Chapter 77: The Ultimate Form


Such consecutive Ki blasts have proven throughout the history of Dragon Ball to be the least effective of attacks against foes of this caliber, but Raditz didn’t want to actually damage Frieza through this: he actually intended to block his sight with the light and smoke generated by the explosions.

After all, Frieza wouldn’t feel their Ki, and confusing his sight would be enough to lose him.

At the same time, Goku and Piccolo took his opportunity, quickly withdrawing with Gohan and the Namekians. Matt joined them as well, flying away as fast as possible.

Raditz kept trying to lengthen this time window, and under his Ki Blasts, the Island was ravaged below sea level.

Suddenly, a sharp sound cut through the sky, leaving Raditz stunned!


A purple-red light whip cut through the island, splitting it into two, and even cutting the sea into two halves. The endless sea water rushed into the gap, filling it once again. The extra power spread to the distance beyond the horizon, as if to slice open the entire planet! Only Frieza could do this!

Raditz stopped his barrage for a moment, as Frieza successfully escaped it.

During the bombing, Frieza silently transformed! At this moment, he morphed completely into his ultimate form…

However, his pride was hit: he never thought that Raditz would exceed his third transformation; what a great shame for him! In wrath, he decided to directly go into his final form, to end this battle as quickly as possible.

His final form was simple; no fancy horns or thorns. But his Ki was at its maximum. Not only he was more powerful, but he also had a speed beyond imagination.

In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of Goku.

“Nice to see you again; going somewhere?” Frieza squinted and smiled frighteningly.

No one dared to answer; everyone was in cold sweat. Goku gritted his teeth and tried to fly away, but Frieza immediately delivered a wrathful kick to his back.

The huge force lingered in Goku’s chest and he flew out like a cannonball. Piccolo wanted to pick him up, but the kick’s power was beyond his imagination. He flew away with Goku, and both fell in the distance, crashing into the mountains.

“Ah…” The rest of the people had no fighting skills, and they were all frightened.

At this time, Frieza smiled even more terribly, flicking his finger, and a purple-red slender Ki beam shot through the elder’s head! His blood was splashed, his head blow up, and the nearby Namekians were covered with his flesh and blood. They had never seen one of them dying so close and so brutally, and they all started to shudder and scream in horror, their minds stunned by the heat of the attack.

Frieza seemed to be enjoying himself, and he continued to shoot through the body of another one.

“Who’s next?” He enjoyed the frightened expressions on the Namekians’ faces, and his fingers constantly moved between them as he picked his the target.

The wind seemed to be getting colder, freezing everyone’s blood in their veins as death was wandering between them, picking up their ripe souls.

“This child seems to be from the earth… seems to be Kakarot’s son! A Saiyan?!” Frieza saw the unconscious Gohan, and his scarlet eyes flashed as he became more excited. He fiercely rose to the sky: “You’re next!”

“STOP!” Raditz rushed from the other side and attacked with all his strength. Shrouded in his red aura, he flickered in like the sun in Frieza’s direction.

Frieza didn’t dare to counter the high-speed collision. He had just transformed, and he was not nearly at full power; it still took him time to get familiar with his body since he didn’t use this transformation in a long time.

At this time, Raditz should have a power level approaching five millions, and he was almost at his level, for a short while at least.

He chose to retreat and avoid Raditz’s mad impact, flying to the side. Raditz quickly turned his body and chased him away again.

As one escaped and the other chased, the distance between the two was getting closer and closer, and Frieza couldn’t avoid him anymore. Therefore, he quickly chose to turn around to welcome him.

“Don’t think I’m afraid of you!” Frieza was furious and clenched his hands.

Raditz guessed that Frieza would use his Supernova attack, and knew that only a Kamehameha would be strong enough to counter it.

Although he didn’t want to face him directly, it was already too late, and he couldn’t turn back.

Raditz could only do his best, roaring as his Kamehameha with Frieza’s attack.

The two Ki Blasts containing massive energy collided together. The surrounding clouds were annihilated, the sea water was scattered away, and the islands were falling apart, as if the world was about to end. The air swirled, forming countless small storms, connecting the ground and the sky with lightning.


The energy from both attacks was deflected into the ground, smashing the vast land and forming a deep pit. A large area of land was directly obliterated, and dust fluttered and filled the air.


But Frieza was the last man standing: Raditz’s Kaioken faded, and he fell to the ground. His mouth and throat were full of blood. He knew he went too far in his Kaioken and could now barely stand against Frieza, paying the price of his stubbornness.

Even a power level of 5 million was really nothing against the cosmic emperor…

Frieza squinted at Raditz, with an admiring smile; it was the kind of smile he showed for a second to Captain Ginyu, back in the day.

He laughed and extended his hand “Raditz I have to admit; you are really strong, far beyond Ginyu. Your Power Level is second only to ours, but it’s not enough to go against us.” He paused and stepped on his chest. “So I’ll give you another chance to be my subordinate. If you accept it, I will spare your life. Consider it a token of my appreciation of your strength.”

Actually, once again, Frieza’s appreciation of talent proved to be the only thing that could keep him from killing. Raditz, who couldn’t even move his face, ‘smiled’ in his heart. He knew that following Frieza would be a dead end, sooner or later. Moreover, every cell in his Saiyan body was screaming: “NEVER!”

Raditz shook his head gently and sent a senzu bean in his mouth. In this critical moment, thank to his Saiyan blood, he powered up greatly! Perhaps, the fight wasn’t over yet!

With senzu beans in hand, the fight could go on!

Less than two seconds after swallowing the senzu bean, Raditz’s body recovered completely, and a steady stream of strength poured into his body, through his heart, suppressing all the crippling pain that plagued him. Frieza was in shock, as a massive force coming from his feet was pulling him down!

“Sorry, Frieza. I am a Saiyan!”