Chapter 61: Slug’s Army


Raditz held the dragon ball in his hands, excited.

Finally, the seven dragon balls could be gathered together, and Earth could be saved. Raditz laughed proudly and his face was filled with joy.

Suddenly, many well-equipped extraterrestrials came in flying, all wearing Saiyan-like battle suits. At first glance, they looked liked Frieza’s men. Judging from the intensity of their Ki, their power level wouldn’t exceed 3,000.

Although they were numerous, they were no threat to Raditz. Apparently, they were all looking for the Dragon Ball, and weren’t aware that they had competition.

“That is… is that Raditz?” Someone recognized Raditz’s hair and shouted.

“Look! He has the Dragon Ball in his hand, he just found it!”

“Were the Saiyans also sent for this mission? Hey, let’s take the Dragon Ball from him and get the credit! When Zarbon gets rewarded, we could also have our share.”

“Yes, let’s go together!”

One of them sneered: “Hey, Raditz, do you want to come along? I mean, I don’t need to use all my strength on you; just look!” He then rushed at Raditz.

“What a drag!” Raditz looked at them coldly, and when his foe rushed at him, he disdainfully waved a single hand, not even using a Ki blast. It was like a moving iron wall, blocking the attack and then counterattacking in one motion. Immediately, Frieza’s man flew back and crashed against a rock, his combat suit shattered, his muscles torn and his bones broken. Motionless, and not even making a sound, he died.

“He killed Dany!” The crowd gulped collectively as they were all terrified by Raditz’s attack.

This Dany was average among them, having a power level of 2,500. How could he be one-shot by Raditz? Looking at Raditz’s power level data on their scouters, they all started shivering.

“Hey idiots, listen up! The rules of the game have just changed: you’re not the hunters now, you’re the prey!”

As he spoke, everyone chose to flee!

“How dare you run away while I’m speaking?” Raditz raised his leg, and with explosive speed, he overtook everyone. In a heartbeat, he was in front of the one furthest from him. He turned around and, without saying a word, smashed the man’s head with a single blow.

The crimson blood reached the ground before he did…

The rest all stopped moved, and looked back at Raditz, trembling.

“Raditz, we didn’t mean to attack you. Take the Dragon Ball, it’s all yours. We won’t even say anything to Lord Zarbon”

“Zarbon? Weren’t you in contact with him?” Raditz sneered: “He’s already in Hell, waiting for you to follow him up.”


The group was all shocked! As low tier subordinates, they had no access to the latest reports going to Frieza, and were not aware of Zarbon’s death. Seeing Raditz’s face, they immediately understood that he was not kidding. They frantically clicked on their scouters once again, and could not detect their leader. Indeed, something happened to him…

“You killed Lord Zarbon! Lord Frieza will punish you!”

“You don’t know Frieza at all. If I am stronger than Zarbon, that would only make Frieza want me to take his place. He would definitely not punish me for what happened to Zarbon. But I think you can already guess that I’m not going to side with Frieza anymore. If you tell him anything, you’ll have to deal with me!”

Once again, Zarbon’s men were all confused. They thought this was just the result of a conflict between Raditz and Zarbon. Who would have guessed that the Saiyans would betray Frieza? Perhaps Raditz was just talking nonsense… Perhaps he was just agitated and being provocative…

No matter what, they were all scared by him. What could they do?

Just as they were contemplating their fate, Raditz raised his hand, and a Yellow Ki Blast came out of it, going past them. Their faces froze in panic and despair as they felt the heat of the attack almost scorching them whole.


The echoing far away explosion awakened them from their daze. As Raditz watched them unscramble, a tall man in a shabby shirt slowly approached him. His torso was covered in a sleeveless Kimono top that’s tied by a belt, and his muscles on his arms revealed how strong his was. He looked somewhat like Zarbon, but his head was slightly boxier, with blond hair and two horns on top of it.

This was Angila, one of Lord Slug’s men!

Raditz smiled silently. What were slug’s men doing here? Did everyone have a Dragon Radar or something? He shook his head rejecting the idea, but he knew that something was wrong. Although he was not afraid of this soldier, Slug who was to follow should be really difficult to deal with. He wasn’t a space-lord for nothing after all!

“You’re good; very good! You managed to kill these weaklings so easily, but you have no idea of what I’m capable of.” Angila said with confidence.

He could neither sense Raditz’s Ki nor measure his power level with a scouter, but he felt that he should be easy to deal with. At most, he expected him to be slightly below him in strength.

Raditz helplessly sighed as he felt underrated.

“I just want this Dragon Ball you’re holding in your hand. Lord Slug told me to bring this thing to him. If you hand it over now, I will let you go.” Angila stretched out his hand, with a subtle smirk on the corner of his mouth.

“Is Slug here too?”

“No, Lord Slug has better things to do, so he just sent me.”

“That’s good.” Raditz had an idea. He landed on the ground, and waved at Angila. “If you want this ball, then come and take it yourself!”

“Interesting!” Angila snorted and cracked his neck and wrists.

And when Raditz saw him unfastening his wristbands, he shock his hands. “Hey… you don’t need to go so far!”

“You’re scared? Well, it doesn’t matter! You’re about to feel true despair in a few seconds!” Angila smiled smugly, removing his two wristbands from his hands and softly throwing them down.


A loud noise came from the floor as dust went up into the sky.

With the wristbands being heavy enough to cause such an impact, Raditz was slightly surprised… just slightly….

Angila confused Raditz’s surprise for fear and laughed: “You’ll get to know my strength now. My mother planet’s gravity is ten times that of this planet, so I always wear heavy clothing to increase gravity’s effect on my body, and… ” His voice suddenly went down in pitch: “… recently, I’ve been under to effect of twenty times more gravity! “

Raditz put his palm against his face, speechless…

“Twenty times, do you call that gravity training? Alright, hurry up and attack, I am in a hurry.” Raditz waved and looked impatient.

“What! How dare you look down on me! I’m your Lord Angila! You’ve made me angry, very angry!”