Chapter 76: First Contact


Frieza, the emperor of the universe, was here!

He landed quietly, cracks spreading at his feet in all directions. It was not an impact that he made causing the cracks; it was simply the cheer surge of Ki out of his body!

The small-framed Frieza didn’t “look” very strong, but as he opened his mouth, he made everyone’s heart tighten, almost to their collapse. His blood-red eyes, bright as a pair of rubies, were cold and revealing his never-ending blood-lust. His murderous Ki enveloped his whole being with great pressure. Even Raditz had the sensation of sinking into ice as he encountered him.

Such a strong Ki!

With every one of his step, the ground sank, and the rock layers on both sides collapsed like snow in an avalanche.

“Raditz, I’m amazed. You’ve beaten Captain Ginyu and you’ve reached a level that the Saiyans couldn’t dream of before!” His cold voice echoed, like countless knives hitting Raditz from every direction to pin him into the ground.

Even in his surprise, Frieza’s face remained cold and full of banter. A half-scorched scouter was still hanging on his ear, like a broken ornament.

Raditz tried to keep his breathing calm. Looking at the fainting Picollo and Gohan on the ground, his face soon turned blue and his hands trembled out of control.

“You seem to remember my horror!” Frieza, with his hands behind him, looked away, and saw the restless Jeice and Burter in the air: “Unlike those two; they have forgotten.”

He slowly raised his arm and extended two fingers. He moved slowly, but his momentum was like an unavoidable tide…

“Death beam!”

The two fingers together sent out a straight and slender Ki beam, cutting through the air like a red snake out of hell, aiming at both Jeice and Burtur.

They had no idea that their Lord Frieza would come here in person. The moment they saw him, they had just finished their attack on his men, and they both knew that they were dead.

By joining Raditz, they signed up for a one way trip to hell. Now as they watched the incoming deadly attack approaching, they could not do a thing but wait for their deaths.


The beam was about to pierce their bodies, when something happened and left Frieza stunned: Goku was in their front of them, holding them both his hands with a massive red aura bursting out of his body!

It wasn’t only Frieza who was surprised; even Jeice and Burter was shocked! Did the Saiyan really just save them? How?! They could not understand Goku’s personality, and could only stand in awe before his incredible power.

Goku landed with them, putting them on the ground, and then turned around and quickly flew in to help Raditz.

Jeice and Burter were speechless, but Frieza had his comment.

“Is that your brother Kakarot, Raditz?” He looked at Goku and smiled, his evil lips tilted slightly: “You have great power; it will be a pity for you to die by my hand. Would you consider becoming my subordinate? You can replace Ginyu!”

Frieza made a generous offer; Ginyu was his most trusted and most powerful subordinate. He was leading over 10,000 people of the Frieza’s army. His position was way up the leadership scale in his empire.

Raditz shook his head: “Huh, I don’t think you will let any Saiyans live. The stronger we are, the more afraid you will be!”


“Aren’t you?”

“Hohohoho! How funny! Me? Afraid of the Saiyans? Do you think that your puny strength would even impress me?” Frieza frowned and his face changed sharply. Suddenly, his body swelled violently, his short limbs stretched, and his muscles grew dramatically along with massive horns that came out of his head. Very rapidly, he transformed for the small man he was to a massive warrior similar to his father.

The remaining half of his scouter blew up on the spot and fell from his head.

In an instant, his Ki doubled! However, his transformation wasn’t over yet.

He knew that Raditz by now had exceeded his second form! Therefore, Frieza continued to groan, the back of his head extending backwards, his shoulders growing sharp thorns, and his body becoming horrifying: this was his second strongest, and ugliest, third form.

The extremely complicated process actually ended very quickly. With the smoke around him quickly fading, the ugly and powerful emperor appeared, showing everyone his sly smile.

His oppressive Ki was so strong; the Namekians fell to the ground gasping, as if he had been directly hit.

Piccolo, who was unconscious, suddenly woke up and felt the horrible Ki. Raditz was absolutely right: this was a monster!

Seeing that the fight was now inevitable, Goku walked next to Raditz, and got ready to fight.

“You won’t accept my invitation… All right, I’ll kill you all then!” Frieza showed a regretful expression. “You Saiyans are all just too stubborn for your own good!”

As he spoke, Frieza’s figure flashed, straight to Raditz’s side.

His speed was unbelievable, and before the sound of him crossing the air could be heard, Frieza was already behind Raditz holding the Dragon Ball in his hand. He threw it behind him and gave the two brothers a ruthless gaze.

Raditz and Goku were so shocked, knowing that they had only a instant to go all out before being killed.

Facing Frieza’s terror, they had to be vigilant, and hold nothing back.

Raditz immediately released all his energy, with Kaioken x10! The red radiance enveloped all his hair and his entire body, like a blooming lotus. Between his eyebrows, the wrath of the Saiyan race could be seen, lurking in the calm of his body.

Goku also went into Kaioken x10, and his combat power approached two millions!

“Listen, he can still transform once more, that is his ultimate power. Once he is in his final form, we will be no match for him. Our only chance is to overwhelm him before his final transformation, and then take the opportunity to escape.”

“I can feel his Ki.” Goku smiled bitterly. “I never expected Kaioken x10 to be such a strain.”

‘Ten times? Even if you we go into Kaioken x20 and exceed the power level of 3 millions, it would still be useless!’ Raditz thought to himself

They looked at each other and moved almost at the same time.

Raditz’s figure moved at an extreme speed. In a blink of an eye, he was already in front of Frieza, raising his red fists to smash him hard with an overhead hammer hit, with all the might he had.

Just as he was about to hit, Frieza quickly moved and wrapped Raditz’s fists with his palm.

Raditz immediately tried to withdraw, just to realize it was too late. Frieza clutched his fist tightly with tremendous strength coming from his fingertips, threatening to crush Raditz’s bones.

But Frieza was suddenly shocked, as he couldn’t keep Raditz’s hands in his grip!

Kaioken x10 was Raditz maximum! At this moment, he didn’t retreat. He clenched on Frieza’s both arms, his feet sinking into the ground a few meters. His fists were so strong that he marked Frieza’s arms, as the heat of his Ki scorched his skin.

Behind him, Goku raised his leg, aiming for his head.

“Damn!” Frieza was furious and was willing to deal of him, and wrapped Goku’s leg with his tail.

At this time, Raditz shouted and took the opportunity to move forward closer to him, puting all his strength in his fist, and suddenly released him. Frieza wanted to dodge, but it was too late.

Raditz’s punch directly hit Frieza’s face!

Frieza hands and tail loosened and he flew away a few hundred meters, smashing through the mountains of several islands.

“Now!” Raditz frowned, and countless Ki blasts were released out of his hands. Like a rainstorm they hit Frieza, scorching the land, illuminating the sky, and shaking the ground all around him.