Chapter 74: 5 Down?


In a blink of an eye, the Ginyu Force lost 3 of its members.

Recoome and Guldo died, and Burter was seriously injured and could barely move.

The most powerful member, Captain Ginyu, couldn’t even barely match Piccolo. He took five punches in a row, and then was kicked to the ground.


Smoke and dust covered the entire area.

At the same time, Gohan crossed his hands in front of Jeice, his right palm overlapping the other quickly. Light shone from his hands, and his power level increased rapidly.


This move was not as powerful as the Kamehameha, but it was extremely fast with large enough range to make it perfect for a surprise attack at close range.

Jeice didn’t anticipate that Gohan would release a Ki blast so suddenly, and while he quickly withdrew, he still suffered from the blow.


Jeice landed with a muffle sound on his back heavily. His usually red face was now purple, and the tips of his white hair were scorched black!

“Huh… This kid… What a surprise…” Jeice gasped fiercely and was both fascinated and terrified.

If he was to dodge just a little later, he would be already in hell. (HFIL for those who watched the old English dub XD)

Captain Ginyu was equally astonished. The most elite combat force of Frieza was actually losing to a bunch of Saiyans, and a Namekian!

“How could this be? Now, we can’t even use our combined techniques anymore!”

“It’s useless Captain!” Jeice cried out in sweat!

“This is unbelievable! How come you have such power?!”

“What answer are you waiting for? We just trained hard; hard-work always pays off!” Raditz shrugged.

“Impossible! You are mere Saiyans!” Burter, who was bleeding on the sidelines, could not help but yell.

“Come on; we’ve just proven how strong our race is; didn’t we?” Raditz was too lazy to explain more. He flew up, and then rushed down like a meteor, landing on Jeice’s abdomen with his elbow.

The energy from the blow went throw his body, exploding the terrain behind him. As his pupils trembled, blood gushed out of his mouth, and then he collapsed.

Ginyu could not believe what his eyes were witnessing as he stiffly moved his head to look at the battle scene.

Everything was going on too fast, and he would not keep up with anything. All he knew was that disaster had struck today!

He gulped and trembled, wondering: did the Ginyu force really get crushed? Will this be its last day in this world? He looked at Jeice, slowly trembling in pain, and his mouth twitched uncontrollably.

“Four down! One to go!” Raditz said with a smile on his face, and then he turned around and waved his hand, releasing a whip like wave of Ki from its back, “smacking” captain Ginyu.

The latter was thrown away, as if an arrow shot out of a bow, and was plunged into the mountain behind him. He felt his own spine shattering under all the pressure. Who could have thought such a blow would be so strong? For a second, all Ginyu could feel was pure an adulterated fear.

“Five down!” Raditz jumped into the air and gathered a Ki Sphere with one hand, pointing straight at Ginyu. The blue light ball was two meters in diameter. Once sent, Ginyu would absolutely be blown to smithereens.

The powerful energy terrified him, as if it opened the gates to hell before his eyes.

“No! I can’t die just like this!”

For Ginyu, it was all or nothing, and he had to resort to his ultimate technique.

“Body Change!”

He used his final ability: swapping his body with his opponent’s.

Exchanging his weakened body for those of others in order to gain an edge in battle was indeed an extremely powerful and surprising technique. However, Raditz knew all about this move, and wasn’t going to let Ginyu just use it: “Matt!”

“Roger that!”

Matt, who was hiding in Raditz’s pocket, flew out!

Several metal spheres left his month, transforming in mid-air into small metal flying insects.

Matt had this ability of creating small metal insects from the metal in his own parts. They had several uses, from tracking and exploring to spying and recording. Today however, Raditz was using them for as a counter to Ginyu’s ultimate technique!

The metallic flying insects intentionally entered the range of Ginyu’s light beam. At the same time, Raditz released his Ki Blast!

On the ground was lying Ginyu’s empty carcass, and his mind was within a metallic flying bug that was engulfed by Raditz’s attack, melted and annihilated on the spot by the enormous amount of energy…

“Well…that’s done.” Raditz took a deep breath and landed on the ground.

He saw that Jeice and Burter didn’t die yet, and suddenly had the thought of recruiting these two men under his own rank. Compared to the arrogant Ginyu, the sinister and incompetent Guldo, and the reckless Recoome, Jeice and Burter were well suited to be subordinates.

They were the best recruits: they weren’t too weak, and with a little training, they could handle many enemies by themselves.

As Raditz with thinking about that, Piccolo moved to Burter, and opened his hand, ready to kill him.

“Wait!” Raditz called Piccolo, picked up Jeice and threw him next to Burter: “Hey, you two, do want to live?”

Burter pushed Jeice and said: “Will you let us live?”

“It can be considered.” Raditz said carelessly.

“Let us go, and you won’t have to ever deal to us anymore! Burter, talk!” Jeice sighed of relief and pocked Burter on his side while looking up pitifully.

“Yes! Yes! We won’t bother you!” Burter also spoke.

“You don’t have enough power to bother me!” Raditz answered.

“Yes, yes!” Jeice and Burter both nodded in unison, turned around and ran, falling 3 times in under a hundred meters.

Raditz jumped up and flew in front of them, standing in their way: “I said I will not kill you, but I never said anything about letting you go!”

Looking at his cold eyes, the two both fell to their knees.

“What do you want us to do?” Jeice groaned and spoke with a trembling voice.

“Good question! I haven’t chosen the wrong person.” Raditz showed a glimmer of praise. “You have to leave Frieza’s side and work under me. Think about it; Frieza, this so called emperor of the universe, what did he give you? Did you get a planet to rule? Any treasures? Any secret to enhance your own power? You’re getting nothing! At most, you’re getting the reputation of being part of Frieza’s strongest team. Even your pride is tied to him, and if you die, he’ll just find others to replace you!”

Jeice and Burter didn’t know what to answer.

“I’ll tell you what; I have a plan to defeat Frieza. If I succeed, his reign and domination will be over and then I can let you take over parts of his territory! How about that?”

“Fool! It is impossible to defeat Lord Frieza!”

The two followed Frieza for many years, and already saw his true power. To them, anyone one defying him was similar to the strongest of ants trying to challenge an elephant.

Raditz saw the doubts in their eyes. With his hands around his waist, a red a flame of light began to engulf his body.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The scouters in the area exploded one after another, as his combat power soared high!

Jeice and Burter could not even breathe…

“See, this is my power!”

Raditz, who momentarily went all out for a second, not only scared Jeice and Buter, he also stunned Piccolo and Goku…

Perhaps… Perhaps he could indeed defeat Frieza…