Chapter 79: Slug Down!



Raditz was shocked and slightly stunned, only blaming himself for focusing too much on his battle against Frieza, so much that he didn’t sense Slug’s Ki approaching.

Slug also looked at him in awe, and was equally surprised.

“What is he doing here?” Both asked themselves at the same time….

In a gap between the mountains below, Tullece hid in the dark quietly observing everything. He grabbed Gyoshu’s neck and smirked: “Well, you did a good job, this fool finally came.”

“Then… will you let me go?”

“Of course, I’ll even give you a ride.”

Tullece smiled even more, and released Gyoshu’s neck, letting him escape. The latter rubbed his collar to ease its pain, and he breathed a sigh of relief, feeling reborn. After staring at Tullece timidly, he quickly turned around and left.

Less than one second later, Tullece flickered before him. After making a squeaky sound, Gyoshu’s body continued going forward, but his head rolled to the ground.

Tullece then started to laugh dreadfully: “Well well, now, three Dragon Balls from Slug, and this one here will be soon be mine! As expected, I will be the last one standing! ” He touched his scouter on his left ear, and he became ecstatic…

The only scouter left on Namek was in Tullece’s hands!

Although Tullece did learn Ki masking, he hadn’t mastered Ki Sense yet. Therefore, the scouter he had was useful in making up for his shortcomings…

After acquiring the scouter, the found that the Ginyu Force were engaging in battle against Raditz and his group. Therefore, he went on and managed to find Gyoshu, forcing him to send a message to Slug and bring him to the front…

He also wanted to inform Frieza somehow and get all three sides to collide, but he never expected the space-lord to come here so early on his own! This saved him a lot of time and effort, along with giving him a nice show to watch…

At this time, he had his scouter off. He did not want to over-use it, as it could explode with one of these monsters having a surge in power. He had to keep it safe for later use, so he just stealthily passed through several mountains island, hiding behind this massive rock and watching Frieza’s movements.

Even without a scouter, and with his mediocre Ki Sense mastery, he could still sense the wicked powerful Ki of Frieza…

The latter held the Dragon Ball in both hands, fearing that it would be robbed again. Without the support of his subordinate, he felt rather tired with the situation. He looked into the distance, aimed at an island, raised the Dragon Ball and threw it there!

“Whizz” The Dragon Ball flew toward the island, and landed on the ground making a perfect arc, embedding itself in the mountain.

He looked around to make sure that no one saw him, smiled with relief, and then rushed back to Raditz!

As long as he had the Dragon Ball, he would be invincible, or so he thought….

Waiting for him to leave, a figure appeared on the calm sea: Tullece laughed wickedly, and flew toward the island, envisioning his dreams coming true….


“Don’t you dare move, Raditz!”  Frieza shouted loudly, making waves in the air as he flew as fast as he could. As his galloping figure went through the air, it moved the water surface far below him so hard; the sea floor could be seen, with the clear water splattering on the islands on the sides.

He flew all the way back to the battle scene, and suddenly stopped.

“What the hell? Slug is also here?”

Slug, in his giant form, was fighting Raditz again. Although the difference between the two was great in size, and despite his previous battle, Raditz was dominating!

“Well, with him here as well, I shall crush them together!”

Frieza’s gloomy eyes shined with cold light, and after gathering his power, a flame flashed across the sky, coming between the two in battle!

Slug had just been hit dizzy by Raditz, and was missing his punches.

All of a sudden, he could hear blasting sound from the sea side, a sound that was outran by its cause, Frieza! Before Slug could realize anything, the other space-lord delivered an axe kick that hit his chin from above, sending him into the ground!

In his giant form, half of his body fell into the water, splashing the entirety of the island on which the rest of him laid.

Raditz’s eyes moved and he stepped back. But Frieza flickered in even faster towards him.

“Take this!” As if his hands were gatling guns, Raditz sent out countless Ki Blasts at Frieza, all while retreating.

The Ki Blasts formed a dense smoke cloud that blocked Frieza’s sight, but Raditz knew that it would only hold him off for a short while. Sooner or later….

“Who are you shooting at?” A cold voice suddenly came from behind.

It didn’t even take as much as he thought, and Frieza was already behind him!

After quickly turning around, Raditz could not move! Frieza engulfed him with his Ki, shackling him in place. Then, with his eyes bright, he shouted: “Take this!”

As Frieza spoke, he launched a short distance Ki Blast that covered an area of over twenty meters with smoke, from which Raditz emerged, thrown away into several mountains, and finally landing in rubble!


Suddenly, another voice echoed from the ground, and Frieza turned around looking in surprise: “Kakarot!”

After the previous kick that he took, he should be a wreck right now! Frieza remembered what Raditz had just pulled off, and could only estimate that Kakarot was now also stronger. This was simply incredible! Was this something in the Saiyan’s blood?

“No!” Frieza, in surprised, also found that Piccolo was also back in shape! This wasn’t just a Saiyan thing; even a Namekian could do it!

“What are these bastards hiding from me?” Frieza started to have doubts. Looking at Goku, he sneered: “Now, I’ll make sure I kill you, and see if you could rise from the dead!”

He opened his palm, stretching out his arm, and launching a purple Ki Blast toward Goku.

Goku flew towards Frieza, watching the purple Ki Blast incoming. With all his might, he slammed it with the back of his hand, sending it into the sky.

“No doubt, this guy has also become stronger!” Frieza murmured, changing the shape of his arm to launch the Death Beam.

He kept releasing beams, which went at Goku like a stray continues fire. The latter dodged left and right and did not dare to counter attack. Such attacks could concentrate energy at one point, which made them much more powerful, but also easy to dodge!

“Hahahahaha, are you happy, making him jump left and right?! It’s too early for you to be contented!”

“What?” Frieza heard a cold voice behind him him, taking him by surprise.

Looking back, Slug’s giant fist was pointing at him from above, like a massive mountain falling from the sky, slamming the unprepared Frieza into the water…