Chapter 51: Beyond!


Kaioken x6!

The red aura around Raditz surged even further, and his speed increased again. The cold light and the red flames staggered and flashed.

Raditz didn’t want to go beyond Kaikoken x5, as it could be too dangerous for his body, leaving him unable to fight back. But the Big Gete Star’s energy seemed to be infinite, and Raditz was running out of stamina anyway, so he had no other choice.

He rushed in at full speed, approaching the Big Gete Star’s body. As soon as he reached it, he flickered around it swiftly, hitting it from the back! The Big Gete Star was taken by surprise, and once again, Raditz heavily hit its body from the back, bringing it to its knees.

After the strong impact, the Big Gete Star spoke once again with its cold voice: “Your strength increased once again. That’s what you said can’t be calculated?”


Raditz roared, wasting no time, heavily stomping its head while standing by its side, crashing it into a deep pit. Its nose broke, the side of its face was bloodstained, and one of its eyes was gouged.

Flustered, it jumped up and rushed away, trying to escape.

“Kaioken x7!”

Raditz rushed in swaying his fists, flickering around it and bouncing it around, finally bringing it to its knees.

“Huff, huff…” The Big Gete Star’s body started to have difficulty breathing. After it fell, it rushed to its container. Raditz tried to crush the container, but the body turned around stopping him.

Simultaneously, another metal dragon emerged from the ground, surrounding the body to protect it.

It was severely injured, but still ‘functional’. Raditz beat it so hard; it had a hole in its abdomen, blood gushing out of it.

Sure enough, it wasn’t going to be easily destroyed. Raditz had to quickly withdraw tactically, and then rushed in again!

“No. 1 is defeated. Experiment Successful!”

“Successful? What does that mean?”

Raditz suddenly had an ominous hunch, and he looked around him in vigilance. Tentacles rose around him once again, stretched from all directions. No.1’s flesh and blood body began to melt into a pool of liquid metal that surrounded it, taking another form.

“Is this your true face?”

“Flesh and blood are too weak, I don’t need them anymore,” The Big Gete Star said. “Besides, I have found the most suitable experimental body!”

As its voice faded, the countless tentacles attacked together, like a thousand snakes rushing to Raditz. At the same time, Big Gete Star rushed over to him, remaining semi-liquefied, and armed with a machete that formed as it moved in to take Raditz by surprise.

“Takes this!” Raditz raised his hands, shouted loudly, turning his red aura into a sphere that separated from his body. Countless tentacles were destroyed and burned into ashes by the scorching heat of his attack, and the attack went through all the way to the domes wall, destroying many of its multiple layers!

Facing the big Gete Star’s blade, Raditz slightly tilted his upper body, dodging the attack. He then gathered his hands, aiming his elbow to its face, forcing it back.

Immediately, Raditz formed a Ki Blade around his hand, and the red sharp light cut the Big Gete Star’s body in half! In order to escape, it quickly turned back into a pool of liquid metal once again, preparing to take shape once again.

“So this is it! You can’t use the energy absorption shield when you are liquefied!”


Big Gete Star didn’t expect Raditz to guess its weakness: when in liquid shape, he had no defense! Raditz immediately gathered a white Ki Sphere in his hand, and violently slammed it down!

“Bang, bang, bang”

While shooting, many metallic replicas gathered behind him, trying to grab him. This move had obviously been planning for a long time: Big Gete Star was waiting for Raditz to be confident enough of his victory to release its replicas on him. With him immersed in his attack, he should not sense them!

The recombined Big Gete Star jumped at him, sticking to his body while semi-liquefied, while the replicas formed energy absorption shields and began to absorb his energy!

Quickly, Raditz lost his Kaioken state, and his hand fell to his sides.

“Body No. 0 is ready!”

The voice echoed in Raditz’s mind, and then he quickly understood: Zero was him, above No. 1! Big Gete Star only used No.1 to test his ability. That’s why it mentioned that the previous battle was an “experimental success”…

N°1’s defeat was good news for the Big Gete Star, insuring that Raditz was indeed the perfect subject.

“Human Transformation Phase I: Chip Implantation.”

Hundreds of tentacles held Raditz in mid-air, liquid metal slowly climbed to his head, drilling a small chip into his ear. A current spread through his body, and his consciousness gradually blurred…

Raditz’s consciousness started to be invaded by the chip. Once the process was to end, it would be replaced by that of the Big Gete Star!

“STOP RIGHT THERE! When did I ever allow you in?” Suddenly, a voice rang in Raditz’s consciousness, interrupting the chip’s invasion!

Raditz’s soul was entering the game. Although the Big Gete Star’s transformation technology was powerful, and could progressively take over Raditz’s consciousness, it was powerless facing his soul!

“How can you still be conscious? I’ve cleared everything…”

“Shut up! Get out of here!” Raditz’s spiritual power began to rebel, fighting its way to control over his body, and overwhelming.

His mighty spirit drowned the chip’s ‘consciousness’, not only regaining control of himself, but also beginning to invade the Big Gete Star itself!

Raditz’s spiritual power was extremely powerful, reaching the core of the chip unobstructed!

“You’ve intruded inside! It’s impossible! My defense system is impenetrable!”

“Don’t be stupid, it’s you that brought me in!” Raditz answered: “You wanted to occupy someone else’s body, but you never anticipated that this process could also go in reverse? Now, I have found a way to destroy you, your own way!”

“No! No! No!”

The Big Gete Star panicked, further empowering its weakness. The moment it evolved into an emotional being, it paved the way to its own demise!

Raditz focused, and his mental power, like a current, ‘swam’ through the complex structure of the chip, passing through the countless layers of its self-evolving algorithms!

Outside, the dome began to collapse, and the replicas melted into a liquid metal, losing the ability to be reshaped The Metal Dragon collapsed into scrap, and the sphere in the center also crumbled.

The countless cables around the chip were exposed, making sparking sounds….