Chapter 54: The Barren Planet Davy


The spaceship flew along the scheduled orbit, speeding up under the guidance of the Dragon Radar.

Matt played an amazing role; not only did he repair the various systems of the space ship, but it also optimized several small errors in the manual, and finally even modified the energy conversion board, increasing both efficiency and power by 20%.

As Raditz and his friends were all just fighting specialists, they were all impressed by the knowledge of this little bird.

Matt also tought Gohan and helped him with his homework: the latter solved all kinds of math problems under “professional-level” tutoring.

Gohan was allowed by Chichi to participate in this trip thanks to Raditz. But one of her conditions was for him to do his homework. With Matt’s help, Gohan was progressing extremely fast. He coud only think that ‘Mom no longer has to worry about my studies’

In top of them, Matt claimed to have many more features.

The little bird became very familiar with Raditz, and often stayed on his shoulders or around him. He was strongly relying on him. Once he was defined to his system as master, the robot became extremely loyal and more reliable than most humans.

After another day, they were getting closer to the position displayed by the Dragon Radar, and almost reaching their destination: “We’re approaching The Barren Planet Davy!” Matt flew to the spacecraft’s front glass and his metal wings opened. “You can prepare to land.”

“The Barren Planet Davy?”

“It used to be a famous planet, once prosperous for a time, and then it went through mass extinction, life was almost destroyed. Now it’s a deserted planet.” Matt explained

Raditz knocked his little head. “How do you know all these things?”

“This is information implanted into my core.” Matt said proudly, “Although I have a strong learning ability, sometimes I could just rely on my immense database. After all, I can record so much more than human beings.”

“How cocky! Can you analyze the structure of this planet?”

“Piece of cake.”

Matt’s eyes emitted two rays of light and a huge screen was projected on the spacecraft’s wall, showing the analysis of the planet: the vegetation coverage, atmospheric composition, life reaction and other signals were all shown in a heartbeat.

Life signals on planet Davy were very weak, but the environment was very suitable for human survival.

With the general situation confirmed to him, Raditz said: “Well, it should be fine to land directly.”

“Okay.” Matt flew to the console and drove the spacecraft into the atmosphere of the Wild Star Road, then landed on the ground.

Everyone walked out of the spaceship and then changed it into a capsule.

Their landing point was a desert, surrounded by ruins, withered yellow grass and leaves, and few tall trees. In the distance, the carcasses of several large herbivores still sent rotten stenches as the wind blew.

As far as they could see, the landscape only showed blue mountains with snowy tops, but there were no sign of civilized buildings.

“The Dragon Radar is not precise enough.” Raditz continued to click its top button, but the radar reached its limit, and the displayed only an approximate position: “We know the general direction we should take, but not the final point we want to reach, that’s still not clear.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out!” Goku answered.

Since the radar didn’t show any specific location, everyone had to fly to through nearby area and look for it.

Before they started searching, King Kai “called, telling them that Tullece may not be in this planet anymore, for he often changed his location. With no men remaining by his side, he had to do all the work by himself, recruited some new henchmen, and eventually, find a new place to plant the seed of the Tree of Might.

Tullece thought he would be the only one to know where he hid the Dragon Ball on this desolate planet, but he never guessed that the earthlings had radars powerful enough to detect it!

Besides Vegeta, everyone was looking for the Dragon Ball. Nappa was so afraid of Raditz that he helped too.

Everyone scattered, and Vegeta glanced at them arrogantly, sitting on a stone, and began to close his eyes to ease his mind.

During his battle with the replicas, he learned many skills, ones that should take him some time to digest. But in order not to waste time, he often chose Image Training: repeatedly replaying various action combos in his mind, as well as rehearsing exercises. In his focus, he nodded slightly.

The wind blew, sending waves into the grass. All of a sudden, as he was trying to raise his spirit, Vegeta opened his eyes fiercely and looked up into the sky: he sensed a distance Ki approaching!

It seemed to be a powerful fighter, but not superior to him. But what was he doing here? Who could it be?

The Ki was getting closer and closer, and Vegeta was shocked at the sight of the approaching warrior!


“Vegeta?!” The one flying in the air also stopped and shouted in surprise.

“Why you are here?” The two asked at the same time.

Cui landed, looking at Vegeta and said, “You went to Earth against Lord Frieza’s orders, and then came here again! Could it be that… you are after the Dragon Ball?”

“How do you know about Dragon Ball?” Vegeta said, almost under his breath.

Cui’s upper lip rose as he smirked slightly: “Hey, the scouters can communicate, you forgot? We’ve all learned that there was this magical thing on Earth called Dragon Balls. These balls can fulfill any wishes, so Lord Frieza decided to get them. A Saiyan named Tullece sold interesting information to Lord Frieza, telling him that one of Dragon Ball was here!”

“Tullece, that bastard!”

“Hahaha, it’s no use to swear, Vegeta, since you’ve exposed yourself, you’re going to die!”

Cui and Vegeta were mortal enemies, but because the two always had an equal power level, no one could tell who was the stronger among them.

More crucially, all of them were under Frieza’s command, so they always hesitated to fight, fearing that he would just kill them himself.

“Now it’s alright for me to kill you! Vegeta went to Earth without telling anyone and is now here on Planet Davy to find the Dragon Ball; it’s a blatant betrayal. Killing a traitor would be nothing; perhaps I would even get rewarded for that!”

Vegeta laughed out loud; his laughter full of disdain, and his whole body was shaking as he said smiling: “Oh? Where did you find the courage to say that me? Now, even The Ginyu Force wouldn’t be able to kill me, let alone you!”

“Hey, you’ve become a loud mouth on the earth Vegeta! You and I both have a power-level of 18,000, and I’ve gotten even stronger!” Cui said sneering, his hands clenched,.

Vegeta laughed wickedly, holding his belly: “Well, use your clumsy Scouter to see how strong Uncle Vegeta has become! Hold tight, I don’t want you to start weeping on me now! “