Chapter 56: Guts and Organs


Raditz’s words sounded mad and delusional, shocking Dodoria.

“Raditz?! How do you dare say this?!” Dodoria’s eyes became veiny as he felt insulted. What was Raditz’s rank? He was just a small-time random soldier in Frieza’s army, with a power level of just above 1,000 or something around that. One blow from Dodoria should be enough to decimate him.

“Well, Dodoria, if you don’t believe it, try us out. Make a choice and pick one of us. Which one do you think can you overcome?” Still very confident, Raditz spread his hands, with an indifferent look. This made Zarbon doubtful, and he actually took a second to think things over; but Dodoria was a lot more irritable. Easily provoked, he directly yelled at Raditz.

“Grrr… You’ve just went too far! Raditz, you’ll be the first to die!”

The furious Dodoria screamed, his face ugly, and then his massive body moved surprisingly quickly and flexibly, rushing to Raditz. With great confidence, he threw a punch at his opponent, who he thought shouldn’t even have enough reflexes to brace himself for such a fast attack.

At the moment he punched, he saw Raditz smile and put forward one finger.


With a slight noise, Raditz’s finger blocked the punch, immediately stopping Dodoria. The latter felt struck before a solid wall that would not budge. He forced through with all his power, but it was in vain: Raditz’s finger did not move.

Dodoria started breathing heavily and gnashing his teeth, and his body began to tremble.

Raditz suddenly extended his arm, and his finger pushing Dodoria’s fist back, forcing his enemy to step back back so rapidly, a small cloud of dust formed behind him.

“Huff huff……”

Raditz could hear Dodoria’s heavy breathing all along. Suddenly, he abruptly put down his finger, catching Dodoria off guard and making him stumble forward. He fell to the front only to find the iron fist of Raditz receiving him. It was like a sharp blade, incredibly fast, and it hit Dodoria’s chin sending him flying over a 100 meters high into the air.

In the blink of an eye, Raditz vanished, and then reappeared behind him in midair, sending him into the ground with a powerful axe kick.

“How about that?” Raditz stood at the edge of the pit that formed by the impact. While his looked at Dodoria with cold eyes, his gaze was full of disdain.

Zarbon unconsciously stepped back, his narrow eyes wide open and his pupils trembling.

He could clearly get mixed reads on Raditz’s power level: The figures on the scouter jumped from 1,500 to 28,000 in an instant. This was insanely powerful considering his level the last time he saw him, and was certainly more than enough to crush Dodoria whose power level was only 22,000.

But what about the others? Could they really all beat Dodoria? Zarbon looked at everyone around him feeling more and more nervous.

He could not believe, or perhaps did not want to believe that such a thing was true. He didn’t notice, but his palms were sweaty, and his heart-rate jumped greatly.

“How? It’s impossible… ” Dodoria wiped the blood stains off the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand. His eyes were bulging and even more veiny; two blows from Raditz get him out of breath! His back was in immense pain, as if stabbed by countless knifes.


“Take a deep breath, slimeblob! I’ll give you another chance; pick another opponent!” Raditz pointed with his thumb back at his friends.

“Aaaaaah!!! Don’t look down on me!” Dodoria leaped to the ground with anger, biting his teeth and pointing at the group: “You, little guy!”

Although he shouted in fake pride, he was still flustered and frightened, and did not dare to pick an adult Saiyan. The three eyed guy didn’t look normal, and Piccolo was obviously a Namekian, which meant that he had a great potential. It seemed that he had to choose between Krillin and Gohan. After deliberation, he chose the smaller and the least mature one: Gohan.

Raditz, who expected him to do that, smiled disdainfully and returned to his friends.

Knowing Gohan’s power, Vegeta couldn’t help but crack a smile as well. Ever since their first encounter, he had been witnessing Gohan’s growth and even trained with him sometimes: A power level of a little over 20,000 should not even faze him.

Gohan, encouraged by Piccolo, stepped forward to Dodoria. His training and exercise were intense, and he naturally lost his fight-fright and could now calmly stand in battle against strong enemies.

“Hey hey, he is a Saiyan as well? Raditz, for your dignity of your race, don’t interfere!” Dodoria made a clever warning.

“Definetely.” Raditz smiled and waved his hand.

“Then, kid, it’s time to DIE!”

Dodoria’s body moved as fast as the wind, leaving behind only an afterimage. He disappeared into thin air, almost unpredictably. Gohan was slightly surprised, closed his eyes, and he tried to sense the rapidly moving Ki around him.

He did not move, and Dodoria rejoiced, jumping at him from behind with his arms open, and preparing to grab his tail.

But as Dodoria’s hands were still waving, Gohan jumped up above his head, and turned around. His tiny body burst in with an astonishing force as he kicked Dodoria to the face with one foot, sending him tumbling to the ground.

In the circle of dust that formed around him, Dodoria stood up slowly, just to get a powerful head-butt from Gohan to his stomach, which bent him almost into before lunching him back into the distance.

“Uuuugh!” Dodoria fell again. He licked the warm blood from his lips and managed to pick himself off the ground. At this point, he finally started to believe Raditz’s words, as he wasn’t able to even touch this child!

In his despair, he was surprised by a shower of Ki blasts that rushed down on him from the sky, to submerge him like rain from hell.

As he felt that all hope was gone, and that his death was drawing near, Vegeta flashed in front of him and stopped the Ki blast with his hands, saving him.

“Vegeta, you…” Dodoria never thought that Vegeta would actually block the attacks, and he hardly believed what he just saw.

“Don’t get me wrong; I just want to kill you myself. But first, let me thank you for your prior words that confirmed my thoughts about the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Now, I’m going to have my revenge!” Vegeta frowned angrily, kicked Dodoria into the ground and then stepped on his massive body.

The tremendous pressure from his foot squeezed Dodoria’s belly, almost deforming him.

Unable to counter-attack, the latter was begging for mercy, while desperately trying to push back and keep his guts and organs in place. But Vegeta ignored his words, steadily increasing the pressure made by his foot.

Before this scene, Zarbon was horrified, and his face became pale.