Chapter 66: The Evil Namekian


After nearly a day’s worth of high-speed traveling, Raditz and his friends finally reached Namek.

The planet was beautiful and rich, with mountains and rivers, dense islands, primitive animals and unique globular canopy vegetation all over the land. Ever since the overexploitation of the planet led to climate change, the Namekians have embarked on the path of green development, planting trees everywhere and creating a beautiful environment. So now, Namek was peaceful and beautiful

“We’ve finally arrived!” Krillin shouted, and was the first one who rushed out of the hatch. Afterwards, everyone followed.

They couldn’t wait any longer. When the spacecraft just landed, they opened the door and ran out, breathing fresh air.

“Uncle Piccolo, is this your home-planet?” Gohan squinted and looked at the new environment curiously.


Piccolo looked around and his eyes revealed a different look from the others. While he didn’t have memories about this place, he had a sense of familiarity that seemed to be engraved into his bones. Only him, with his King Piccolo blood, could have that unique feeling.

Nappa and Vegeta were accustomed to foreign environments; all planets were the same in their eyes. On the contrary, the earthlings were very interested in new things, and even a small flower got them intrigued.

“This is not the time for this. Come and have a look!” Raditz greeted the crowd and showed them the Dragon Radar.

The radar showed that there were already three dragon balls together in one position, and the other four were still scattered everywhere.

The Namekians lived in tribal communities, each with an elder and a Dragon Ball belonging to them. Ordinary affairs were determined by elders. If someone wanted to fulfill his wish, he had to be recognized by all tribes.

Now, three Dragon Balls were already gathered together, meaning they may have been stolen.

“Slug and Tullece have already started.”

“I can feel an Evil Ki, in that direction. Not only is it evil, but also very powerful!” Goku looked at the distance with sharp eyes.

Raditz also felt this: “That’s Slug’s Ki! There’s no way Tullece had reached this level.”

“So… Now we… ” Krillin nervously pointed with two fingers, showing a timid expression.

After all, he wasn’t a Saiyan, and didn’t plan to fight Frieza, Slug or any other Space Lords!

Now he just wanted to go back to Earth, and deal with “manageable” villains of King Piccolo’s caliber.

“If you don’t feel like coming with us, just stay here. In the capsule box, there’s a base camp, with tents or something like that. Just find a suitable cave or a safe valley first.” Raditz threw the capsule box to Krillin: “If you want to fight, however, then come with me!”

Vegeta and Goku naturally followed Raditz. Although Nappa wanted to go too, Vegeta throw him a disdainful look. He was indeed somewhat weak compare to others, and he could end up weighing them down. It would be wiser for him to stay with Krillin and set a camp base.

Piccolo followed Raditz as well, without hesitation.

“Hey, do you feel strong enough for this?” Vegeta sneered.

“Do you think you are much stronger than me?” Piccolo scorned back.

Both of them were arrogant, and their cold eyes sparked fiercely as they gazed at each other. The mood quickly became tense and chilling.

“Alright! Let’s calm down and save our energy for Slug!” Raditz stepped between the two, “Let’s go!”

“Huh!” They sneered together.

Goku could only smile helplessly and take the lead.

The four flew straight to that evil powerful Ki!


In the southeast of Namek, Slug visited the Namekians villages one by one. The old man still had great power. Each of his steps was death awaiting those who opposed him.

On the ground, there were many young and powerful Namekian warriors, lying under his feet

As for the Namekian children, some of them had broken legs or legs, and others were dead. Purple blood was flowing like a river, infiltrating the fertile land, and the screams and cries of children were even more heartbreaking than the horrible scene.

The houses made of resin and stone were all in ruins, and the only one remaining in good shape was the elder’s house. But at the moment, it was surrounded by Slug’s soldiers.

A few stubborn Namekians warriors were still alive, encircling the house.

“You… You’re also a Namekian. Why do you do this?” The fallen elder dragged his crippled body and asked loudly.

He was so furious, his fists clenched tightly as he wanted to punch slug in the face, but there was nothing he could do.

“I grew up on Slug,” Slug laughed wickedly. “Looking like a Namekian, what’s that even worth? I am a demon, totally different from you!” He rushed up and suddenly appeared behind the elder, holding his head in a choke.

“I do still have some memories in my mind, and they seem to hold true.” Slug read through the Namekians’ hearts like an open book, and he said to the elder: “You are all worthless pathetic weaklings!”

With these words, he turned his wrist and suddenly snapped through the elder’s neck.

The expression of surprise and anger froze on the elder’s face, and his head rolled to the ground as = deep purple blood gushed from his his severed neck.

Slug laughed and looked at the dead everywhere around his in euphoria, and then went to the elder’s house.

The last few Namekian warriors were scared in cold sweat, but they still stood in his way.

“Get out of the way!” Slug waved to his soldiers frowning, and then gathered a Ki Blast in his hand.

The soldiers quickly drew to both sides. Lord Slug’s Ki Blasts were no joke.

“Damn! We’re doomed!”

“Even if we are, we can’t die before showing them the courage of the Namekians!”

Several Namekian fighters lined up in front of the elder’s house, opening their arms wide, and ready to guard to house with their own flesh and blood. The Namekians loved peace, but they weren’t afraid of evil. They were strong in both mind and body.

“If you want to die, so be it!” Slug snorted bitterly, throwing the Ki Blast.It drew an arc, flying into the sky before landing on them from above.

The powerful blast scared the Namekian warriors. They tried their best to resist, but they still closed their eyes as they were ready to die.


An ear piercing explosion sounded all around them, and the Namekian warriors, who thought they were dead, opened their eyes and found they were still alive. In their despair, they could vaguely see four more shadows in front of them, and the Blast was thrown to the side.

Slug looked down and said, “So you’re the Saiyans Tullece had mentioned, and there is another… Namekian! Hahaha, what a coincidence!” As he spoke, his eyes looked even colder.”If you stand in my way, you will all die!”