Chapter 68: The Emperor Approaching


On Namek, a fierce battle was going on.

Raditz and several Namekian warriors were protecting the surviving civilian Namekians, occasionally fending away a few Ki Blasts that would target them.

“Thank you for your help, but I still want to ask, who are you?” A Namekian warrior asked, gasping after fending off a Ki blast.

Recently, many non-Namekians had invaded their home planet, making them suspicious with any strangers and unable to believe and trust Raditz so easily.

Raditz perfectly understood their doubts; trusting him so quickly would have been reckless.

“We are travelers from the earth. For our own reasons, we want to stop some dangerous villains, such as Slug we’re fighting now. By the way, Earth’s Kami is Namekian.”

“Earth’s Kami? A Namekian?” asked one of the soldiers, pointing to Piccolo.

“Back when your planet suffered that climate disaster, many young Namekian children were sent to other planets to enhance their chances of survival. Among them were Earth’s Kami and obviously, Slug that we are fighting.” Raditz said, all while fending off another flying Ki blast.

The climate disaster was indeed an unforgettable page in Namek’s history. At the beginning, many children were sent to various places to ensure the survival of the Namekian race. Indeed, it wasn’t impossible that one of them was sent to Earth.

“You don’t seem to be a bad guy,” The Namekian warrior nodded. “But that short man, his temper seems… dangerous, are you together?”

“Hum…” Raditz scratched his forehead and did not know how to talk about Vegeta.

“Well, thank you very much for your help!” said the Namekian warrior, seeing Raditz’s embarrassment.

“No need to mention it. However, you mustn’t stay here; you have to hurry up and escape!” Raditz cut the subject. “My brother can barely fight and manage Slug. So now, you should follow me until we find a safe hiding place.”

This way, both the village’s Dragon Ball and the Namekians could be saved.

There were not many Namekians left, but they all agreed to Raditz’s proposal. Each warrior took one or two people and they were soon ready to go off.

Slug glanced through the battle and saw the Dragon Ball at his reach, with the Namekians who were ready to flee. He couldn’t let it go, and he launched several Ki blasts to block their way. Raditz fought back, fending off each Ki blast, and Piccolo came back from behind and landed in front of him.

“I’ll take them back, you stay.”


“My power level is not enough, I can’t stand against Slug.” Piccolo gnashed his teeth in frustration. “I will doubled my training, and fight him again!”

Raditz nodded, and since Piccolo made up his mind, he did not refuse: “All right, I’ll leave them to you!”

After that, Piccolo rushed back to the spacecraft landing point with the Dragon Ball and the other Namekians, and Raditz entered the battle.

However, it seemed like Slug was not willing to face three Saiyans at a time: A massive explosion could be suddenly heard, and Vegeta’s body passed by Raditz’s and went far back. His landing stirred a lot of dust, and his screams could be heard crossing the land.

He was stunned and beaten very badly, and his battle suit was broken. After all, his power level was far from Slug’s. If Goku wasn’t taking most of the Namekian’s onslaught, he would have been a lot more seriously injured.

In the air, Slug also stepped over ten meters back. His face was full of sweat, and his chest was stirring as he breathed heavily.

With Goku in Kaioken x3, Slug was in extremely bad shape, wounded in several places of his body. His arm which was blocking Goku’s attacks turned numb.

“Damn it! If I were to regain my youth, things would never turn out like this!” With his fists clenched, he looked resentful, hating that his body could not keep up with his expanding ambition.

Seeing Goku’s fighting spirit, and his seemingly endless stamina, Slug’s desire to become younger with the Dragon Balls grew stronger.

‘I’ll never give up. How could mere Saiyans stand in my way?’

He wiped off his sweat, his eyes became fierce, and he decided to land. Then, he clenched his fists and stood in a focus stance, facing his opponents with a grim smile.

“Damn! He’s going to transform!”

Slug’s stance reminded Raditz of his transformation: his body had begun to swell, and in a blink of an eye, he turned into a giant, standing like a massive mountain and engulfing everyone into his shade!

“You are dead!” Slug rushed to Goku, laughing. His fist was ahead of him, hitting the Saiyan with great speed and power. The power-up was so overwhelming and astonishing, and Goku could only fight back with all his might. Nevertheless, he could do nothing, and his was blown back by that single blow, drawing an arc of blood into the air as he flew away!

Raditz directly went into Kaioken x10!

With that, his power level was near two millions, but facing the mountain-like Slug, he still felt pressure, and didn’t dare to move in too rashly.

Raditz was in deep trouble. Piccolo led the Namekians and the Dragon Ball out of the area, Vegeta was beaten, Goku shouldn’t be moving any time soon after the blow he just took… Only he was still up; how could he deal with Slug?

With the Super-Namekian’s eyes set on him, he couldn’t help but be in cold sweat.

“Wait! I know a trick” Raditz’s quickly remembered.

He finally could smile as he joined his lips, and started to whistle in front of Slug who was rushing at him.

The sharp voice pierced Slug’s ears like a drill. He became somewhat paralyzed, and seemed to become weaker. Taking this opportunity, Raditz picked up Goku in one hand and Vegeta in the other, and flew into the canyon rocks.

“Damn! I will kill you!” Slug recovered, but he was losing his mind at that moment! He was just forced to watch his men lose the Dragon Ball, and then lost trace of the foes who it! In fury, he hit the ground with his massive fists, raising dust into the sky!


Somewhere in space…

A giant disc-shaped spaceship was rushing toward Namek, with enough momentum to crush through all meteorites in its way; nothing could stop it now!

Everyone onboard was cautiously dedicated in their work, and a series of numbers pulsed on the data display screens all the time.

Two days ago, their devices discovered that Slug’s signal appeared on Namek. Two days! God knows what he had done! In his fury, Frieza killed all the observers and scientists in his division and led his troops to Namek himself.

At the same time, the Ginyu Force was also on its way to Namek.

Frieza sat on his suspended flight seat, holding his head with one hand, his face still stretched tightly, as if he could tear it down at any time and awake the demon inside.

Frieza’s men stood carefully behind him, in silence.