Chapter 57: Transfiguration


Seeing his companion easily beaten, Zarbon didn’t dare to go forward and rescue him. Instead, all he could think about was that he was next, and that these guys would never let him go, especially Vegeta.

The distressed Dodoria was crying for help, and as his panicky howl spread, the scene became more and more horrible.

“Zarbon, why aren’t you joining him? If you team up, maybe you could beat me together!” Vegeta didn’t forget to provoke Zarbon as raised his leg, just to bring it back down fiercely.


Dodoria’s blood spurted out and splashed on Vegeta, bringing him great disgust.

However, Zarbon still didn’t move. His scouter showed that Dodoria’s power level had dropped by three-quarters, and Vegeta’s rose from 25,000 to 30,000; it was even higher than that of Raditz!

With so many enemies of this caliber, the situation became very unfavorable to him.

Vegeta, disgusted enough, finally released his feet. He finished Dodoria with a Ki Blast, a shpere of light as big as his head. He was submerged instantly and turned into a dirty firework. The explosion blew Vegeta’s hair, and the flame reflected of half of his cold face.

“Zarbon, it’s your turn! I’m afraid you haven’t made much progress since you’ve been enjoying your comfort with Frieza for too long, have you?”

“Hum, Vegeta, I admit that the potential of your race is really frightening. Maybe that’s why Lord Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta. But still, you still don’t know the extent of my power; you don’t know my secret!” Zarbon showed a smile.

“Under my beautiful appearance…”

“Hold it! Stop!” Raditz didn’t want to listen, and shouted out of Zarbon: “If you want to transform, then go ahead and try. But you’ll become so ugly, wouldn’t that be a shame?

Zarbon became very embarrassed when hearing this, and the words he had just begun to spout were held back in his throat

“Oh…” Zarbon sipped some air and then said, “Raditz, how do you know that I was about to transform?”

Only Frieza was aware of his secret, and he hated to be ugly, so he rarely transformed. All the people who know his true form were dead.

The secret that Vegeta didn’t know was actually revealed by Raditz.

“I know more that you think.” Raditz smirked.

“Now that you already know of my ability to transform, I will be merciless; no one who will witness this would leave alive!” Zarbon thought he had a chance to win against Vegeta, but it was hard to win against all these people. All of these people had a power level of over 20,000 and could not be underestimated.

Based on this observation, he had to bluff and wait for the right moment.

First of all, he thought had to run away… But these Saiyans were too strong; otherwise, when Dodoria started the fight, he would have gone for a swift escape. But everyone here had great strength, and it was almost impossible for him to escape their eyes, unless he took a hostage or did something like that…

Zarbon was targeting Gohan, who was still flying in the sky. If he could catch him, then he could have his window.

During his battle, he guessed that Gohan’s power level was just around that of Dodoria. If Raditz hadn’t weakened him first, Gohan would not have won that easily. Moreover, Gohan was still a child, and he was the most suitable for being a hostage.

After the transformation, Zarbon would have a power level of over 30,000; it shouldn’t be a problem to catch this kid. Thinking of this, he became very determined, and shouted without warning, his body expanded rapidly, his muscles became much bigger, and he had noticeable scales on his skin, his face was ugly, like that of reptile.

Although he already knew Zarbon’s transformation, Raditz could not help but frown and have nausea upon seeing it first-hand.

Zarbon’s transformation was indeed on top when it comes to ugliness, but it wasn’t just about that; the boost in power that he gained was real. After his transfiguration, his power level rose directly to 32,000, exceeding that of Vegeta.

“Let’s go!” Zarbon burst into a flame and flew up, flickering behind Gohan’s back and grabbing him from behind.

His thick mighty arms grabbed the poor Gohan in Full Nelson, and the lock became stronger as the kid continually to struggle. Zarbon was so powerful, and despite his power level of over 20,000, Gohan couldn’t get rid of him.

“Ha ha ha, you all listen to me, step back, all of you, or I will kill this kid!”

“Bastard, choosing Gohan out of all of us, I will kill you!” Piccolo was the first to get angry. He didn’t want to interfere in the Saiyans’s business with Frieza, but Zarbon hit the wrong string.

As he spoke, he gathered two green Ki blast in his hands, and hardly retained himself, almost losing control.

This was exactly what Zarbon wanted to achieve; his hostage had to be valuable.

“I don’t care about the life and death of Kakarot’s son! Zarbon, take this!” Vegeta completely ignored Zarbon’s threat, and Gohan’s life meant nothing to him. He raised his hand, gathering a Ki blast as well. The light started to cover the palm of his hand.

The number flashing on the scouter suddenly skyrocketed, rising from 30,000 to 80,000, and Zarbon became frightened.

‘What the hell! Vegeta was actually hiding his power! A power level of over 80,000; that’s even higher than most of the Ginyu Force! If this Ki blast hit me, I’m dead!

However, Goku grabbed Vegeta’s arm and stopped him: “Vegeta, stop!”

“Do you want him to run away?”

“No! But he’s holding Gohan!”

“Then blame your son for being too weak, Kakarot!”

Raditz quickly persuaded: “Don’t be too impulsive, Vegeta, let me find a way out.”

“A way out? Your last way out was for Tullece to escape! I’ll take care of Zarbon myself!” Vegeta was stubbornly determined to destroy Zarbon, and no one could get him to back down.

On the other side, Zarbon was stunned. What was the matter to these people? Some are worried about hostages, while others don’t care. Is this really a team?