Chapter 55: Dodoria?


Cui’s scouter started beeping, and the fact that he kept hearing the warning sound worried him, until finally the flashing numbers on the screen hit him hard…

“No… Impossible! How can your power level be 25,000! Impossible! You are but a Saiyan…”

As he screamed and stepped back, Cui felt his brain was about to melt.

Vegeta sneered and slowly walked towards him: “This is just a fraction of my true power, but it is more than enough to deal with you!”

“You…” Cui’s face turned ugly as he panicked. It didn’t seem like the scouter was lying, and a power level of 25,000 should be more than enough to kill him at once. He had to wit his way out: “What?! Why are you here? Lord Frieza!”

Cui put on a shocked expression, and his eyes opened wide as if frightened.

Vegeta subconsciously turned back, just for a moment, but that was all that Cui to blast him with a barrage of Ki Blasts that submerged him!


The countless blasts exploded in the same area, scorching the land and causing fume and dust to rise to the sky!

“Hahaha, how stupid! Did you really think Lord Frieza would personally come to this rotten place? I lied to you you fool! Unfortunately, you will never know! HAHAHAHA… Ha… he” Cui’s laughing faded, and his lips started trembling as the cloud of dust and smoke before him gradually dissipated.

The sight of an unscathed Vegeta was too much for him to handle, and fear once again appeared in his eyes.

“Fool… Did you really think that such a cheap trick would work on me?” Vegeta smiled as a white aura burst out of his body. “Disappear!” he said, as he raised his hand and aimed at Cui, a small Ki Blast forming on the palm of his hand.

Crushed by his pressure, Cui wanted to escape, but his legs were as heavy as lead, and he couldn’t move. His whole body was paralyzed, and he had no way out facing what seemed to be his death!

“Please, Vegeta, I admit defeat! I would never dare fight you anymore! Spare my life, I could work under you and join your camp.”

Vegeta’s lips showed revealed a sarcastic smile, and he threw his Ki blast just in front of Cui. It enveloped the latter’s body by its massive explosion, and blew him into smithereens.

“So, do you want to join me?” Vegeta smirked and looked into the distance: “Huh, even those earthlings aren’t even a bit as bad as you!”

The look on his face was frighteningly cold, and he indifferently patted the dust off his body.

By this time, everyone sensed Vegeta’s Ki. Thinking he was fighting, they immediately returned to him.

When they arrived, the ground was full of pits, as if shoveled chaotically. The smoke around Vegeta was still thick, and the ground was covered with fractured pieces of a “Saiyan Combat Suit” and thick plasma.

Raditz looked around and asked: “What happened?”

“Nothing, I just met one of Vegeta’s sly little men; that bastard Cui.” Vegeta said smugly, but the feelings of revenge were still obvious in his tone.

After all, he and Cui were rivals for many years, their power level was similar and now, he killed him just in few seconds: Vegeta was naturally rejoiced.

“It seems that Frieza’s men aren’t all that strong!” Goku said in disappointment. He just realized that Vegeta only used a small part of his energy, and still easily managed to kill the enemy. It seemed obvious to him that they weren’t as strong as everyone was claiming.

“No, Cui wasn’t very powerful among Freeza’s many men. But he has two guards, called Dodoria and Zarbon, and their power levels are way above that of Cui’s. Besides them, there’s also the Ginyu’s Force, and those are the ones we must not underestimate!” Vegeta explained all about Frieza’s forces to Goku.

But at this time, he did not sound afraid anymore of Dodoria and Zarbon. He didn’t even take them in consideration. In fact, among all of Frieza’s forces, only one mattered: the man himself!

“Since there is nothing to fear, let’s continue our search for the Dragon Balls.” Krilkin relaxed, and wanted to gather the seven Dragon Balls as soon as possible.

But Matt suddenly made a warning sound!

Raditz turned around, alerted: “Wait, someone else is coming.”

By then, everyone perceived a strong Ki flying towards them.

“Who is it?”

“That silhouette… yes, that’s him! Dodoria!” Vegeta was excited, for getting the chance to get rid of two enemies at once on such a barren planet was a godsend.

“There is one more!” Piccolo looked to the other side.

“That’s Zarbon! What a coincidence! That would be unfortunate for them! “

Vegeta’s cracked his fingers, and his eyes showed a cold look; his bloodlust was just beginning to be ignited.

Sure enough, in no time, the two guards arrived in tandem.

Dodoria was bulky; his torso looking like it’s filling his combat suit. He was pink all over, with protruding spikes on his arms and head. At the moment of his landing, the ground trembled as if a meteor had fallen.

Zarbon on the other side was much more elegant; he landed on the toe of one of his feet gently. He had green hair tied in a braid behind him, a green almost feminine face that would be considered handsome on earth. He added a cloak to his combat suit, to look more majestic.

“Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, you are all here.” Zarbon glanced at them, and then he saw Goku, which slightly surprised him. “And you… You look like a Saiyan I saw before. Could you be his child? “

Back when the Saiyans were destroyed, he did see a fighter who looked just like Goku, the one who tried to rebel against Frieza on his own. Although he failed in the end, he still left quite the impression on Zarbon.

“Are you talking to me? I am also a Saiyan.” Goku pointed to himself.

“Hum, Lord Frieza wants all the Saiyans dead, so don’t hold a grudge on us kid; you just happened to be here!” Dodoria’s thick lips opened as laughed wildly.

As he laughed, Vegeta laughed as well, even louder and more unscrupulously than him.

“Fools, you’ve been with Frieza for so many years that you can’t sense the strength of your enemies! I just wiped out Cui; your scouters should have warned you. You both are no match for me!”

“You may be right.” Zarbon nodded, revealing a wicked smile: “But you are the only one capable of standing against us, the others should be afraid. Besides, Dodoria and I team up against you, you will die!”

Dodoria looked like he felt the same way, rubbing his fists in approval and preparing for a big fight.

Raditz sighed helplessly, crossing his arms: “How confident! So you actually think you can take down any of us?”