Chapter 59: The Furious Emperor


Somewhere in the corner of the North Galaxy; Frieza’s headquarters…

On a high-tech planet, Frieza stood on the top of the highest tower, looking over the area surrounding it in the wind.

Dark rivers meandered beneath, and along the banks, towering armed buildings dotted with pearl-like lights were reflected along with the dark sky by the water; it was already late at night.

He stood quietly, holding a glass of bright red wine in his hand before his hastily mobilized cosmic army and the glorious lights.

The tower’s top was touching the clouds. He stood in such a high place, overlooking everyone, the voice of the wind in his ears. His tail was bent and rolled, reaching the ground beneath him.

Looking at the magnificent scenery he created, Frieza smiled happily, thinking of his ongoing conquest that was about to bring him control over the galaxy, and eventually the entire universe

Recently, he had been proud of the expansion of his army, which was going rapidly and somewhat effortlessly. Most of the major hidden dangers he had encountered had been eliminated recently and a few days ago, he even learned of these great news about certain powerful entities: the Dragon Balls!

Since Tullece escaped from the Earth, he roamed in the universe for a while, and after visiting several planets to inquire about Dragon Balls, he eventually decided to hide the Dragon Ball in his possession, and sold this valuable information to Frieza’s army for a few supplies.

Frieza and his men did not know that seven Dragon Balls must be gathered together in order to grant wishes. Deceived by Tullece, Frieza dispatched some of his elite troops to planet Davy in order to retrieve it.

Frieza decided to send his own right-hands directly directly, which showed the extraordinary importance of this mission to him.

The legend said that the Dragon Ball could fulfill any wishes, and once one gets it, they could even ask for eternal life! With this, Frieza could even get rid of his brother and father!

As he was envisioning his bright future, the smile on his lips became grew larger.

Behind him, suddenly came a well-dressed soldier, respectfully kneeling on one knee. Not daring to raise his head, he reported: “We’ve received bad news, Lord Frieza! The general you’ve sent to planet Davy have been been wiped out.”

“What? What did you just say?” Frieza’s good mood was interrupted, and his face grew gloomy. His head made half a turn, and at the corner of his eye, he saw the half-kneeling man shivering.

“We have reliable information… Sir Zarbon and Sir Dodoria encounted Vegeta and a group that accompanied him, and they were killed by them.”

“Vegeta? That bastard never really obeyed me; I’m tired of his games. I will kill him, soon or later.” Friera took a sip of the wine, and barely controlling his rage, he broke his glass. As the shards fell to the ground, he continued: “Did they take the Dragon Ball?”

“We don’t know yet.” Under his battle suit, the soldier was in cold sweat, and his voice grew weaker: “However, we have also decided that besides Vegeta and his group, Angila of Slug’s army is also around Planet Davy.”

“Slug?!” Freeza was really furious this time. As his tail whipped the ground, he forced out cold smirk: “Just how many people did that bastard Telluce inform of the information?! Where is he now? You’re tracking him, right?”

“L-Lord Frieza… Tullece has… disappeared!”

Tullece did apparently sell the information to both Frieza and Slug. It was perfect; sending the two against each-other, all while being compensated by the two! He could just sit down and watch them destroy each other.

Frieza turned around and slowly walked toward his soldier, catching his neck with his tail: “Say that again?”

“My… Lord, Tullece was always cunning, and he fled as soon as the deal was done. His ship was equipped with anti-tracking equipment, and we don’t know his whereabouts. Please… don’t… my Lord… Ah… “

The furious emperor could not take it anymore. Being deceived, robbed, and losing his generals was too much for him to take.

“Lord… Frie… I… Information…” The man struggled to say a word that might save his life.

Frieza instantly relaxed his tail and said: “What else?”

The man coughed a few times before adjusting his voice. Trying to control his fear he said: “My Lord… Zarbon’s scouter… a message… Vegeta’s Power Level reached 80,000, and even Raditz had over 20,000…”


Frieza was in shock.

‘How could the Saiyans get so strong? Yes, Vegeta had some talent, and perhaps his experience on Earth could get him to around 20,000, but Raditz??!! He was just a low-class warrior with a power level a bit over 1,000. No one paid attention to him. And now, he’s telling me his power level was 20,000?!! And Vegeta even went up to 80,000?!!! What have they been doing on earth?

Maybe the foreboding was true? Maybe not killing all the Saiyans was mistakes?’ Frieza remembered the legend, and felt somewhat uneasy.

He spoke to himself, and then turned his gaze to the kneeling man on the ground.

“Do you have more information? Spit it out quickly, or I’ll…”

“Yes… Yes, Lord Frieza!” The soldier gulped and wiped the sweat off his forehead, and then added: “They have a Namekian with them, a very strong one! He is the one who killed sir Zarbon.”

“A Namekian?”

Frieza started thinking, remembering the previous reports on the information intercepted on the Dragon balls. On earth, Raditz’s brother mentioned the magical power of the Dragon Ball. Nappa also suspected that the Namekian was the one to make the Dragon Balls. Perhaps… going directly to Namek would be a better bet?”

“That’s it! I’ll let Slug fight you for Earth’s Dragon Ball, Vegeta! Hahaha!” Frieza sneered, and his eyes shined.

The Soldier who was released to kneel on the ground was horrified by those eyes. Frieza did not move, but he felt he was looking up at a fierce monster… his mouth as he laughed, it looked like it craved blood… yes, that bloodlust was immense, smothering him…

The next second, he saw a thin Ki Blade approaching, before the lights went out…

The soldier’s head rolled on the ground, and his blood flowed all over the floor.

“How unfortunate for you…” Frieza walked by the soldier’s corpse, not even giving it a glimpse. Immediately after he passed, two guards rushed in to dispose of the body and clean the floor.

Get the message to Ginyu, the Ginyu force are to go to M187 immediately! Quick!”

Frieza left the tower, floating into the air, his hands behind him, and the light of the fierce Ki shrouding him grabbed everyone’s eyes. With only stars above him, and everyone beneath his feet, the emperor went on…