed our entire planet!”

“The Saiyans couldn’t beat him? How so many powerful fighters could be eliminated by only one person?”

Raditz couldn’t help but smile. He shook his head and said: “Even if all ants get together, they would not phase a behemoth. Frieza’s power level is… 530,000!”

Goku and Piccolo’s trembled, as if their hearts were hit by a hammer. They could not hold in their utter shock!

Such high power level figures were so hard to believe, they couldn’t help but feel their own smallness.

“Right now, we’re no opponents to such guys at all!” Son Goku was half-shocked, half excited. His Saiyan blood was boiling, giving him an unparalleled rush!

“Hey, you don’t want to fight Frieza, do you?” Piccolo smiled.

“Well, I’m thinking about it…”

“Hahahaha, you never change!”

The two knew that they had quiet a day, and after their previous panic, they calmed down.

Raditz added: “Those who are left of the Saiyans are being manipulated and continue to work for him. Sooner or later, they will be erased. He has no mercy. If you threaten him, or he feels you’re of no use for him, it would only mean your death!”

“And why should we care about him, what does this have to do with us?” Piccolo asked.

“You don’t care? I came to Earth this time, assigned by Vegeta. Soon, Frieza’s goal will be to enslave Earth. The most terrible thing about him is that his ambitions won’t stop until they engulf the entire universe. Earth of course, is also a target. And remember, you are also a Saiyan, Goku. If one day Frieza wants to completely eliminate the Saiyan race, he’ll have to find you anyway. Now, do you still feel that this has nothing to do with you? ”

Piccolo remained silent.

“The only way is to resist! The two other Saiyans are tired of Frieza, but we don’t have enough power to deal with him, so they chose to wait wisely! We have to unite and get stronger. Together, we stand a chance to defeat Frieza!” Raditz finished his words, and the wind surrounded them, blowing on the empty field.

This was Raditz’s main concern. Frieza was his biggest worry, and had to be somehow eradicated as soon as possible.

His words forced Son Goku and Piccolo to think, as they realized they were faced by an unprecedented crisis. Their minds were boiling: Saiyans, the king of the universe, destruction, power… every word hit their minds like hammers.

Son Goku calmly analyzed: “But, how can we reach power level of 530.000 in such short time? And the remaining two Saiyans, from what you’ve been describing, are not really good people!”

“Indeed, those two are very arrogant, and one of them is a prince. Persuasion would be useless I am afraid. We’ll need to convince them with strength. On that subject, I have an idea!” Raditz said, deliberately pausing, and then lowering his voice to grab their attention.

“We have to die!”

“TO DIE?!” Goku and Piccolo’s face turned gloomy in an instant. “How can we improve our strength after death?” they mocked the idea.

Raditz expected this reaction, and calmly explained:

“Don’t be surprised. There is a “god” called King Kai, who’s above earth’s Kami and all other Kami. He lives on a small planet. We must find him, as his training can definitely improve our strength. But you can’t go there without dying, so the only way to meet him is to die”

“Do you want us to… die?”

“With the Dragon Balls, we can be resurrected anyway”

“How do you know about the Dragon Balls!” Goku was surprised.

“I did my research, but this is not the point. My point is that we need the approval of King Yemma, so that after death, we get to keep our bodies for training. After this approval, we can go meet King Kai.

Raditz explained that, as if he had experienced it before first hand. Piccolo became suspicious.

“How do you know everything about this?”

“I just know. Don’t worry, I will be the first to die, but I need Goku to accompany me! We’ll introduce ourselves to King Yemma, and then we can practice together.”

“This…” Hearing what Raditz said, and that he was willing to die first, Piccolo had nothing to say.

After all, he could have taken down everyone’s lives, but instead, he was willing to offer his own. Why would he play any tricks?

“We also need you to train Gohan, Piccolo. He should prove indispensable in combat!”

Goku nodded, expressing his willingness to trust Raditz.

In fact, as soon as Raditz returned Gohan to Goku, he gained his trust and forgiveness. The following explanation made him trust him even more, and he was actually rather happy to find a biological brother.

“Piccolo, Kami’s life relies on yours, so you can’t take part in the practice, sorry!” Goku smiled and waved his hands.

“Hey, if he’s lying, you’ll just die in vain!” Piccolo glanced at Goku, “Fine with me! If that happens, I’ll have no more “Goku” standing between me and world domination!”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

Raditz picked up the scouter, stepped forward, and stood in front of Son Goku, nodding to Piccolo.

“Let’s do this!”

At this time, Gohan cried and ran out from behind the stone, shouting “Dad.”

“Gohan! Dad will come back!” Goku yelled, and he still smiled, preparing to die.

He was actually excited to face so many suporior masters, driven by his boiling Saiyan blood.

When the two were ready to die, Piccolo prepared to use his new move – Makankosappo! ! !

Sparks formed around his two fingers, and then sent out a glaring beam towards the two who were standing in line. Raditz glared at the attack, and his eyes sparkled in its shine!

“Wait! We’re doing it wrong!”

Facing the Makankosappo, he managed to counter it in a heartbeat with another Ki Blast!

The two attacks collided, causing a massive explosion. The shockwave drove air away towards boths sides, and earth cracked in between the two, splitting as far as the eyes could see, just as if Earth itself was split in half!

“You were really lying!” Piccolo yelled angrily.

“No, no, I suddenly had a better idea. Why don’t we just make a wish with the Dragon Balls? That way, we won’t even have to die…” Raditz explained quickly while wiping the sweat off of his forhead.


Goku and Piccolo remained silent for a long time, and then they said the same thing: “That makes…. sense!”