Chapter 53: Matt, the Intelligent Assistant


“I won’t lose to you!” With a scream, Raditz hurriedly lifted his upper body and gasped for air!

After a while, he saw a white metal wall in front of him. Where was he?

Looking around, the orange-haired girl was beside him. She was so tired that she fell asleep, holding a can of an empty drink in her hand. The surrounding space was small, and besides the recovery cabin where he laid, there was only a few walls and some sanitary devices.

He was inside a spaceship, and Raditz could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

It seems that in the end, he managed to escape the metal planet…

“Raditz! You woke up!” The old Tumatian rushed out and exclaimed.

“I’m ok, but I still have some pain in my shoulders and back.” Raditz gritted his teeth.

He looked around and asked, “Where is the Big Gete Star? What happen to it?”

The last thing Raditz remembered was falling in the arms of the orange-haired girl, and then everything faded to black. He fought hard against the chip and managed to start its hidden self-destruction program, forcing the chip back and eventually destroying it.”

“You are in a rebel space ship. Upon the Big Gete Star’s destruction, your spaceship did not restore enough of its power. We took it along, so for now, just rest” The old man said while pointing outside the door. A large group of people crowded in what seemed to be the main cabin: “Everyone is here!”

“Then she…”

“She took care of you all day.” Another voice suddenly sounded outside the door. Then, another old man came in.

The old man also had orange hair, and was wearing ragged cloths. Although he was not tall, he seemed to have a strong temper. He politely bowed to Raditz: “Thank you for saving my granddaughter, Zangya. This poor kind-hearted child is the only family I have left. She told me that you have saved her, and since, she has been with you all the day.”

“Zangya?” Although the orange-haired girl herself forgot her name because the several trials she went through, the old man still had his memory and Raditz finally know her name!

‘Zangya… Isn’t that the name of one of Bojack’s soldiers?’ Raditz thought to himself, and looking back at her, besides the ears skin and eyes, she did seem rather similar to her!

‘If I’m guessing right, what in the world could have happened to her to get to that state?’ Raditz felt puzzled.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but you should probably get dressed…” The old man said politely with a smile on his face.

“What?” Raditz asked.

“Look at yourself.”

The old man pointed to Raditz, while throwing some old clothes, then blushed slightly and turned around.

Raditz found that he didn’t wear any clothes! It’s wasn’t just his upper body that’s exposed; he was all naked! With the decisive battle against Big Gete Star coming to an end, he managed to emerge from the flames, but he was exhausted, and his clothes were burnt.

He took the old clothes and put them on. Their texture was rough, and they barely covered his body.

The old man waited for him to put them on and then he turned around again and gave him a ball: “This is a gift from the Tumatians, as a token of gratitude for saving them.”

“A gift?”

“You will like it as you get to know it.” The old Tumatian elder smiled mysteriously, put the little ball next to Raditz, and went out with the orange haired old man.

The hatch closed, leaving Raditz alone with the dark gold ball.

Staring at it, Raditz felt a little anxious, as if it could be something else like Big Gete Star? These Tumatians have not shown to be that sensible with technology!

He tried to touch the ball gently, and as his finger reached it, he heard a click, and then a ripple spread on its surface: the ball instantly decomposed and reorganized itself, and within a heartbeat, it turned into a small robotic bird.

“You just woke up, and were injured. You will need one day to recover.” The bird’s voice was unexpectedly sweet.

It’s body was amazingly detailed, and Raditz was actually surprised that the spherical object turned into a bird!

“What are you?”

“I am classed as “Devine Instrument” and my name is Matt. I’m an intelligent assisting robot created by the Tumatians and now, I’m your assistant.” The mechanical bird landed in front of Raditz, faced him, and continued: “I have been watching you since yesterday, and I know that you are Raditz.”

“You said that you are my assistant?” asked Raditz.

“Yes, I was created to assist people to do all sorts of tasks.”

Matt, this weird instrument, had quite the ring to its name. However, it didn’t seem to be so helpful, at least not with what “tasks” Raditz was about to have. It looked more like it could deliver tea or take pictures.

Raditz looked closely at its claws and beak, and its dark gold wings folding like fans, and thought it looked rather beautiful anyway.

“How many machines are there like you?”

“I am the only one of my kind. An instrument of my grade should never be recreated again” Matt said with confidence, even a little pride could be heard in its voice.

Its words were quite interesting, and this artificial intelligence didn’t sound as rigid and cold as Big Gete Star; it sounded more like that of a human. Matt was the latest and most brilliant technology in the Tumatian world. It may not be as powerful as Big Gete Star, but Raditz thought that should be for the better anyway.

Raditz talked with him for a good while, and the two got to know each other as if they were new friends.

After a while, Goku learned that Raditz recovered, and came to visit him. Everyone was discussing what should be done, and what new route they should take. After all, the situation on the earth was critical, and they had to find Dragon Ball as soon as possible.

Everyone was grateful to Raditz, when the Tumatians knew that he would leave, everyone gathered to see him and his friends take off.

The spacecraft chose the new destination planet, and Raditz and his team restarted their spacecraft “HOPE” to embark on their journey. Zangya followed her grandfather and waved at Raditz, raising her delicate mouth like a rose as if waiting for a kiss.

This scene only lasted for a moment. The next second, the spaceship ignited, going over everyone’s eyes and ascending into space.


The remnants of the shattered metal planet floated across the vast universe, with several very small pieces of its debris flying in all directions. There was a faint light, in which numerous tiny flakes were densely packed, flying in the direction of Earth.

Another piece was constantly adsorbing other debris around it, rapidly increasing in size. Gradually, it also adsorbed the surrounding scraps and metal plates, condensed into a new shape of a body.

These two active pieces scattered in opposite direction, floating the deep universe.

If Raditz saw that, he would surely recognize the most fearsome enemy he had to face yet…