Chapter 60: Dragon Ball!


After killing Cui, Dodoria and Zarbon, the whole area was a mess, with blood everywhere. The group went to search for the Dragon Ball again, encountering some more of Frieza’s men while they were at it, and wiping them out one by one.

On Matt’s request, Raditz decided to open their spacecraft, and take out the six other Dragon Balls. While Bulma managed to give the Dragon Radar a lot more range, this resulted in a decrease in its precision. On top of that, the old design of the Dragon Radar was proven to be subject to interferences, and Matt wanted to improve its accuracy, or build a new one if needed.

Matt flew around the six Dragon Dalls, with a curious eye, trying to touch them, but several of them started to glow and shine, taking him off guard.

Matt had no records of such magical entities, nor did he ever encounter them. Therefore, he observed them cautiously for a while.

“So? Is that enough information for you?” Raditz slammed Matt’s small head.

Matt unfurled his wings, looked at Raditz and asked: “I need the original Dragon Radar, let me analyze its structure.”

“Here!” Raditz immediately handed the Radar Over to Matt.

The Tumatians were knows for their advanced technology and great research skill. Matt first scanned the structure of the Dragon Radar, analyzed the wavelength of the signal emitted by the Dragon Balls, and so on, and then fell into his thoughts.

Raditz didn’t disturb Matt’s thoughts. This field of high-tech was not his area of expertise, and scientists often needed a quiet and stable environment to think. So, he stood silently, hoping for quick results.

After thinking for nearly half an hour, Matt finally spoke: “I didn’t expect there would be such a great inventor on Earth! Being able to make such a device, it’s really amazing! “

Earth’s science and technology were young compared to other planets in the universe, and they barely started to delve into medium scale space travel. Many extraterrestrials who knew of earth looked down on this low-tech planet. None of them ever expected that they would have scientists as talented as Bulma, who would in the near-future beat the rest of the universe to achieving time-travel!

Even Matt was surprised and praised Bulma’s hard work.

“Can you improve it?” Raditz asked.

“I’ve already understood and master the structure of the Dragon Ball Radar, and if it’s just for optimization accuracy, it should be possible.” Matt approached the radar, looked up and down, poked the mounting panel with the tip of his wing, and began to adjust its precision components.

He had no human like hands, but with wings and claws, he worked more easily than men, not even needing tools. He just made small changes and it didn’t take him too long to be through.

Matt converted the button, which was originally mounted on the top, into a dial block, by which the radar could magnify or narrow the crisscross grid lines on its screen, and give either more range or better accuracy.

“I’ve studied the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Dragon Ball, and then he adjusted the Radar’s reception frequency. On top of that, the dial which turned to adjust range also could slide back and forth to adjust its sensitivity, and go right and left to change the displayed planes, which would allow the radar to locate a Dragon Ball if it’s dropped in the sea or in a deep ditch. If possible, I would like to work with the maker of this radar later on to complete a full-out three-dimensional exploration device!”

Raditz received the radar and familiarized himself with its new operation, and then tried to use it. He found 6 large flashing spots on the middle of the radar. Looking at the Dragon Balls under the Radar, Raditz could realize how precise it was.

He then changed its range, and no matter how wider he went, the positions of every ball remained clearly displayed!

“Matt, you are amazing! Hahaha!” Raditz slapped Matt back, laughing. In the excitement, his hand went in a little too hard, sending the poor bird flying away!


On this desolate desert, Raditz flew between the mountains. The dry climate made the vegetation here less flourishing, and over the years, the wind eroded the rocks spread in the desert into strange shapes.

With the help of the Radar, Raditz’s path was clear. Soon, he arrived at his destination.

“It’s near.” Raditz held the radar and stopped.

There was a bright spot in the center of the radar, flickering rapidly.

He moved the dial to make the height plane displayed, to find that the Dragon Ball was just beneath ground level.

Raditz landed, setting foot on the dying weeds on the floor: “Here it is!” He launched a wave of air from his hands, throwing off a bit of gravel and leaves, but there was still no trace of the Dragon Ball.

“Tullece must have taken some measures to hide it; it must be in some sort of a safe or something like that.” Raditz said to himself. He then put his fist on the floor and pressed with massive force, and his arm went straight through.


A loud noise echoed as a pit was formed around Raditz’s arm, but he stopped as he felt his hand hit something. Moving his hand around in the dirt, he finally had a tight grip of a sealed metal box: “Finally! The Four-Star Dragon Ball! While it was concealed in this safe, the Radar successfully located it!” Raditz was delighted as he exclaimed, and then raised his fist to punch the box open.

“Danger!” Suddenly, Matt flew in to the front Raditz’s fist.

“What are you doing?! I almost hit you! I just wanted to open this up!”

“I can detect a pressure trigger inside! I you are to open this with brute force, it would cause this safe to self-destruct and release toxic substances and a large-scale explosion!”

Raditz was shocked. He could survive a few toxins and an explosion, perhaps suffering a few injuries in the process. But if something was to happen to the Dragon Ball itself, that would be horrible for the ones waiting on earth!

“So, that cunning Tullece was luring Frieza’s men into another one of his traps! That bastard and his cheap ways…. Well, can you defuse this trap?”

“Don’t worry about it! Leave it to me!” Matt patted his chest confidently.

He unfolded his wings, first analyzing the structure of the box and unlocking the complex electronic locks outside, and then, like a professional bomb dismantler, he defused the bomb and toxic-gas device in no time.

“You’re really something Matt!” Raditz looked at the dazzling mechanisms that Matt was dealing with and felt even more appreciation to his new companion. With complex algorithms and intricate circuits to be faced in every step, getting to the Dragon Ball inside would be impossible if it wasn’t for him!

As he finally had the four-star Dragon Ball in hand, Raditz was so glad to have Matt around.