Chapter 58: Zarbon’s End


Zarbon was confused, and his lock on Gohan was slightly loosened.

The latter noticed that, and used this window to free himself up, his neck and red face in burning pain. He hurried back to his father, preventing himself from being attacked or grabbed again by Zarbon.

Seeing that, Piccolo was ready to rush in and get revenge for his student.

“Vegeta, this guy is mine!”

“You! If you fail to kill him, I will kill you along with him!” Vegeta snorted, showing a cruel smile.

Knowing Piccolo’s strength, Vegeta was confident; he was able to defeat Nappa at the beginning and then trained in the gravity training room for so long. Zarbon with his measly 30,000 power level was no opponent for him.

Piccolo didn’t even take off his cloak for this opponent, and went straight to battle.

Zarbon, still stunned by Gohan’s escape, found himself face to face with an emerging Ki blast. Although he could not perceive Ki, the heat emitted by the attack was enough on its own to make him realize its level of threat.

It was a Makankosappo!

Zarbon immediately raised his hands, crossed them, and also raised a knee to enhance his defense posture. That was all he could do before the beam reached him. As the hot energy engulfed him, a violent surge of air broke out. From a distance, the scene was distorted to the eye.

Still, Zarbon managed to resist this special beam attack, his cloak was torn, his combat suit disintegrated, and the hair he was so proud of was burned by the spreading of the attack, which had also left numerous burns on his body. His arms were shaking after taking the main attack with his elbows, as if Piccolo pierced right through his bones.

The force of the attack was tremendous!

Despite his power level of 32.000, Makankosappo was hard to block. Could this opponent be also more powerful than him? Zarbon did instinctively feel that this attack wasn’t Piccolo’s best!

His eyes slowly recovered from the strong light, and he had to blink a few times to see Piccolo again, or at least, his figure. A few seconds later, the double shadows he was seeing faintly overlapped together, and Piccolo’s face was finally clear to him.

Seeing the proud and strong Piccolo standing before him, the frightened Zarbon could only stare at him, shaking in cold sweat.

“You are a Namekian!” Zarbon exclaimed, “Why did you team up with these Earthlings and Saiyans?”

Piccolo didn’t pay any attention to his questions. All he could think of was fighting; he had no time for chatter! So, before Zarbon could finish his questioning, Piccolo flew away, swiftly changing his trajectory in mid air and then disappearing from sight!

He was so fast that even his shadow could not be seen. Zarbon couldn’t see the disappeared Piccolo, and started to shake and sweat even more. His heart beat violently, as he looked around trying to even get a glimpse of him.

Suddenly, with a violent wind, what was left of Zarbon’s hair was pulled back fiercely.

Piccolo’s heavy punch immediately followed, hitting Zarbon’s face with great power. The latter wanted to block, but his hands could not keep up and his reaction was too slow.

Piccolo’s fist hit the middle of Zarbon’s face, making him fly over a hundred meters back.

“Aaaaaaaah “

The loud voice left a long lingering sound in the air, and then a loud sound came out.


A pit formed on the ground around Zarbon, who was by now surrounded by rubble and a web of cracks that spread far away in all directions.

He fell on his back, no longer able to move. Blood trickled down from his mouth, sticking to the dust that was already covering him. He was trapped in the pit, his limbs almost limp, and he had no way out.

His face was greatly disfigured, his nose was crooked, he lost several teeth, and his mouth was leaking blood.

“Damn, how do you dare to hit my face?!” Zarbon was furious, for his face was precious to him. But Piccolo didn’t let him breathe, and reached for him extending his arms and wrapping them around his neck.

“Was it just like this? Huh?”

“You…you let me go…” It was Zarbon’s turn to suffer from suffocation.

He face got extremely engorged with blood, and he couldn’t even move his face. His veins were popping, his eyes were bulging out, and his fingers were twitching as he tried to gasp for air.

Piccolo stared at his knees, sending Ki Beams from his eyes, and then turned to his shoulders and elbows, doing the same. He had done the same to Goku before during the World Martial Arts Tournement, preventing him from counterattacking like he did before against his father.

His previous battle against Goku taught him how to perfect his tactic, and he now firmly locked Zarbon’s neck with his extended arms, preventing him from doing anything unpredictable.

This previous battle with Goku taught him how to perfect his tactic, and Piccolo was now firmly locking Zarbon’s neck with his arms, keeping him from escaping. Then, the beat down began…

Every blow made Zarbon scream and sweat more and more heavily as his body twitched and convulsed in pain. He could no longer speak, and he had to actively try to keep breathing. His chest was expanding only slightly before contracting rapidly, and blood and dust filled his lungs, suffocating him from inside along with Piccolo’s arms.

Piccolo was just torturing him!

He wanted to make him feel pain, smash his face into the ground and beat him beyond recognition. Even Raditz felt uneasy watching his bones being smashed one by one.

Zarbon became desperate, and no matter how hard he thought, he could see no way out. He had previously through that even if he couldn’t beat these enemies, he could escape. But in the end, the Namekian, not even Vegeta, was about to kill him.

All of a sudden, his body trembled as a thought crossed his mind: Vegeta’s power level rose from 25,000 to 80,000; perhaps it could even go higher?! And what about Raditz? Was what he saw of him truly his limit?

When did these Saiyans become so strong?

Zarbon had no other choice but to give up and use his last breath to plead for mercy.

“Sorry, everyone… let me go! I…. I was just following Frieza’s orders, it’s his fault! Please… please, I could be of use! I could…”

“Ha ha ha ha, these tricks are for kids! Piccolo, are you waiting for me to come and finish the job?” Vegeta laughed out loud at Zarbon’s lame excuses and promises.

“It’s time for you to go to hell, trash!” Piccolo whipped his arms, throwing Zarbon, who could not move his limbs, in mid-air. His mouth opened, a Ki Blast coming out of it.

At this time, the exhausted Zarbon had no way to block the attack, and his figure faded in Piccolo’s Ki blast as he turned into ash.