Chapter 75: Frieza!


Raditz’s Power Level reached a new order of Magnitude, and it was undoubtedly shocking to the remaining two of the Ginyu force.

Back in the fight against Tullece, Goku, who had eaten the fruit of might, actually managed to surpass Raditz. However, as the two practiced in the gravity chamber, the gap between them began to narrow, and then when Raditz fought the Big Gete Star, approaching death many times, his power level increased dramatically once again.

But the most massive leap his power achieved was caused by Guru’s unlocking of his potential. In just an instant, the massive power dormant inside him finally burst out! His brother did not get such a massive power up, as his potential was unlocked once before, and he did not have the same rough life as Raditz.

Right now, Raditz was the strongest of his group. Even if he was to face Lord Slug, he had nothing to fear.

Jeice’s eyes were in tears, and his paralyzed body, crippled by fear, trembled unconsciously in front of Raditz.

“How powerful! He might even exceed Frieza!”

In case he could defeat Frieza… Would he keep his word? But if he failed, the result would be equally as tragic….

It was a big gamble.

Jeice and Burter couldn’t refuse Raditz’s offer. After all, if they did, they would be killed anyway.

In cold sweat, they looked at each other. They had worked together for many years, and they just had to look to each other to reach an agreement.

The two looked at each other and made up their minds to take this gamble for the time being.

“We are willing to surrender.” In unison, the two spoke together.

Goku was good by nature and didn’t want to take their lives. He just wanted to drive them away. The two accepting Raditz’s offer was only good news to him.

Piccolo regretfully stood in place, and felt sorry for not finishing them off before. At the same time, his cold eyes looked at both of them, giving them shivers, like blades crossing their skin.

“Now that you are willing to serve under me, it’s time for you to prove yourselves!” Raditz sighed, picked them up, pointed to the distant sky saying “Frieza’s soldiers who were following you are approaching. Destroy them for me, and show me will to serve me.”

Just as finished his words, a few men could be seen approaching.  From a distance, they could be seen as dark spots flying at high speed.

Even with Jeice and Burter tired and exhausted, it would be no problem for them to deal with several low class soldiers with whatever was left of their strength.

“Yes!” The two answered and flew into the sky.

“Can you really trust them?” Piccolo still had his doubts as whispered to Raditz.

“Of course not! The admiration they’ve accumulated for Frieza for so many years cannot be dispersed in an instant. But now I’m forcing them to fight his men. When Frieza knows about that…”

“Hum, you are really cunning!” Piccolo cracked a smile.

In the sky, Jeice and Burter didn’t get Raditz’s intentions, only thinking that his trust would temporarily save their lives. They decided for the time being to let go with the flow and watch as the strongest lord is determined on this planet.

The wind swept across the sky, and the clouds dispersed quickly, as if opening the path for the great battle that was about to start.

The wind slanted Jeice’s long, flowing white hair, which was in sharp contrast to his iron-cast body.

One of Frieza’s soldiers who did not know what had just happened immediately greeted them: “Master Jeice! Master Burter! How did…”

As the soldier spoke, he and his companions saw two groups of Ki blast coming straight from the front, and the blue and red Ki spheres alternately cut through the sky making a symphony of destruction!

The attack was so fierce; it shook the air all around them, changing the atmosphere!

The soldiers didn’t even know what was going on, and many of them directly died in the huge explosion.

The smoke was heavy, and debris flew all over the sky.

“Ah… Master… why?”

“No, run!”

The few survivors screamed and didn’t know why the Ginyu Force would turn against them. All they knew was they had to run if they wanted to live!

Everyone immediately fled. In order to survive, they flew faster than ever. But in front of Burter, it was certainly all futile

“Boom!” “Boom!”

Burter’s speed was one of Frieza’s army’s perks, and his swift movements were indeed admirable; he stopped the fleeing soldiers in no time and started bombarding them with Ki blasts that cut their way…

Jeice didn’t retreat and sent a powerful Ki blast, finishing them off cleanly and swiftly.

While they were watching the battle, Raditz’s body and others’ suddenly shook as they looked into the distance.

“Dad, there is a Ki coming this way! It’s so strong!” Sweat built up on Gohan’s forehead, sliding to his chin.

“It must be Frieza.”

“Raditz, let’s go!” Piccolo bit his teeth, as his face also became cover in sweat.

Frieza’s sinister power was absolute. Even with a super enhanced Raditz, he was absolutely to be feared.

Even he should not be able to compete with Frieza without the Super Sayian power!

Raditz made a decision: “Hide your Ki and go!”

The group turned around to leave, when they were all suddenly stunned.

The moment they were ready to leave, they saw a Namekian warrior and the village’s elder holding the Dragon Ball, coming to them smiling. They cheered and thanked Raditz for overcoming the enemy.

Originally hiding in the canyon behind the rocky mountains, the Namekians could not see the battle, so they sent men out to see what was going on. They just saw Raditz and others ravaging the Ginyu Force, thought that the situation had been settled, and everyone could come out to celebrate. They intended to greet their saviors with and show their greatest gratitude.

Raditz hurried to shout: “Why didn’t you listen! Go back and hide!”

The Namekians were shocked, and the elder was stunned and overwhelmed: “Did we make a mistake? Is a warm welcome not enough?”

“Hurry up and retreat!” Goku shouted again.

“How… did we…” The Namekians hesitated, and stopped moving.

Raditz was in so much sweat, and actually wanted to knock them all out and hide them himself, but time was running out. Frieza’s Ki was getting closer and faster. Finally, he made a decision. No matter what he did, he had to take the Dragon Ball first.

“Gohan, Piccolo, you go first.” With a loud scream, Raditz rushed to the elder and snatched the Dragon Ball from his hand. “I’m sorry, but I have to take it quickly!” As he spoke, he was about to pick up speed. Suddenly, two figures fell in front of him.

Piccolo and Gohan…

A chilling sharp voice came from the sky, and a short, horrible figure blocked Raditz’s way.

“The Saiyans… I finally found you!”