Chapter 70: All Four Sides in Action


The figure came out of the shadows and stepped into the ruins.

With the ground covered with corpses and shattered armor, he walked over to body that wasn’t to ravaged, taking its scouter from its ear.

“Very good.” The man smiled. Behind him, both armies were battling fiercely, with Ki Blasts, laser guns and energy cannons.

“Lord Tullece, let’s retreat.” One of Slug’s soldiers yelled behind him.

This mysterious guy who suddenly appeared from the shadow was Tullece. He nodded and walked back to the soldier. “You are right. The situation is not too good for us right now. You go ahead, and I will follow.”

“Thank you, Lord Tullece!”

The soldiers were deeply touched. They couldn’t stand against Frieza’s men and were about to perish. But at the most crucial moment, Tullece intervened, offering to stay behind as they go to safety, and saving their lives…

Fighting their urge to remain by his side, Slug’s soldiers fled back to their headquarters.

Tullece sneered, and gathered a pink Ki blast in his hand, aiming at Slug’s men who were hurriedly fleeing.


The pink sphere of light rotated in his hand, emitting several rays of light before he threw it behind their backs.


The explosion was loud and powerful, and a black smoke rose straight up into the sky. The ones fleeing were all annihilated by the attack.

Frieza’s men in the air were stunned: this guy helped them kill the enemy and was wearing the same battle suit as them. How come they never saw him? And how come he was so strong?

As they were in their doubts, Tullece looked up at them.

He gathered the same pink Ki blast in his hand, and light blossomed out of it, scattering into rotating columns of light once again.

“No… Run!”

All their scouters were displaying the same astronomical number; this was an enemy they couldn’t fight and their only option was to flee!

Tullece’s goal was to blow up everyone. He fired the Ki blast that exploded and enveloped a large number of Frieza’s men, directly scorching them into ashes. As for those lucky enough to escape this first attack, they had other Ki Blasts awaiting them.

Soon, the entire area was covered with Tullece’s attacks, and Frieza’s men, Slug’s, and also the Namekians this perimeter were all bombarded and killed.

Tullece played it safe, and quickly ended this battle with ease, all while having his fun.

No one could stop him. He entered the room where the Dragon Ball were placed, took away the four stars ball, and went out with a snap of his finger, shattering the house to pieces.

“Again with another four-star ball; perhaps, it’s my lucky number!” Tullece laughed and escaped into the valley.


In Frieza’s ship…

A dog-headed extraterrestrial was dying on the floor, Frieza looked at him with pale eyes, and the red wine glass in his hand shattered again.

“Trash! You’re all trash! So many people have died in a flash, and no one could stand up to this Tullece?!”

Frieza began to miss having Dodoria and Zarbon, who were able to take care of things properly. Even though they hadn’t the highest power level, they were reliable and knew how he would like things to be dealt with, unlike this dying soldier and his fellows.

Frieza was so infuriated when he heard the news, but he did not feel any empathy for the dying soldier: ‘If he did his job correctly he would not be dying now!’ he thought before yelling.

“That damn Tullece, find him for me!”

“Sorry, Lord Frieza, his energy has once again disappeared.” One of the scientists stood up, sweating and forcing himself to say: “We… we can’t find him…”

Although he was rather weak without the fruit, Tullece was still a Saiyan, having the fighting skill and talent of his race. After his first battle on Earth, he studied how the earthlings could change their power level at will and thus could hide their explosive strength and skills when needed. So he, too, mastered this ability of hiding his energy.

With such a skill, he was near indetectable by Scouters.

Frieza rolled his eyes and just blew up the scientist’s head.

“Good for nothings… Notify the Ginyu force, and give them half a day! If they don’t get to Namek, they will suffer the consequences!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Everyone directly obeyed as they shivered in cold sweat. To them, it was not only a privilege to stand behind the emperor of the universe, buy also a form of suffering. Such a king could end up being their executer at any moment.


Slug was sitting in his spaceship, furious, slamming the armrests constantly, and his eyes were screaming with his desire for revenge.

“I will not let these Saiyans escape again! Dorodabo, where are you! Medamatcha!”

“They all went out to search for the Dragon Balls!”

“What the hell was that bastard thinking about when he made a hole in my spaceship to escape and didn’t steal my Dragon Balls?” Slug was puzzled, looking at the three Dragon Balls in the storage room.

He now understood why Frieza came to Namek so early: he was deceived by Tullece, who told him it would take longer to come here. Slug wasn’t vigilant enough, and he now became nervous, as he didn’t want to fight Frieza directly. His chances of gathering all seven Dragon Balls now became too slim…

The more he thought about it, the more he despised Tullece.


Raditz and others were flying to the elder’s village, and they felt a strong Ki suddenly appear and then disappear. As that happened, they also sensed all energy around Niel’s village disappearing, as if in a instant, everyone died.

“Uncle Piccolo, that’s Tullece’s Ki…”

“Yes.” Piccolo nodded.

“He finally showed up.” Raditz anticipated that Tullece was going to show up soon or later.

Tullece was not going to go through so much trouble without having something in hand in the end, so it was inevitable that he would also enter this race for the Dragon Balls.

“Don’t worry about him; that clown will have to show himself sooner or later. Our most imperative task is to meet the Grand Elder as soon as possible.”

Vegeta couldn’t stand being oblivious about what’s going on anymore and asked: “What is our business with this elder?”

He had followed Raditz mindlessly for too long, and along the way he had to lower his Ki to prevent being detected, just to find this “elder”. If there was nothing for him to gain by the end of this, he would become furious.

“You will figure it out when we arrive, you won’t be disappointed.” Raditz said, flying through the air.

The Namekian warriors looked at Raditz curiously, surprised that he seemed to know everything.

“Everyone, there are about three passages ahead, and we can pick up speed slightly.” A Namekian proposed.

They accelerated, and their figures crossed the sky and flew to the mountain top in the distance.