Chapter 73: Three Down


Raditz and the others prepared themselves to meet the enemy, and the Namekians were transferred to a safe cave with the help of Gohan. If the team could quickly dispose of all Frieza’s scouters, they should keep them temporarily safe.

The Ginyu Force was approaching their location fast, and Raditz could feel others weaker Ki, possibly of other soldiers from Frieza’s army.

“Come here, we’re waiting for you.”

Raditz intended to get rid of everyone of Frieza’s main soldiers. That way, in case Frieza would personally enter this conflict, Raditz would have to manage multiple battlefields.

As Raditz was lost in thoughts, Goku shouted: “Here they are”

The four men looked up into the sky together, to find that the five members of the Ginyu Force slowed down and stood in mid-air, looking at them.

“Look at your scouter, it’s them.”

“No, they only have power levels of 5000!”

“Fool! They have learned this ability to change their power level at will” Ginyu shouted. “I guess they should all have a power level of over 30.000 right now. Even the kid and the Namekian could stand up to Zarbon, and they couldn’t be underestimated either.”

“That other one should be Raditz’s younger brother of Earth…”

“Burter, you are the fastest in the universe, it won’t be a problem for you to deal with Raditz’s brother.”

“Piece of cake!” Burter laughed confidently.

Immediately, the five people made a spectacular landing, all looking relaxed.

“Are you the Ginyu Force?” Gohan asked aloud.

The Five were shocked by the question, but then began laughing: “Not everyone knows our name. Vegeta must have told you about us, kid.” Said Ginyu. The five then looked at each other and with a tacit agreement, they nodded.

Recoome immediately shouted loudly, jumping high and landing on one leg. He then did a kickback with arms, turning around to the side while raising his other leg until he was leaning to a full ninety degree: “Recoome!”

Immediately afterwards, Burter and Jiece went symmetrical to his left and right, and raised one hand to their chests, and the other to the side while lunging: “Jiece! Burter!”

It’s wasn’t over yet… The little Guldo rolled straight to the front, kneeling on one knee; hands raised on both sides, and made a snake-like cunning gesture: “Guldo!”

Finally, the captain showed his back and bent down to show his buttocks. His head was between his legs, he playfully said: “Ginyu!”

“We are…” immediately, their postures and formations, as if rehearsed many times, all changed swiftly with success, and they continued shouting: “Ginyu Force!”

Their loud voices echoed in the sky, the crowd before them was quiet. Only the wind blew, so coldly…

Only these guys could perform such a shameful act. Raditz couldn’t take all the cringe, and had to put his palm to his face to not see any more…

Piccolo and Goku: “…”

Gohan exclaimed: “So… cool…”

‘Did Gohan’s brain have a short circuit?’ Raditz tried to imagine this through Gohan’s eye. After all, he was just a kid. Otherwise, he would be able to see how embarrassing this was.

The five became like iron statue in the wind, quietly looking at Raditz and the others.

Suddenly, air raged and the mood changed suddenly. The battle was about to start, and everyone tried to sense their Ki.

“Let the battle begin!” It took only a second for Captain Ginyu to switch from this “fun” mode to fully serious, and his face became cold, more fitting of the ruthless killer he was.

Burter, known as the fastest of the universe, rushed in just after Ginyu’s words. He was actually faster than Ginyu, fast enough to leave no shadow, and he directly rushed toward Goku.

Goku didn’t try to evade, raised his arm and pulled it back.


As his scouter broke, Burter flew away. Goku caught up with him, grabbed his ankle, and rotated him in the air several times before throwing him into the rocks, creating a massive pit.

“Very good, one down!” Raditz shouted.

At this moment, Recoome’s massive body was already next to Raditz’s, and his arms clasped him: “What are you looking at? Your opponent is me!”

“Really?” Raditz sighed, and pushed his elbows out. The pressure they made on Recoome’s arms was so great; the latter felt they were about to break. Raditz’s power was so amazing that he could only release him.

Recoome shook his arms, but Raditz wasn’t about to give him a window to rest.

He rushed to his face, and said to him with cold eyes: “Come here!” As he spoke, Raditz swang his fist, which was wrapped in a whitish Ki flame. He didn’t go too fast, but the explosive energy of the Ki on his hand shook the air around them.

Recoome hurriedly raised his hands in front of his body, and shouted: “Guldo, hold him!”

The panicky voice reached Guldo’s ears, and as the core “magician” of the whole team, he immediately responded, freezing time.


Time was back to normal, but Recoome was already flying away, his arms hanging like a willow’s branches. His body hit a mountain far away, making a pit inside and passing out.

“How… I missed… how could it be… too fast!” Guldo shed cold sweat.

He really did stop time against Raditz, and tried his technique as the latter was still swinging his punch. But despite Guldo’s move, he was already too late. Raditz’s speed increased dramatically before impact, and he had already hit Recoome when time froze. His super high speed surpassed Guldo’s reaction limit.

“Two down!”

Raditz beat Recoome with a single punch. He looked to the side and could almost see Guldo’s heart pounding out of his chest. He was the weakest of the team, and wouldn’t even be part of it if it wasn’t for his time freeze.

How could he face such a terrible opponent alone?

Guldo gritted his teeth and fled behind the rocks, panting violently. Captain Ginyu was fighting fiercely with the Namekian in the distance, while Jiece was having a fierce battle against Gohan! How amazing these people were!

As his dark navy blue nebula was starting to spread out, he was terrified to find Raditz’s fist only half an inch from his face!”

“How does he know where I am?” Before Guldo had time to ask this question, Raditz’s fist had swung horizontally.

In his panic, he tried to use his final trick, and paralyze Raditz. However, the latter’s power was beyond what he control, and was not affected by the telekinetic attack.

A “trick” like Guldo’s Paralysis also had its limits. If it’s used effectively, Guldo would be able to control his opponents and the situation. However, unfortunately for him, Raditz was clearly beyond all that.

“Three down!”

With Raditz’s blow, the rock in the direction of his fist cracked, as Guldo’s head landed on the ground.