Chapter 64: Tullece’s Plan


The Super Saiyan was only a legend to Vegeta. Many records and stories told of the existence of ancient powerful Saiyan warriors who achieved it, but this so called Super Saiyan had been always a subject of doubt, as nobody seemed to have seen one.

Hearing the suspicion in Vegeta’s tone, Raditz nodded.

He actually knew the secret to this powerful transformation: One with a pure heart, having great burst of powerful emotions, like anger, is the best candidate to becoming a Super Saiyan. These weren’t conditions, nor were they the only requirements for the transformation. The most important thing was that a certain power level had to be attained.

Raditz remembered that when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time, he had already achieve a base power level of around 3 millions. A guy like Vegeta had to work hard for 3 years under 300x gravity to eventually reach such a level.

For guys like Broly, with his great genetics, Trunks or Gohan, it’s quite different, as their blood seemed to make the transformation easier. Perhaps, even fighting experience could be inherited through blood among the Saiyans.

In the past, there were so many Saiyans that there was no reason for them to change. Raditz thought that their numbers actually made them weak, for they were a warrior race after all. In fact, they acted instinctively, and many other nations had much better understanding of fighting techniques. For this reason, many looked down on them, and the best of them did not exceed the power level of 120,000, which was too low for becoming a Super Saiyan.

‘Once I will become a Super Saiyan, everyone of those so called ‘Space Lord’ would have to bow before me. Such a fantastic power is even enough to beat Frieza. However, I’m not there yet!” Raditz thought.

Secretly, he hoped to encounter Slug before Frieza, so he could get stronger once again, and get closer to that limit.

After thinking about it, it was time to move on and get back to their beloved Earth. So he proposed: “Let’s go back to the spaceship and confirm the situation back on Earth.”

“Yes, we should be able to communicate with Earth.”

“I’ll do it!” Gohan volunteered. Under Matt’s guidance, he had already learned how to operate the spacecraft.

Everyone entered the space ship and opened up the communication device to contact Earth. The spacecraft’s communicator was adapted from the communication system on Nappa’s scouter, which could be linked to Raditz’s scouter, left on Earth.

After the transformation, the instrument became encrypted, as communications couldn’t be intercepted by Frieza, all while being capable of conveying information across the universe.

Just after opening the loudspeaker, Bulma started to speak, with enthusiasm: “Hey! You finally contacted me! Earth has been restored. What a beautiful job you have done!”

“Let me speak…” Yamcha was close to her: “Goku, are you alright? Haha!”

“Stop your nonsense Yamcha! We have no time to lose!” Bulma grabbed the speaker again, and asked in curiosity about what they saw in the universe, and said she’d call Chi-Chi to come over.

Bulma’s questions were not easy to elude, and if Chi-Chi was to come as well, this could become endless.

Raditz quickly said, “No, no, Bulma, let’s talk about this later. We’ll get back to Earth and talk about it in detail. Now that we’ve confirmed Earth has been restored, let’s hang up for now. “

“That… wait! Don’t hang up; I have one more thing to ask you, did you use the Dragon Balls?”

“Isn’t that obvious? We retrieved the four stars Dragon Ball and summoned Shenron. Otherwise, how do you think Earth could have been recovered?

“But…” Bulma’s voice was full of doubts. “I made another Dragon Radar with the rest of the parts, and it showed that the Dragon Balls were still there, and one is moving at high speed right now!”

Raditz was shocked and quickly opened the Dragon Ball Radar, putting the precision to the minimum and its range to the maximum. Indeed, he saw the Dragon Ball’s movements!

They only focused on Earth’s Dragon Ball, ignoring those on Namek!

‘Is it… Has anyone been looking for the Dragon Balls on Namek? Who could it be?’ Raditz’s eyes went wide open, and he felt a chill down his back, as if a cold snake slithered along it.

“Hello?… Hello?… Anyone else? What’s going on here? ” Bulma asked.

“Nothing important. The radar is reacting to the Dragon Balls on Piccolo’s planet. The Dragon Balls were originally created by them, so it’s no surprise they also have Dragon Balls on their planet as well. Well, we’ll talk about this later.”

Raditz hung up the communication device, but everyone looked at the radar seriously.

“I said long ago that the miraculous power of the Namekians made the Dragon Balls, and that their planet would be better…” Nappa hummed.

“Shut up, Nappa.” Vegeta glanced coldly: “Didn’t you notice that one of them was moving rapidly? How do you think a dragon ball can fly so fast?”

Nappa was dumbfounded for a moment. Although he was not very clever, he clearly could guess the answer.


On Namek, a massive spaceship rested in an open field. Inside the ship, there were many men from different races standing. The foremost one looked like Goku, with slightly darker skin: it was Tullece.

Slug, sitting on a throne, was facing Tullece. He was very old, but still retained his majestic vibe as he sat down there, ready to conquer the whole planet.

“You really didn’t lie to me. This is our chance to be one step ahead of Freeza by coming first to Namek.” Slug looked at the image displayed on the screen before him, and was in a good mood.

“Frieza ordered a few people to install tracking devices on my spacecraft, but he did anticipate that I knew what his intentions were.”

“Really?” Slug laughed lightly, showing his interest in Tullece’s whole story.

Tullece anticipated Frieza actions, intercepted his communications, and learned that he wanted to give up on Earth’s Dragon Balls and move on to Namek. The Ginyu Force was also mobilized. And more importantly, Vegeta and Raditz also came to Planet Davy and even killed Dodoria and Zarbon.

That was great news for him, Tullece thought: “Perfect, just fight each other, and let me get all the profit”

So he turned around and chose to tell Slug about Frieza’s actions and the information about the new Dragon Balls. With Slug’s army on his side, and closer to Namek, Frieza was one step behind.

But Tullece didn’t trust Slug either. After all, Tullece wanted also to be King himself; how could he serve and obey Slug?

The puzzled Tullece kept himself looking casual and said: “Frieza’s army was attacked by the Saiyans and couldn’t deal with them. Sooner or later, the Ginyu Force will show up here too. It wouldn’t be good if Frieza personally came to Namek. While you are rightfully confident about your power, you also know Frieza. There are many so called ‘cosmic emperors’, but only few of them were ever so powerful. For the time being, and before the wish, you know that he even exceeds you in power. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter! Frieza is out of luck and is too far from Namek. It should him at least three days to come. By then, you would already have your wish granted!

Tullece smiled, and his eyes sparked. He lied to Slug. In fact, it would only take Frieza a day to reach Namek…