Chapter 6: An Explosive Encounter

Chapter 6: An Explosive Encounter

Raditz quickly thought things out, and his plan became clear. He knew everything about Goku, and they had to practice together. But in these conditions, any progress they would make was going to be too slow.

On top of that, two legendary techniques, the Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb, were out of reach for both of them.

Raditz’s advantage lied in the fact that he knew everything there was to know about this world and its main characters. Only by taking full advantage of this fact could he surpass everyone and remain always one step ahead. However, in order to deal with stronger opponents, it was imperative to meet King Kai first.

Raditz immediately decided what his next move was going to be, and a smug smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. In order to learn and master Kaioken and the Spirit bomb, he had to act quickly.

He deliberately opened his scouter and so that everything here would be heard by Vegeta on the other side of the universe.

“Kakarot! You’ve already grown up. Why haven’t you killed the humans yet?” Raditz said, with a cold tone.

“What are you talking about?”

” What do you not understand?”. Raditz loosened the tail wrapped around his waist and flexed it before him.

“Don’t you recognize it?”

Looking at the tail, everyone was stunned.


Goku looked at Gohan, and his eyebrows were beating. “You are…”

Beside him and his son, it was the first time he saw someone else who also had a tail. Moreover, his strange armor and his great Ki were enough to make him worried.

Raditz coldly said: “Bastard! It seems that you have forgotten everything! Let me tell you the truth. There are things you must know, including your birth, and our nation!”

The rest were shocked and didn’t dare to interrupt.

“First of all, you are not from this planet. You and I are Saiyans, born on planet Vegeta. We are a noble and powerful fighting race. Everyone on our planet has a strong fighting ability.” Your name is Kakarot, and I am your brother, Raditz!”

“What! Goku’s brother?!”

“No… this…”

It was hard for everyone to believe that the guy who suddenly popped out of nowhere was Goku’s brother!

On top of that, the fact that Goku wasn’t a human being, but from a fighting race, Saiyan… was too shocking to hear!

“Don’t be noisy, listen to me. Our task as Saiyans is to find a planet suitable or life and with a good living environment, to eliminate its aborigines, to sell and enslave those aliens. That was your task, that’s why you were sent to the earth.
When we find a planet with high fighting power level, we send adult warriors directly, but Earth’s power level was relatively low so it was enough to send a child like you. Even if the child’s power level was low, his Saiyan blood could create a tremendous fighting power at the full moon. With such power, it wouldn’t take you to long to clean up everything.”


“No wonder…”

Muten Roshi and the other were shocked, and remembered Goku’s rage after being transformed into a great ape. The warm sea breeze blew on them, as if to soften the tense mood.

“No, I don’t remember at all. I grew up on Earth and have nothing to do with the Saiyan! I’ll never destroy this planet!” Son Goku yelled with his fist clenched before him.

“When you were a child, your head had probably been hit and you forgot your mission! What if I tell you that our planet Vegeta was hit by meteorites and has been destroyed? Our parents and compatriots have already turned into star-dust. There are only four Saiyans left! We remembered you, and although if you are still weak, you are a Saiyan, you potential is unlimited… So, I want you to join us!”

While speaking, Raditz turned off the scouter and took a sigh of relief.

It should be enough information to get Vegeta and Nappa’s attention, and lead them to Earth.

“I won’t go with you! Go back!” Son Goku yelled.

His reaction was to be expected,

Raditz sighed. “There’s nothing I can do about it then. I can only “borrow” your son.” That tail is the proof that he is a Saiyan too. You cannot deny it. “

“Don’t come closer, or I’ll take you down!”

Son Goku shouted loudly, his body was tight, and ready to attack. But his heart felt fear for the first time. In the past, when he faced Piccolo, he didn’t feel this way. Now, he almost had a blank in his mind

Raditz flickered within a flash, appearing behind Son Goku. His speed was amazing, looking like instant transmission to everyone around him. They’ve never seen anyone move that fast before.

Goku’s eyes remained round and stunned!

As Raditz approached, Son Gohan started to cry and waved his arms, trying to stop him!

Raditz now had to play the bad guy, grabbed San Gohan, and came back to Son Goku, lifting his leg to kick him. The flying kick’s speed exceeded Son Goku’s perception limits, and hit him straight on his chest. The impact was so big, that’s Goku flew away to the sea.

After a short while in midair, he finally hit the ground in the shallow water by the beach. He yelled, as his stomach was in tremendous pain. At this very moment, he realized the extent of the gap in strength between him and Raditz, and he was in cold sweat.

Everyone was shocked, with no chance to strike back.

“Goku, you are not my enemy. If you want your son, find a good companion with enough strength and come get me!!” Raditz floated into the air

The advice was clear enough.

After that, he took Son Gohan and flew away.

Arriving at the landing point of the spacecraft, Raditz put down Son Gohan and waited for Goku and Piccolo’s arrival.

He didn’t want to be too rude to Gohan, but the kid was driving him mad. Raditz knew what powerful fighter he could became in the future, and what power level he could achieve. After all, he was his own nephew.


When Son Gohan saw Raditz not paying attention to him, he burst into tears and slammed his thigh constantly. The little fist had no power, but was tiredness.

“This kid…” Raditz had a massive headache…

“Hey, don’t cry! I am also your uncle!”

“You are a bad person! WAAAH… I want my Dad! WAAAAAAAAAH…” Son Gohan cried even harder!

Raditz didn’t know how to take care of children, but he suddenly got an idea. With a flash of inspiration, Raditz grabbed a branch and drew on the ground for a while.

“Stop yelling! Do you want me to kill you and make your father find only your corpse?! Come here with me! Don’t you want to be a scholar? This is the “Chickens and Rabbits” math problem. If you solve it, I’ll let you go!” Raditz said. (Translator Note: The problem is “In a yard were chickens and rabbits. They had 28 heads and 82 legs. How many chickens and how many rabbits were in the yard?”)

Maybe the threat played a role, or perhaps it was the frustration in Raditz’s tone that made Son Gohan sob twice before stopping crying and shouting.

“You’re not lying to me?”

“Why should I lie to you? I can kill you at any time. So if you don’t want to die, stay quiet and do the exercise!”

San Gohan snorted and looked at Raditz suspiciously. In the end, he chose to believe him, slowly walked to the ground where the topic was written, and seriously thought about it.

Raditz couldn’t believe that the only way to deal with such future powerful warrior was to give him math problems…