Chapter 63: Come Out, Shenron!


With the Dragon Balls now all gathered, the time to make the wish had come. The clock was ticking so Raditz didn’t go to his friends, and intended to summon Shenron right away.

It’s been already over a year since they summoned him the last time. Now, Raditz arranged all seven Dragon Balls on the ground, and their warm light began to flash rhythmically, accompanied by slight sparking sounds.

“Raditz, there are seven Dragon Balls?” Angila asked curiously.

“There’s no way you’ll get your wish granted with only one ball. These are not regular glass balls!”

Angela quietly stepped back and stopped talking. All they got from Telluce was talk about a “Dragon Ball,” so it was natural to assume that there was only one, not seven. If Angila and his men had successfully retrieved it, it would have been somewhat useless, as seven were necessary to make a wish.

Frieza and Slug were both tricked into mobilizing their forces for a single ball. Perhaps, if Frieza didn’t leave this one for Slug and Raditz, there could have been an all out galactic war because of this little lie…

Angila stood by, waiting the dragon to appear. He never saw a dragon, and as a result, he was very curious. At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder again why Raditz would keep him by his side.

Raditz was not fully at ease, fearing that someone spoke a wish before he did. With this journey they had to take, and all trouble they had to face, he had to remain vigilant. His greatest fear was that Vegeta would show up, which could prove to be really troublesome.

“Alright, remain quiet for now, and step back. I’m about to summon Shenron!” Raditz took a deep breath, and then, his eyes set on the Dragon Balls, he shouted: “Come forth, Shenron! Grant my wish!”

As those words were said, the sky suddenly became dark, as clouds appeared out of nowhere gathering above. Then, a lightning bolt rose to the sky, to get surrounded by a beam of light the surged out from the Dragon Balls. It looked like a golden sword, splitting the world in half, before the massive figure of Shenron appeared within it. It coiled around its body and roared loudly: “Say your wish! Any wish can be granted, but you only get one.”

Raditz looked at Angila, seeing that he didn’t move, and then said: “Shenron, please restore earth’s environment to what it was like before the Tree of Might was planted!”

The dragon remained silent for a long time, and Raditz became nervous and could not help but urge: “Aren’t you Earth’s Dragon? Is your power not enough for this wish?”

“It is very simple.” Shenron finally spoke, his eyes flashing red as he realized Raditz’s wish.

Raditz complained to himself: ‘Don’t scare me like that. Just do your job and grant my wish. Now, Earth should be restored to its original state.’

“Angila, wait for the Dragon Balls to be scattered, then quickly try to grab two or three of them, understood? This is your first mission!” Raditz said with a firm tone.

“Yes, Lord Raditz!”

At this time, Shenron powerful voice could be heard by both of them: “Your wish is fulfilled. Goodbye.” The next moment, his figure shrank rapidly into a sphere of golden light, from which seven arcs of light scattered into the distance.

“Now!” Raditz shouted and flew up. He quickly grabbed two petrified dragon balls at super high speed, then continued to rush in different directions and collected three more.

When he landed, he found Angila also got two of them.

“Well done. That’s one less thing to worry about.”

Raditz never really understood why every time he made a wish, Goku, with his strength, didn’t collect the Dragon Balls at once, to save himself their quest the next year. After all, what would happen if a stone Dragon Ball was accidentally damaged by something?

But on second thought, Dragon Balls were a treasure for the whole world and they couldn’t be monopolized by only one person or group. Why take away another one’s chance of going on such a quest and trying to fulfill their wish?

“My lord, why did the Dragon Balls turn into stones?”

“This is a limit of theirs. It has its benefits, for otherwise, one could spam wishes indefinitely.”

There was no end to what one could wish for. Raditz wrapped the Dragon Balls in a package and placed them on the space ship.

The clouds spread out and the skylight reappeared. Everyone had noticed the changes made by the summoning of Shenron and rushed to the scene. Some of Frieza’s remaining men followed the light as well, but they were all eliminated by Piccolo, without exception. In the end, only Goku and the others reached Raditz.

Vegeta was the first to ask: “Hey, Raditz, was that the dragon? What wish have you made?”

“Obviously, I asked for earth to retrieve its original state and for the effects of the Tree of Might to be reversed. Does anyone think I could have asked for something else?” Raditz looked Goku and the others, and everyone besides Vegeta nodded.

They all had the same goal: finding the Dragon Balls to restore Earth.

Vegeta normally wouldn’t mind. However, ever since he saw Dodoria and Zarbon, one thought took over his mind: overthrowing Frieza became his main goal. After all, he used to serve under his command, and Frieza would never forgive him or let him live in peace. Why not just deal with him now?

His idea was to destroy Frieza with the Dragon Balls, so how could he not be angry?

“Why didn’t you ask me?! You knew that Frieza is near. If we killed him, we would have gotten rid of all threats and restored Earth once again. But now, you’ve wasted that opportunity!” Vegeta clenched his fist, and his face and tone showed his frustration.

“Calm down, Vegeta.” Raditz answered calmly: “Although the Earth’s dragon can achieve many wishes, he has his limit. What is Frieza’s power level already? You should be aware that even Shenron can’t just kill him.”

Vegeta blinked twice, and he had nothing to say.

Raditz then went on and told them all about Angila’s identity, what he was doing here, and told them about Slug. This surprised everyone. With all these forces coming into play, and with Tullece lurking in the shadows, the situation was extremely unstable. Still, Frieza remained the greatest threat of all.

With two of his generals dying in Planet Davy, he should relentlessly hunt them down. Raditz speculated that his forces should be on their way right now, and probably, it was the Ginyu force that he sent.

Hearing the Ginyu Force mentioned, Vegeta and Nappa showed their disgust.

“Be sure that we can’t escape from Frieza now, and can’t avoid fighting him. Our power level may not be on par with his, but rest assured, it won’t be impossible to defeat him” With everyone listening in silence, Raditz’s voice sounded louder, and it showed strange confidence.

“Do you think…” Suddenly an idea flashed in Vegeta’s mind “The Legend of the Super Saiyan!”

Could it be that this legend is true? Looking at Raditz’s eye, Vegeta felt that he was hiding even more secrets.