Chapter 52: The Wait


Traveling through the massive Data flow, Raditz had the feeling of facing the universe in its magnitude. When he first boarded a spaceship and went into space, he had this same feeling of awe and being small in the endless vast world.

In a way, the data on the Big Gete Star was a universe in itself.

Raditz never realized how fast his mental power could travel through all of this data, learning great amounts of information from its hidden database.

This so-called “self-evolving” chip was actually a weapon. The Tumatians wanted to use this chip to create war weapons, just like humans try on earth. But by mistake, they discovered side functions of Big Gete Star, and put them into effect.

The Tumatian’s path to self-destruction started here. They used the absorption and evolutionary abilities of Big Gete Star to invade several planets, and then created a lot of mechanical metal weapons, sold them to other galaxies, and expanded their power ad influences through trafficking and colonization.

The planets which refused to trade with Tumat would suffer attacks from the Big Gete Star to be eventually destroyed or forced to fall under the Tumatians’ authority.

In this way, driven by a constant desire for expansion, the Big Gete Star’s evolutionary “instinct” led it to eventually become autonomous, taking control of the planet on all levels and starting to metalize it. To stop this, the frightened Tumatians launched an emergency shutdown procedure buried deep within the chip’s algorithm.

However, after the destruction of the chip, the Tumatians suffered revenge from some of their colonies, and their civilization started to decline. History books only recorded the rise of their planet, skipping over their tyranny and eventual downfall. Years passed, and this led the later Tumatians to feel pride in their past and attempt to mimic “The Civilized Era” once again.

There were records on the chip buried deep within the planet itself, along with the Data that was stored within it. When the Tumatians stumbled upon these records, they began studying them, and created a new chip into which they implemented the massive Data base they found. And so, the Big Gete Star was born again!

With its full Data restored, the new Big Gete Star was a replica of the old one. Not only did this mean that it picked up where its predecessor left off, but it also meant that it also had an emergency shut-down procedure!

Raditz’s mental power went through this maze of Data, “scanning” the entire chip searching for this procedure; he had to find it!


The interior of the planet began to shake, the doors of the secret rooms opened, all the cages lost their energy supply and all the defensive shields were removed. The lights were flashing non-stop red and white, and cracks appeared on the walls!

The crowd screamed as if the end of days was coming.

“What is happening?”

“It’s going to bury us here!”

“We’re going to die!”

At this time, Goku stood up as everyone else panicked “Hey! Everyone, the door are opened, let’s run! We are free!”

“What?” Many people regained their senses, staring at each other, as the room was constantly shaking.

They saw that the door was indeed open, but no one dared to be first to leave. They all feared that it would be some sort of trick by the Big Gete Star, and that some replica would be waiting for them outside, ready to riddle them with holes.

Vegeta on the other hand did not hesitate. He was the first to rush out, followed by Goku, Piccolo and the rest. Everyone else quickly followed. With their shackles now removed, leaving shouldn’t be worse than dying here, waiting.

All the metal soldiers they encountered on their way were not moving at all; some of their weapons were shattered to piece, and their electronic screens and protective barriers were all bursting into flames. Almost all the defensive measures in the tunnels were non functional, and even the shipping door was opened with no obstacles before the portal.

Goku asked the prisoners and go out first, and his friends to follow them up and protect them from sneak attack.

“It seems like Raditz was successful in shutting that thing down!” Vegeta bit his teeth, very bothered by the fact that he needed to be saved by Raditz.

“Haha, I think you’re right.” Goku said happily, and then looked back saying: “Well brother, it seems that you have been able to solve the problem.”

“Yes, it was all him.” Piccolo crossed his arms, revealing a smug smile.

Anyway, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, when all the prisoners passed through the portal, running outside. The girl with orange hair looked behind her and suddenly asked,: “Where is Mr. Raditz now?”

Everyone glimpsed and quickly looked around and saw that a large number of metal buildings were collapsing. The transmission robots had become scrap iron. A piece of the planet was crumbling away down and it was turning into no more than a lump of dead metal roaming the universe.

“This earthquake is too strong; it’s going to tear up the entire planet!”

But Raditz wasn’t there yet.

Under rising voices of the increasing explosions, the prisoners were rushing out of the base, shouting and greeting Goku and his friends. The old Tumatian Raditz met outside installed a positioning device for them before departure. While he couldn’t locate anyone when they were inside the planet, he noticed as soon as the prisoner left.

His small group drove an aircraft and rushed in like a blast.

“You have succeeded! Let’s get out of here; the entire planet is going to be destroyed!” The old man, in sweat, shouted and screamed. Everyone had to leave quickly, or the planet was going to be their eternal grave!

The aircraft stopped in front of the other prisoners, and the old Tumatian jumped off it and bowed to Goku. Everyone behind him expressed their gratitude, their eyes full of tears as they once again met their loved ones and friends. They hugged them, immersed in the joy of their long-awaited reunion.

“This is not the time for this! Everyone, we have to leave now, our spaceship is nearby, let’s go!”


They all entered the aircraft to go to the space ship. However, Goku didn’t move, and the old man was very surprised: “What’s wrong? Won’t you come with us?”

“My brother is still inside…” Goku sounded as serious as he had ever been.

“Is he…”

“Mr. Raditz!” The orange-haired girl put her hands together and prayed for him. Two streams of crystal clear tears flowed out of her eyes, as if an icy lake had melted into soft rivers.

Suddenly, debris of the crumbling planet burst into the sky, flames blasted out of the surface, magma-like scorching substance gushed out from a canyon that formed, and all metal around it melted into an overflowing stream.

Under the light made by the fire, Raditz flew out slowly, his hair messy, his face pale, his clothes torn, and his body was covered with bleeding cuts. Exhausted, he finally went out of the fire and moved above safe ground with the last of his energy.


As his pale face finally hit the ground, the orange-haired girl immediately rushed in to support him and put his head on her thighs to rest. As she touched his tender face, she finally cried in relief: “You’re alive…”