Chapter 62: Lord Raditz!


“Watch this!” Angila attacked angrily and hit the ground with both hands.

He was able to shuttle his hands freely underground, just for them to pop up a second later under Raditz’s feet, grabbing both his ankles.

“You should have given up!” Angila thought that he had Raditz trapped, and he gathered energy in his mouth before firing a powerful Ki Blast at him.

The yellow light shrouded Raditz, but he didn’t try to evade, taking the full brunt of the attack!

The overflowing force and heat caused a tornado, carrying the dust all the way up to the sky. Even Angila himself could not see a thing. He believed Raditz was disintegrated, and as the smoke and dust dispersed slowly, he laughed out loud while pulling his hands back to him. Suddenly, he laughter stopped, and his face changed…

A figure emerged from the smoke, and it was approaching him.

“Let me teach you this little thing: Smoke and dust don’t really hurt anyone.” Raditz was unscathed, and all the dust on and around him was blown away by his white aura.


A gust of wind blew, and the yellow and sparse weeds leaned slightly to one side along with Raditz and Angila’s hair.

There was a moment of pause, in which both sides were exerting their pressure. Against his will, Angila showed some weakness, for his body was soon soaked in cold sweat, and his breathing turned sluggish and disturbed as Raditz’s pressure smother him.

If he had a scouter at this moment, he would find that Raditz reached a power level of over 100,000.

The wind continued to blow quietly, and it then stopped!

Raditz’s eyes changed slightly as it did. The next moment, he appeared behind Angila, delivering a three-finger chop to his neck.

One blow from Raditz, felt like a thousand joined in one for his opponent: he flew far away, scraping the ground and scooping up thick layers of soil, until he finally hit a hard rock.

While Raditz only used a three finger attack, it was so powerful that Angila would have lost consciousness if he wasn’t in top shape when entering the fight.

By now, he no longer felt so cocky. His face pale, he spat out blood. He had no idea when the attack started or how Raditz got there; all he knew, was that he was just beaten quickly with only three fingers!

Flickering once again, Raditz was now stepping on his chest, interrupting his breath. Poor Angila was surprised once again, never expecting his opponent to be of such a caliber.

“Stop playing dead! Why did Slug send you here?”

“Cough… for the… Dragon Ball…”

“How does he know about Dragon Ball?!” Raditz continued to ask.

Even if Slug was Namekian, Planet Namek suffered a major climate change long ago, and he was sent away when he was born. It was impossible for him to know of the existence of Dragon Balls.

“Because…because a man named Tullece sold us this information. He said it’s some kind of pearl that can fulfill any wish, produced in Earth, and buried in this desolate planet. He showed us on a map where it was.”  Angila grabbed Raditz’s foot with both hands and tried to move it away, but he couldn’t, so he had no other choice but telling the truth. As he did so, Raditz lowered his foot’s pressure to allow him to speak.

“He also gave some seeds to Lord Slug, saying that the fruits of its tree could enhance one’s strength and restore their youth. When Lord Slug ate the fruit and felt it was really effective, he believed Tullece.”

‘Seeds, fruits, The Tree of Might? It seems like Tullece still has some seeds in his possession.’ Raditz thought to himself.

“One more question: what is your relationship with the Frieza’s army?”

“None! We didn’t know that Frieza’s men would be here. If we did, Lord Slug would have sent more people! I’ve answered you so now, let me go…”

“Do you think I’ll let you live? What would Slug do? You should know him better than me, am I right?”

Angila was stunned, and couldn’t help but shiver.

As a natural Super Namekian, Slug’s fighting talent might even exceed that of Piccolo. He was a one per century kind of genius. Raditz had to know about him, for unlike most Namekians who are peaceful and kind by nature, Slug was not just immensely powerful; he was pure evil!

In his teenage years, he conquered Planet Slug with great power, making himself king. As he gathered subordinates, he expanded his reach, targeting the entire universe. As he and he men traveled from planet to planet, they conquered wherever they went, selling so planets and keeping some, as Slug was constantly expanding his empire and building his legend.

But what was most distinct about him was his cruelty. Killing people in his empire was to him what weeding out the garden is to a normal man, and his hands were always ready to go for the kills at the slightest disagreement.

This went worse recently, as his aging was putting him in a perpetually bad mood. He was killing people whimsically; like a maniac. But then, when Tullece showed up promising him that he would get his youth back, he became committed to retrieving the Dragon Ball, giving the matter the greatest importance.

If he learned about this failure, Angila would be doomed for sure. His face went pale, and he lost all hope….

“I will let you live, but you have to become one of my men and serve under my command.”

Raditz lifted his foot, removing the burden off of Angila’s chest, who felt refreshed. His eyes rolled around and thousands of ideas crossed his mind, all leading to the same conclusion: to disobey Raditz would lead to a dead end, and has he barely could take Slug’s temper and wrath before, so changing camp could be a good way out after all.

Thinking of this, Angila took his decision: “I accept, my Lord!”

“My name is Raditz, and from now on, you are under my command.”

“Yes! Lord Raditz.” Angila difficultly to get up, resisting the pain in the body. He bowed to Raditz on one knee to show him respect.

No wonder everyone wanted to be a galactic emperor: it was so cool to feel worshipped like this! Raditz was delighted to have become that strong; otherwise, he’d have to do everything for himself by himself. Having some men under his command could bring him some comfort in the near future.

“And I am Matt.” Suddenly, Matt, flew out from behind Raditz, also screaming. For a while, he was timid and kept hiding behind him, until he finally revealed himself.

Angila was surprised and asked what it was.

“Don’t be nervous. He’s my friend and a terrifying weapon. If you betray me like you betrayed Slug, he will destroy you!” Raditz’s put on a cold face, and Angila was intimidated.

Raditz then smiled and patted on Angila’s shoulder. “Of course, if you can do your job correctly, you will be rewarded in consequence. At least, I shouldn’t be worse than Slug.”

Raditz showed him that with power, one could also have some kindness.

Sure enough, Angila saluted him again, “Yes! Lord Raditz!”