Chapter 71: Potential Unlocked


On the vast land, a tall and slender “mountain”, looking like a skyscraper, stood in the middle of an archipelago. Above the top of the mountain, a building made out of domes stood alone in the wind that blew fiercely all around.

The main door of the building opened, and Nail walked out from the inside and looked into the distance.

He had chosen to guard the grand elder, and didn’t go away to fight the invaders. The entirety of planet Namek was now a battlefield that he could not save on his own. Therefore, he felt that his best bet was to defend the grand elder.

Just now, Guru told him to greet a few guests who were about to arrive.

“Guests? Are they going to help us?” Nail was very puzzled, but he absolutely trusted the great elder.

With his hands behind him, and his long coat fluttering in the wind, his eyes flashed as he saw a group of people flying in the distance. ‘Aren’t those Namekians? And behind them… some strange aliens…’

Nail remained calm, and carefully observed the approaching group.

“Nail!” A Namekian warrior greeted him from a distance.

“Cargo! The grand elder asked me to wait here!”

“Yes, indeed, he should already know.”

The crowd stopped in the front of the house.

“Please come in.”

Nail waved his hand to the door, and let Raditz and the others enter the room.

The group entered the house together with him leading the way. With curiosity and doubts, they all came into the presence of the grand elder.

The elder’s swollen body sank into his chair, paralyzed, and he looked on the verge of death.

Behind him stood a Dragon Ball; the eyes of Raditz and his group all lit up.

“Thank you for saving my children. I didn’t expect you all to have such great Ki.” While Guru’s body was now old and dull, he could still sharply perceive Ki and gauge the strength of those present.

“We did what we had to do.” Raditz swayed his hand in a humble manner, and Matt, behind him, probed his head and timidly shrank his body.

“It’s good to have you on our side on these times. Evil forces have spread all around Namek, but it seems that not all hope is gone…”

“We are here for that, but we’ll need your help.”

“Oh, I know!” Guru answered slowly, and then his attention shifted: “You; you seem familiar… You’ve been on earth, so you should be the child of Katats! You can help me learn more. Here, can I touch your head? Don’t worry; I won’t hurt you.”

Piccolo, for some reason, had a warm feeling in his heart about this. Despite his hesitation, he eventually stepped forwards to the side of Guru.

As he stepped by his side, the latter gently placed his hand on his head, and then said: “It was foolish of you to divide yourself in half to chase away the evil in your heart. If you haven’t you would have been able to defeat the strongest of the enemies now on Namek. It’s a pity…” said Guru, shaking his head slightly as if he was sorry for Piccolo.

Most of the Namekians were peace-loving, ordinary, with a few of them having a talent for combat. These were known as the Warrior-Type Namekians. The other less talented fighters were called Dragon Clan Namekians. These had a talent that the warrior Namekians did not possess: They could make Dragon Balls.

Piccolo and Kami used to be one, a Namekian who wasn’t only capable of making Dragon Balls, but who was also a one per century warrior, that’s extremely powerful. By splitting in two, this Namekian lost this great potential.

“Now, I can only help you unlock your potential…”

Dense energy accumulated on Guru’s palm, and then it shrouded Piccolo, running through his body, and reaching his inner hidden power, awakening it.

All of a sudden, the Ki aura surrounding Piccolo got more intense, and his Ki increased at an extremely fast pace! Now, amazing power was pouring out of his body.

Nail was scared; he was also a warrior, the strongest one alive on Namek, but never saw such a powerful Namekian!

Piccolo was so happy that he almost blew up the room with a blast of Ki in his joy.

“Amazing! Piccolo became a lot stronger in just a few seconds!” Goku couldn’t help but sigh, pointing at himself: “Can I do it too?”

“As long as you have hidden potential, it could be awakened; and the more righteous you are, the better you will get!” Guru laughed

Goku could not wait to approach the grand elder as he listened to him.

In fact, everyone was eager, and all stepped forward to unleash their hidden potential. Only Vegeta, with his arrogance, hesitated for a while. However, as he saw how much of a gap was created between him and Goku and Raditz by this little ritual, he couldn’t help but to step forward to take part of it as well.

“You all have a great potential. Frankly, you can go even further being, I’ve only awakened a portion of what you can do. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly great.” said Guru, looking extremely tired.

While unlocking their potential should have no adverse effects on him, doing it successively to all of them put a great burden on his already dying body.

“Thank you, grand elder! There’s one more thing we need to stop them… this Dragon Ball…” Raditz pointed somewhat embarrassingly at the Dragon Ball above Guru.

The grand elder said: “Oh; take this Dragon Ball. Only you could guard it, for the future of Namek, and of the entire universe.”

“Thank you, grand elder!”

“You must stop those villains…”

“Rest assured, we’ll never let those guys get the Dragon Balls.” Krillin patted his chest with new-born confidence.

The Grand Elder showed a kind smile: “Please, use the help of the few remaining Namekians warriors!”

Vegeta snorted, and while he didn’t say anything, he looked down at the Namekian Warriors in disdain. With the awakening of his potential, his self esteem soared, and he even started having impulses of directly challenging Frieza himself!

In fact, Raditz felt the same about the upcoming battles. Not wanting to put ny more burdens on Guru and his people, he said: “Thank you for your good intentions, grand elder, but let them stay here to protect you. We will save the next village. Please rest assured.”


Nail interjected: “Grand Elder, don’t hesitate, let them go and we will stay here, it’s the best option.”

“If you say so, then so be it.” The elders agreed with them.

Raditz and the others nodded and all left together.

Once out, the party split into two groups: one would escort the Dragon Ball back to their camp, and the other would go to the last Namekian tribe, following the radar’s guidance.

They had a new Dragon Ball now, to be added to the one already hidden in their camp. Slug had three, and Tullece had one.

The last remaining Dragon Ball would undoubtedly the catalyst of a fierce battle…