Chapter 72: Ginyu Force’s Arrival


“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

Five meteor-like lights broke through the atmosphere, igniting sparks fiercely as they made their way to crash into the ground, digging five deep pits!

Inside each pit lied a single-person spaceship, deeply trapped in the mud. As their hatches opened, blue smoke emerged.

Frieza left his space ship that was nearby on his floating chair. Enthusiastically, he said in his sharp voice: “They’re finally here.”

A short man jumped out of the pit, flipped a few times in mid- air before landing on the ground in  a strange pause. One by one, they assumed such strange poses.






“All together! We are the Ginyu Force!”

Even if nobody would watch them, the Ginyu force just had to do their choreographies.

Frieza: “…”

“Lora Frieza, we heard your call and came as soon as possible. We took a shortcut around M187 and gained a lot of time, managing to arrive within the time limit!” Ginyu greeted his emperor.

“Well… Now I can rest assured.” Frieza nodded. “As you should already know, the Saiyans have betrayed me: they teamed up with earthlings and Namekians to halt my plan, so destroy those traitors, and get back to me with the Dragon Balls.”

Ginyu became serious, and with a solemn expression his face he said: “We did hear that Vegeta’s power level reached 80,000 and that he had defeated Zarbon. The others Saiyans seemed to have made similar progress too.”

The Ginyu Force was made out of some of the most talented warriors that Frieza found across the universe. They thought that their races were the cream of the crop, and that the Saiyan Race was inferior, but Vegeta’s progress caught them by surprise.

“That’s precisely why I don’t want any Saiyans left alive. I don’t need any threat to be left un-dealt with. Understood?” Frieza’s cold eyes shook captain Ginyu.


“Then go.” Frieza said faintly, turning back to his spaceship.

Ginyu and his teammates stood in front of each other one by one, spread their arms, and after an intricate dance, they set off.

On the other side, Raditz, Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan arrived to the last Namekian tribe.

Among Slug’s men, Wings arrived before them, and he already ordered his men to search for the Dragon Balls and capture the Namekians. Wings was afraid of the sun, and was always draped in a black big cloak, commanding everyone from the shadows. (Wings is also known as Dorodabo.)

“Damn planet Namek, they don’t have nights? I will definitely need to vent off my frustration somehow! Taking their lives should work!” He licked his lips smirking at the sight before him.

He was watching the Namekians being gathered, and then waved his hands, splitting his men in two groups that made a path for him.

“Where did you hide the dragon balls? Talk now and I’ll consider not killing any of you. Otherwise, I’ll kill one of you every ten seconds!” He smiled, and then started extending his fingers. “Now, one, two, three… “

He so was ecstatic about this, he kept counting faster and faster. He had already made up his mind, and no matter who would talk, he would kill them all anyway.

The Namekians were very tough and stubborn, and none of them would sell their own kind under threats. They all clenched their teeth, and despite the fear, didn’t say a word. Two children were especially afraid, and held the village elder’s clothes, hiding behind him, shivering.


Wings smiled and as he told the last number: “Unfortunately, this is what you’ve chosen. I was expecting that.” His eyes wandered among the crowd, finally landing on one of the terrified children.


He was a still young Namekian, and he trembled behind the elder, his green face almost becoming white with fear.

He could not resist Wings’ power, nor could the ones surrounding him. He was caught immediately, and whoever tried to defend him or take him back was knocked down unconscious on the spot.

“No! Cargo!” the other child yelled.

“Shhhhh… Dende, don’t shout. “The elder made put his finger on his lip, let go of Dende’s hand and stepped forward. “Stop, you want the Dragon ball, I’ll give it to you. Only I know where it’s hidden, so come with me.”

Wings turned his head and looked up and down the elders and nodded. The elder breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to talk, but he was then suddenly frightened by Wings’s eyes.

The latter picked up Cargo and revealed a cruel smile: “Who said that I want Dragon Ball? I just want to kill you all! Now I’ve confirmed that the Dragon Ball is definitely in this area. After killing you, I will find it by mys…”

He was still talking, when a kick slammed into his face, and the impact was so great that he instantly flew out. Cargo also was thrown into the air, but he was caught by Goku.

The soldiers around were surprised and attacked immediately: dozens of them started to shoot at the same time.

On Raditz’s shoulder, Matt yelled: “They’re shooting! They’re shooting!”

“Shut up!” Raditz pushed Matt off his shoulders, flickered to the Namekians, opened his hands, and released a massive wave of Ki that hit all of the area before him, directly bouncing off all the incoming attacks like a perfect barrier.

Gohan, who had kicked Wings in the face, jumped into the group of Slug’s soldiers, and a massive Ki blast burst out of his body in all directions, sweeping them away.

“We… We’re saved!” A Namekian exclaimed in joy, his sad face revived.

Quickly, all of Slug’s soldiers were wiped out, leaving only Wings, alone.

Wings was both angry and taken by surprise as he watched what was happening, when suddenly, he was kicked again in the face. Half of his face was shattered, and one of his eyes literally blew up from the shock; the kick’s power was terrifying.

He looked with his remaining eye in agony, just to find Piccolo before him. He could not help but feel crushed. How could there be such a great Namekian?

Piccolo approached him, his fist shrouded in Ki.

“Do you know who I am? I am the most important subordinate of Lord Slug… S-surrender now! I can give Lord Slug a good word on you, and then maybe he would spare your life!” Wings said, his back to the wall with his hands behind it, preparing a Ki blast.

Piccolo saw through his tricks. He puffed coldly, and then grabbed his arm bringing it forth, and then he grabbed his neck, and floated with him in midair.

“W-wait…Hey…” Wings struggled a few times, trying to break loose out of Piccolo’s hands as he wiggled in pain, but in vain.

Facing such a desperate situation, Wings once again showed a grim smile, his eyes suddenly brightened, and he opened his mouth to his maximum, releasing an unpredictable Ki-Beam!

Piccolo didn’t anticipate such a move, and his head was engulfed by the beam of light.

“Uncle Piccolo!” Gohan panicked and tried to move in.

Raditz held Gohan back and laughed. “It’s okay. Such a puny attack shouldn’t even scratch Piccolo!”

Sure enough, Piccolo’s voice was as cold and threatening as a blade: “Huh! Let me teach how to do that!”

As he spoke, a green beam of light left his mouth, and Piccolo pulled back his arm. The attack drowned the surprised Wings, and as it faded, only a few withering bones fell to the ground.

Piccolo landed on the ground, crushing them with his feet and spitting on them before getting back to his team.

“Thank you for saving the lives of the whole village!” The elder said excitedly, and Cargo, who was in tears, thanked them constantly as well.

“It’s not over yet… You should first find a safe place to hide, as we won’t be able to protect you against so many people later.” Raditz’s face was pale: “They are not all dead yet. These are just the appetizers, and I can already sense the main course of today approaching: the Ginyu Force!”

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