Chapter 7: 2 vs. 1

Chapter 7: 2 vs. 1

 Raditz layed down on the edge of the deep pit, his hands on his head, with the soft grass under him. He looked at the puffy white clouds relaxed, and his eyes slowly closed.

Since his arrival in the Dragon Ball World, he either fought alongside Vegeta and Nappa, tried to improve his strength, or slept in the spaceship. He never took the time to relax.

But today, while busy, was his best chance to enjoy a quarter of an hour of quiet, with nothing to think about. He just enjoyed the breeze, grass, sunshine… ‘Wait, where did the sunshine go?

Raditz felt a sudden shade over him and quickly opened his eyes.

“I am leaving!” Raditz was shocked. It was Son Gohan’s face, “You just scare me!”

Despite his fear, San Gohan dared to take the initiative to approach. “I… I am done.”

“What… you, have you finished?” Raditz answered, quite surprised.

Could the four-year-old child solve this problem so fast? Raditz’s looked, quite surprised, and realized that the kid’s intellect was really good…

At this moment, two strong energies approached their location, and Raditz looked into the air. The scouter just beeped, but it seemed the Ki was approaching faster than the scouter’s ability to detect it.

Raditz’s was delighted! Fortunately, Son Goku appeared just in time, otherwise he would have had to let Son Gohan go, as he promised. As Goku and Piccolo approached, he met them.

“Goku, you are finally here!”

“I am coming back to get my son!” Son Goku yelled, full of anger.

On the other hand, Piccolo’s white robe fluttered in the wind, like a raging tide. He looked at Raditz with a dignified look:

“I felt a very strong fighting force suddenly appearing on Earth earlier. It was you, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not like San Goku, I’ll just beat you down!”

Nevertheless, on their way in, Son Goku warned him about the Saiyan’s power, so Piccolo didn’t dare to be half careless.

Raditz smiled and took the scouter off and threw it aside. It was not only a communication device, but also an eavesdropping device, even when turned off.

Each of his movements caused Son Goku and Piccolo to be vigilant.

“It doesn’t matter, you are here.” Raditz picked up Son Gohan. “Stand up, your father is here, you can go back.”

Taking a gentle push from Raditz on the back, Son Gohan returned immediately to Son Goku.

Goku hugged and patted Gohan’s head. “You’re ok, Gohan?”


“What the hell are you going to do!” Piccolo was suspicous, taking a more defensive posture.

Goku quickly let Son Gohan go away and hide, so he wouldn’t be damaged by the upcoming.

“Don’t be afraid, I just don’t want your friends to hear what I have to say. This scouter can detect the strength and position of people, but it can also easily be used to spy on us. So, for safety reasons, I won’t use it. What I want to say to you is only the truth, and it’s very important.”

“Oh, certainly…” Piccolo grinned and did not believe him.

He used to be the embodiment of the Devil. In the era of the King Piccolo, it was a common thing for him to lie, and he perfectly knew that words have no credit from villain’s mouths. So whatever Raditz had to say, he wasn’t going to believe.

“Goku, I already gave you back your son, as act of good faith. In fact, I took him away, just to lead you over here.”

“This…” Son Goku was hesitant. After all, this was his big brother, and he really didn’t hurt Gohan.

He was now eager to hear what Raditz had to say. Piccolo did not share this stand point with him, and was still vigilant: “This alone cannot convince me!”

“So be it!” Raditz anticipated it would be difficult to communicate directly, so he decided to show his strength, let them know what a Saiyan was capable of.

Raditz rushed forward and suddenly accelerated!


The sound of air broke out slightly, and Raditz disappeared in front of them. Son Goku and Piccolo didn’t have time to get ready, and their reactions were too slow. By the time they turned around to the Ki they perceived behind them, Raditz had already given them each an elbow to the back.

The huge impact shoved the two, and to avoid falling, they had to flip several times to stand still. Impressed, they couldn’t help but think he was too fast!

Raditz didn’t give them the opportunity to breathe, and directly rushed at Son Goku, punching him with both hands; the latter was helpless, and could not fight back.

At this time, after all the training he did, Raditz had reached the power level of 1800, which was even stronger than his first 1500 maximum power level from over a year ago. His speed, his strength… Goku just couldn’t keep up!

“Oh ah…”

He tried to counterattack, but his punches were always easily defused by Raditz, but Raditz’s every punches hit him inducing great pain. In a blink of an eye, Piccolo came from behind, with his right hand crossed his chest to hit like a knife.

Piccolo was extremely fast. The sound of him breaking through the wind was loud, and his hand knife contained a strong energy, capable to chop off almost anything. However, Raditz was faster!

Without looking behind him, he drew his tail directly back and hit Piccolo on the knee. The tremendous force hit him off balance, and he immediately fell to the ground. Immediately, Raditz struck him again with his tail on the head, launching him a 100 meters away.

“Tail!” Son Goku saw hope in this hard battle and rushed toward Raditz’s tail with all the strength he had.

But Raditz’s mouth showed a faint smile. In order to stop Son Goku, he prepared and gathered a blue Ki Ball in his hands:


Smoke and dust were all over, and Goku was smashed, flying out far away.

“Damn, it seems that we’re no match for him…” Goku stood up again, sweating hard

Piccolo also violently gasped. Only two strikes from Raditz’s tail greatly weakened his physical strength.

“I still have a new move, but I need to build up my strength, can you grab him?”

“I have to go for the tail… I must catch his tail.”

“Hum, your brother is much stronger than you… That explains why you are so powerful.” Piccolo showed his fangs and smiled. Son Goku also bitterly smiled.

They have never met such a strong opponent, and the gap between them was almost worlds apart. Son Goku even thought that if Raditz released all his power, he would have killed them easily.

“All right, let’s stop here.” Raditz took the initiative to raise his hand and stopped the battle, shocking the two.

In fact, Raditz knew that he didn’t have enough time to exercise his tail. What could he do if they were to catch his tail and send a Makankosappo (T/N: A.K.A Special Beam Cannon) to kill him? He wanted to take no unnecessary risks.

Anyway, the strength’s demonstration was over, and with the proof already provided, it was time for talking.

“Now you should believe me. If I wanted to kill you, you’d already be dead. I’m not your enemy”

Son Goku and Piccolo looked at each other and nodded. They didn’t refute and listened quietly.

This was exactly what Raditz wanted. After gaining their trust, he could finally start his plan.