Chapter 65: Destination: Namek!


Through the great universe, the spacecraft rushed toward Namek.

Just six hours ago, King Kai took the initiative to contact Raditz and delivered terrible news. Tullece and Slug were already on Namek, searching for the Dragon Balls! Slug was already so close to Namek that it took him just a little time to reach it.

Although Frieza didn’t move yet, the Ginyu Force’s spacecraft was already on its way to M187, estimated to arrive within two days. After Raditz got the news, he discussed with everyone and took an immediate decision.

While he was busy with his games with Frieza, Tullece was certainly not going to forget about earth. If he was to get a set of Dragon Balls, that would be horrifying.

“We must go to Namek!”

As the first of Raditz’s subordinates, Angila was given a heavy responsibility: Raditz ordered him to take all the survivors from Planet Davy and get them under his command. To prevent him from defecting, Raditz destroyed every spacecraft but one and promised to train him when he would be back.

The rest of them went on the spaceship, quickly activated the navigation system, and started the engine.

“Destination: Namek!”

The spacecraft traveled at high speed for six hours in the universe, toward Namek.


Piccolo, leaning against the iron wall of the console, fixed his eyes on the vast space outside the transparent glass, and fell into deep thought. His eyes were clear like a sharp sword light rippled in the lake.

As they were getting closer to Namek, Piccolo was anxious. On the surface, he looked cold but in fact, his heart was pounding hard. He crossed his arms to calm himself down, but his fingers couldn’t stop tapping on them.

He was the only one in the silent spaceship who had not rested yet. He didn’t need long sleep to regain his strength and was used to live alone. The other guys were noisy, so it was more comfortable for him to stay alone in the empty main cabin at night.

Sometimes, however, the noise didn’t disturb him, especially that of Gohan. Although children could be annoying, but his innocent look, and the way he called him “Uncle Piccolo”, all made it difficult for him to get angry at him.

Did the old King Piccolo changing? He couldn’t help but wonder himself.

“Hey, Piccolo.” Raditz’s voice suddenly sounded as he approached him. “Isn’t it exciting to go to your own planet?”

Unexpectedly, Piccolo did not retreat, and he replied: “I have not grown up on Namek, so I’m not excited.”

“That’s what you say, but there’s always something inexplicable about seeing your hometown, just like me, when I saw Earth…” Raditz said lightly, leaning against the wall.

Piccolo continued to look outside and skipped the topic. “Don’t you sleep?”

“I can’t sleep, I’m going to war, and our enemy is so powerful that I’m not sure we could beat him!”

“Well, shouldn’t you be more confident?” Piccolo sneered. “You have learned from King Kai, isn’t that enough?”

Piccolo had this thing against King Kai. If it wasn’t for his training, he felt that the gap between him and Raditz wouldn’t be so extreme. “Why did King Kai only teach Kaioken to you and Goku?”

Now that the topic was opened, Raditz didn’t mind talking more and answering in the late night.

“Even that is far from enough, Piccolo! Do you remember when I was trying to lure you to kill us, saying that Frieza’s power level was 530,000? Well, the truth is, that’s not Frieza’s full strength. He’s part of this race of “frozen demons” or something. His current body isn’t his true form, and he will reveal his true strength after some physical transformations.”

“Transformation? Like Zarbon?”

Raditz nodded and shook his head again.

“Although that is also a transformation, its principle is different. Zarbon’s transfiguration is similar to a Saiyan’s giant ape, in the fact that it increases strength by altering ones’ body to improve combat effectiveness. The Frozen Demons are different. They transform to greatly reduce their own power because they are too powerful for themselves to control.”

“What a strange transformation? In order to reduce their power? How strong is their power level? Isn’t 530,000 their max?” Horror overtook Piccolo’s face and he asked reluctantly.

He saw a lot so far in his lifetime, but never heard of a such weird situation: someone being so strong that he needed to reduce his own power. That was unbelievable. But he knew deep inside that Raditz didn’t lie, and Frieza was someone like that.

“Do you want to hear more? Even Vegeta doesn’t know about this.”

“Keep talking.”

“Frieza’s regular power level is 530,000, but it could reach more than one million after the transformation.”

Piccolo gasped, and his face seemed to go even greener!

“Over one million! You’re kidding…” The truth was ridiculously horrifying.

While 530,000 could be manageable somehow, one million was definitely out of reach.

“It’s a little early for you to be surprised. That’s just his first change. He can make two more transformation. Eventually, when reverting to his true form, he would reach a power level of over 120 millions!”

As he spoke, even Raditz himself felt anxiety taking over him, and couldn’t help but change his tone and try to calm his mind.

Piccolo, on the other hand, was as stiff as a sculpture for a second, before finally speaking: “120 millions!! How could such a creature exist in the universe?”

“It’s not over yet. Beside Frieza, there are two other of his race that I know of: his brother and father, who are both comparable to him in power! But they won’t be coming to Namek right now, so don’t worry too much.”

“Don’t worry too much? Even if his brother or father aren’t coming, it will be hard, even near impossible to resist Frieza.” Piccolo had never been so shocked in his entire life and his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

“It’s almost impossible to overcome such a thing?!” Raditz looked deep into the distance, as if he had seen great hope, and spoke slowly: “Not necessarily. As far as I know, there are several ways to take him down, but each one is risky.” He looked at Piccolo and smiled: “But let’s try them anyway. He’s just another enemy after all, isn’t he?”

Piccolo was horrified.

But suddenly, he felt that the Saiyans were a wonderful race, sometimes troublesome, and sometimes very reliable. So he answered back with a smile: “Do as you like.”

At that time, the spaceship was getting closer to Namek, and was only half a day away.