Chapter 67: First Engagement


For the first time, Piccolo saw his own kind, the Namekians, on the ground screaming in pain. For a reason he could not understand, witnessing those similar to him in such a state aroused anger in heart. In silence, he clenched his fists.

Looking at the disdainful Slug, Piccolo stepped forward and took off his hat and cloak, and took a deep breath.

It was the prelude of a fierce upcoming battle.

“You want to fight with me? You’re being too conceited!”  Slug sneered scornfully.

Although he was old, he was still strong, and felt he would have no problems dealing with these Saiyans.

“Am I?” Piccolo gazed at Slug coldly, and then rushed to him.

“Piccolo, be careful!” Raditz screamed, but a little too late.

Slug lifted his legs and kicked Piccolo. He was almost faster than what the latter could see. His old body broke out with amazing power, kicking Piccolo into the sky with a single blow.

Piccolo, who took the kick head on, screamed in pain, barely managing to stop his body in the air. His face twisted and he felt his whole body split in two.

“He’s so strong!”

“Oh, even if I am a Namekian too, I’m incomparable to you!” Slug gave a stern and cruel laughter.

His eyes swept over the remaining three Saiyans, looking down on them with disdain. He had somewhat of an idea about Frieza’s army’s composition. The Saiyans were only a few of them, and not the best ones. Their power levels were far below the elite troops.

Slug thought that Tullece dramatically exaggerated the Saiyans’ power level, and was convinced that it was just a bluff. As for them killing Zarbon, that was no impressive feat.

In his eyes, there was no difference between power levels of 20,000, 50,000 or even 100,000; they were all ants to him!

Vegeta was provoked by Slug’s eyes, and rushed out stubbornly, crossing the ground like a meteor!

“Time to die old man!”

“Old man…” Slug became furious, and he rushed to Vegeta as well.

Suddenly, when the two were about to collide, Slug disappeared, evading Vegeta’s eyes, and then appeared behind him. Vegeta looked back alertly and instinctively, crouched to the ground, feeling only the chilling wind brought by Slug’s palm blade. He felt a chill down his spine as he realized it was aimed to his neck. If he had not evaded in time, he would have certainly been seriously injured, and probably would have died.

As Slug’s palm passed above Vegeta’s head, the Namekian thought that it was now his window to tear his opponent apart, but was surprised as his opponent disappeared from that peculiar position! Only then did he begin to be cautious and consider the Saiyans a threat.

At this moment, Raditz sent a Ki blast from behind, which was easily pushed away by Slug. Immediately after, Goku rushed to the Super Namek in his Kaioken.

On the ground, the surviving Namekians were shouting, and the heroic soldiers were inspired and began to fight back Slug’s soldiers. Raditz helped them a little, getting rid of most of Slug’s soldiers, and leaving the weaker ones to the Namekians themselves.

Goku’s’s full power was over 180,000. With with Kaioken, he was a worthy opponent of the old slug. Both sides clashed back and forth, and fought equally. In the end, Goku threw a punch, one that Slug could not evade. He crossed his hands in front of him, blocking the blow, and his body started to go backward.

“How can the Saiyan have such strength?” Slug was shocked, biting his teeth, stopping his body from going back any further. Then, he using a twin Ki Blast to propel himself forward, using his head as a weapon to hit Goku, sending back as well. Just as he thought he was having a break, Vegeta’s leg found its way to his abdomen.

Slug was brought to his knees; he screamed and then caught Vegeta’s leg, and started rotating to sweep the floor with him. Goku Flew back in, but slug released Vegeta, getting the two Saiyans to collide in midair!

“Kakarot, don’t get in the way!”

“It’s you who bumped into me!”

As the two argued loudly, they saw a Ki blast rushing towards them!

“Damn!” They said simultaneously; they were taken by surprise, but they still managed to send their own rushed Ki blasts to fight back. With a tremendous momentum, the two attacks went forth together, colliding with Slug’s Ki blast.

As the Ki blasts collided with each other, the difference between the two sides was not great. A huge smoke screen was formed by the explosion.

Slug became more and more frightened by the power of the Saiyans. He thought that it would be a breeze to finish them, and did not expect to be in such a situation. What frightened him most was that there was still one who had not joined the fight yet!

However, he did not get much time to think, as Goku was approaching him at full speed, his fist wrapped in red flames like a pair of miniature suns. Slug’s left hand blocked Goku’s hand, and his right hit him right in the face! However, he could not rejoice, for Goku had turned in mid-air, going for a powerful leg to his now exposed side. Both took heavy blows, but were unwilling to concede defeat. With each showing his pride, they continued the battle.

Gradually, Slug couldn’t keep up anymore. After all, he was old, no longer the warrior he used to be. His age actually drained him faster than Kaioken drained Goku.

He walked back to avoid Goku’s next attack, just to find another Ki blast coming his way from Vegeta’s side! While the prince was not as strong as Goku in Kaioken, he was still very powerful, and Slug could only take his attack on his back.

“Cough… Cough… ” Slug felt the burden of aging to its full extent. Perhaps, if he was young, he would not fear such a battle. But now that he was old and his physical strength was seriously declining, he was in trouble.

Raditz never attacked again and just observed the development of the battle. First, he didn’t want to push Slug to directly go to his giant form. Now they could deal with Slug’s normal state, but they shouldn’t be able to stand against him if he uses it. Second, even if he could take down Slug, he didn’t want to do this, because Frieza’s threat was close, and using Slug to distract him in was the best choice.

In fact, Raditz wasn’t much worried about Slug, but more actually about the man behind him, Tullece. This villain was so deceitful; his cunningness was superior to even that of Slug.

The fierce battle was still going on, and on the other side of the mountains, in a quiet room…

An elder’s bloated body was sitting on a massive stone chair, his hands weakly posed on armrests. His eyes were almost closed, and his face was densely covered with age spots. He gasped continuously, and he had no strength to move, and even gasping was so difficult for him. Slowly but surely, his life was withering away.

Nail stood respectfully in front of him and said, “Grand Elder, evil forces are continuing to come to Namek. Three villages have been devastated and they will be here sooner or later.”

“Uh… I can’t move anymore. Nail, you are the strongest warrior on Namek; go to battle too. Don’t stay with me anymore.”

“But what if they find you here…”

“Don’t worry about that, these invaders are all here for the Dragon Balls. If I die, Dragon Balls will lose their effectiveness. Don’t worry.”

“Grand Elder!” Nail looked nervously at the dying elder in front of him, sadness on his face.

Was Namek really on the way to its demise?