Chapter 69: Tragic Battle


(Translator Note: Sorry for the delay everyone. We’ve had a bad month, with me getting very sick twice, and the editor Sensei’s uncle passing away. Thanks for your patience, and sorry again.)

A day after escaping Slug’s claws, everyone rested in the canyon to recover. Piccolo and Goku, Vegeta, who were badly injured, could eventually get better.

Slug returned to his base, frustrated. He was hit hard by his inability to crush his opponents. That, coupled with how draining the battle was to him, rendered him completely exhausted both physically and mentally. He remained in the advanced recovery chamber for a whole day before returning to take command of his troops.

Rest time ending for both camp happened to coincide with Frieza’s arrival!

His spaceship finally landed on Namek. As its hatch opened, many of men swarmed out, with a shadow slowly creeping in the middle of them. On a suspended flying seat, Frieza was sitting with a sinister smile on his face.

“So this is Namek. It looks pretty good, hahaha…” Frieza looked at the green waters and skies, and blue grass before, and enjoyed the sight as the comforting breeze of the planet hit him.

“Lord Frieza, the new scouter!” The one next to Frieza delivered the new equipment to him.

“Give me that.” Frieza put on the new scouter and mischievously smiled. “Everyone, you have three days. Make sure to get the Dragon Balls in my hand.”

“Yes, Lord Frieza!” Frieza’s men shouted in unison.

As soon as their voices fell, they rose to the skies, eclipsing the sun before spreading out like the plague in every direction.

Frieza returned to his spaceship, and went to the scientists asking: “Did you find out the source of the signal?”

“You were right my Lord! It’s Tullece indeed!”

“So that fellow really did team up with Slug, and intentionally reveal their position to me. Does he want to capitalize on a fight between me and Slug? Ha ha ha, I shall grant his wish; no one could stand before me in this universe anyway, not even Slug!” Frieza’s face showed an even more frightening smile that gave the chills to everyone around him.

Frieza’s men went all over the planet, with their great numbers making up for their low power levels. They were more than enough to deal with most Namekians.

Soon, one of the troops found a target: a village surrounded by Slug’s men.

Both forces found the target at the same times, with one being only a few minutes in advance.

“Haha! Let’s follow them. These guys are no opponents to us, and we’ll easily wipe them out!” said one of Frieza’s soldiers, one with a dinosaur-like head holding an energy cannon.

“Let’s go!”  The rest of his companions echoed in unison, all laughing fanatically.

Just like that, the Namekian Warriors, Slug’s Clan, and Frieza’s army found themselves on the same battlefield, and they all fought fiercely.

The Namekian warriors were few in number, but they could take on any of these enemies, as they had mostly power levels of over 2000. However, they could not stand against Frieza’s men, who launched an all-out high-tech Energy Cannon onslaught that was powerful enough to change the landscape in an instant.

Even Slug’s men were exposed to that attack, and they suffered heavy casualties as well.

Frieza’s men had one great advantage over both other parties: their scouters! They could easily determine how to attack each target. They crushed inferior enemies, and whenever facing someone stronger than any of them, they would attack in unison, overwhelming them. One by one they advanced, their eyes red and laughing with blood thirst. Soon, dust and the stench of blood filled the air.

Their scouters were beeping constantly, and numbers where disappearing rapidly, faster than what they even could keep up with.

The Namekians were defeated: many civilians were killed in this indiscriminate attack, and warriors were seriously injured. Behind them lied the place where the Dragon Ball was, as well as the elder and children. They couldn’t just give up! There had no choice but to protect their home.

Fortunately, a few of Slug’s soldier remained in front of them, raising their guns… or so they thought!

Little did the Namekians know that among the three sides, the first to fall was Slug’s Clan! Their equipment and power levels were simply below those of Frieza’s men. Although they were numerous, they could not withstand their bombardment.

Countless people fell in an instant. Some of them were in horrible condition, some even biting each other like beasts, exposing their primitive instincts. The scorched earth, soaked in purple blood, emitted thick black smoke as light beams continued to go in all directions, harvesting lives….

In a canyon far away, Raditz stood up and looked into the distance.

“This Ki… It’s Frieza!”

“This…” The Ki swept over the land, along with a wave of fear that crippled all those who sensed it. Krillin and Tien Shinhan looked into the distance, their eyes shaking in awe.

“There as well, many Ki, all heading to one direction!” Gohan pointed beyond the canyon in surprise.

The Namekian next to him suddenly yelled: “That’s Niel Village! How could they have found it so soon!”

“Those bastards!”

“Frieza and his men might not be able to sense Ki, but they have the most advanced scouters. It’s easy for them to find anyone who couldn’t suppress their Ki.”

The Namekians warriors indeed didn’t know how to manipulate their own Ki, so they could only accept Vegeta’s explanation.

Raditz thought for a while, and the current situation was exactly like what he anticipated: Frieza’s men have already encountered Slug’s clan, and both sides were losing power, which was good news for him. As for the dead Namekians, those could always be resurrected with the Dragon Balls. Still, this meant that at all costs, they had to secure the Dragon Balls! They could not afford to let any other party gather them in one place before them.

For this reason, they had to act quickly, and they needed to at least keep one of them out of everyone else’s reach.

“Excuse me; can you take us to your grand elder?” Raditz directly said.

The elder Namekians quickly became the targets, as they were the guardians of the Dragon Balls. Only they could pass their knowledge and mysterious power to the young generation.

The grand elder was to be Raditz also knew that the grand elder had the ability to unlock any warriors potential.

“This is…”

“Only when I see the elders can I help you out of this disaster.” Raditz spoke with certainty.

The Namekian looked at each other and finally decided to trust Raditz.

With all the Namekian warriors leading the way, Raditz and his teammates followed them to the elder. In order to avoid being tracked by the scouters, they tried to reduce their Ki at the level of ordinary soldiers, so that even if they would get caught with the Namekians, whoever would come their way would be weak enough to be dealt with easily.

The rest of the Namekians stayed in tents deep in the canyon. They were well hidden, and with all the natural shielding around them, their weak Ki would be ignored like that of small animals.

Back in Niel village, or what remained of it with the fierce battle going on, a man stepped out from the shadows…