Chapter 78: All-Out Battle!


With tremendous force, Raditz screamed, lifting Frieza’s foot. With his full strength recovered, he once again went into Kaioken x10. The red flame engulfing his body rose high into the sky, and his long hair tipped slightly upward as he majestically stood up slowly.

Frieza was shocked! How could Raditz, on the verge of death, get back up all of a sudden in front of him?! The worst part was, he looked more powerful than ever!

Frieza was puzzled, but still looked at Raditz’s with his usual sinister face and cruel smile.

“Very well, no one has pushed me this far for years, and I didn’t expect that the next to do so would be a Saiyan!”

“Then I should feel flattered?” Raditz sounded relaxed, but he was tight and cautious to the extreme.

Suddenly, Frieza’s eyes changed and he rushed at Raditz, the shadow of his fists barely visible as he unleashed a fury of punches at him.

The latter reacted quickly, shifting his arms and keeping his guard up. Even under Frieza’s vicious onslaught, his defense was impenetrable, blocking every incoming attack.

Frieza was shocked as he realized that he could not reach Raditz, and that the latter’s guard could stand his high speed attack! Therefore, he decided to go with an even more powerful offensive! He pulled his right fist back, gathering energy for a massive haymaker!

Although his left fist, which was still going at the same speed, was weaker, it still managed to deceive Raditz, keeping him in his defensive stance. But at this time, Frieza’s right hook followed. Raditz should not be able to fend this off, and he was going to hit! However, the latter quickly ducked at the most decisive moment, and Frieza’s punch grazed his hair, moving the wind behind him like a massive storm!

Still, Frieza did not stop. Expecting his slower and more powerful attack to be avoided, he let his body fully rotate along with his punch!



Raditz’s body was swept by Frieza’s tail which came from above, pummeling him into a deep pit that formed on the ground.

As he was falling, Raditz repositioned himself, letting his feet hit the ground, and bending his knees into a squatting position, from which he catapulted himself back towards Frieza!

“Huh!” Frieza smiled coldly, and seeing Raditz rushing toward him, he suddenly flickered, only leaving a shadow. His real body appeared behind Raditz, and he went in to stop him with a punch from behind.


“What?” Frieza’s hand only hit a shadow!

Instinctively, he looked back, and sure enough, Raditz had already moved there, smashing him with a vicious elbow to his back. With a loud cry of pain, Frieza immediately clenched his teeth and flung his tail violently, sweeping Raditz’s chin and knocking him upside down.

Taking this opportunity, Frieza turned tightly, grabbing Raditz’s head, and then pulling his hands down while he hit his abdomen with both knees!

“Poof!” Gastric fluid from Raditz’s stomach came out through his mouth, and his body was arched like that of a shrimp, his face twisting! The attack was just too painful!

However, his keen nerves told him that it was no time to yield to the pain. Frieza, who was getting stronger by the minute, was about to attack again.

Raditz focused his Ki on the tip of his toes, launching himself up, and avoiding Frieza’s incoming barrage of kicks…

“Take this!” From above, he launched a powerful Ki Blast.

The bright Ki blast hit Frieza directly, but he just smiled and extended a hand to greet it. “Insect, getting too confident?” His palm stopped the Ki blast, which only left some smoke.

His sharp voice pierced through the smoke screen made by the explosion, but Raditz had already disappeared!

Frieza was shocked, and suddenly realized that his tail was caught by a massive force, which started to spin his whole body! Raditz pulled his tail and spun him for over ten laps, before throwing him away straight into the rocks!

With a roar, Frieza burst out of the rubble and flew back up, with his legs raised ready to kick. Raditz raised his guard, and the two forces collided.

Raditz felt his arms getting numb, but he gritted his teeth and tried to hold his own, his left hand slamming back! Frieza also raised his hand to defend, flicking his tail and colliding with Raditz’s fists and feet, continuing to fight.

With every impact, strong energy burst in the air. The surrounding islands were all half destroyed by the mere impact, with countless rocks falling into the sea.

Things seemed equal between the two, but Frieza was becoming fiercer as he got more used to his final transformation. Raditz, on the other hand, was getting more and more exhausted, and his Kaioken x10 wasn’t going to last much longer.

This inevitably led to him losing focus for a second, and Frieza seized that chance to deliver three consecutive punches to his face, followed directly by a kick to his abdomen that threw him straight into the sky. Frieza quickly followed and flew above him, gathering his hands like a hammer and stretching his body to the extreme to maximize the impact.

“Bang!” Frieza’s hands landed on Raditz, throwing him to the ground once again.

Dust filled the air, debris spread, and the entirety of the small island split in two, with a rift forming and being filled with sea water. Raditz fell in the middle of the crack, and looked as if he was going to keep falling to the core of Namek….

With a wicked smile on his face, Frieza dropped on him from the sky, feet first!

The powerful attack cracked the air, and his feet were scorching-hot with all the Ki gathered upon them…

Raditz’s eyes shined, and as his Kaioken went fiercer, he dodged the attack and flew above Frieza, all shrouded in red. Quickly, and with great power, he crossed his hands in front of him and launched a fierce Ki Blast!

Frieza was trapped with his own momentum, and could not dodge the Ki Blast coming from behind him, which pummeled him into the rift!


The island sank and he was swallowed up by the sea.

Raditz floated over the sea, his face badly damaged, and his stamina low. He was topless by now, and his pants were also ravaged. His face, shoulders and abdomens were exposed, showing many scars, and the blood coming out of his mouth was drying on his chin.

“Damn, if I go into Kaioken x20 now, maybe I’ll stand a chance…” Raditz gasped, “But would my body take that?”

Just as he was thinking about that, the exhausted Raditz saw the Dragon Ball, the one previously thrown by Frieza, and he immediately had an idea.

He flew to it, taking it in his hands as Frieza was slowly rising from the sea.

Rising from the water, Frieza’s body was cleaned from the dust that covered it, and he was unscathed as if he wasn’t just in a fight. With wrath beyond imagination, he stared at Raditz with his scarlet eyes.

“I’m excited; I didn’t have such a good fight in a long time. I’ll give you an advice: put my Dragon Ball down!”

“Well, okay! Now, why don’t you go fetch it!” Raditz bent himself backward and then threw the Dragon Ball into the distance: it immediately disappeared into the sky! “I know you have no Radar to find it!”

“Bastard!!!” Frieza was furious! But between Raditz and the Dragon Ball, the latter was the obvious choice!

As he went away, Raditz took the chance to flee; but as soon as he turned around, he found the evil Namekian: Slug!