Chapter 50: Big Gete Star



Raditz was hit straight to the face, quickly flew out, and was slammed into the wall.


The great sound of the impact echoed in dome; Raditz fell off the wall, feeling a burning pain on his back.

“Test Body No. 1: Attack!”

A sharp voice screamed hurriedly. No.1 stretched its arm, gathering a dark red energy sphere in between them!

“It mastered the use of Ki Blast!” Raditz was flabbergasted.

Indeed, this body was different from every previous machine. I had a chip in its brain, directly controlled by the Big Gete Star. In other words, it was the Big Gete Star itself!

With so much data collected, no wonder it could stand before Raditz, even with the latter using Kaioken x5!

Giving Raditz no time to react, it threw its dark red energy blast, forcing him to move as fast as he could. The blast hit the wall behind him, throwing him away with the massive explosion it made.

With Kaioken x5, Raditz was naturally faster than the energy blast. While the area behind him was ravaged, he was still unscathed.

Raditz observed the Big Gete Star’s attack rythm. The launch time of each Ki Blast was about half a second. This gap was just enough for him to counterattack!

Using this window, Raditz flew away, shrouded in red light like a miniature star inside the dome, about to burn everything around it.

Like a meteor, he landed, his punch aimed at the Big Gete Star’s face, with enough force to shatter earth itself!


Raditz was thrown back hitting the wall, his back in even greater pain!

“How can this be?”

“Everything can be calculated! I’ve learned your attack patterns! Even with this red light shrouding you, I can read you simple moves!”

“Nice one, I never thought you could make jokes…” Raditz mocked the Big Gete Star, but was panicking inside. Nevertheless, he could not yield; he could not stop his attacks.

“Go ahead, learn this!”

With no obvious charging time, Raditz launched a Ki Blast before his hands joined each other.

The timing was different from usual, but the Big Gete Star took a step forward, ignoring the Ki Blast. Like a stream falling into an endless pit, the Ki Blast disappeared.

As the light faded, Raditz saw a transparent, triangular shield around it absorbing his Ki Blast. His attack was only making the Big Gete Star stronger…

“This kind of attack is ineffective against me. My energy is eternal and it won’t be consumed.”

“Well, it’s better than I anticipated!” Raditz thought to himself. He clenched his fists and took a deep breath.

As it had an organic body now, Raditz didn’t expect the Big Gete Star to also have an energy absorbing shield, and was confident that the blast would take him down.

He could only rush in again, helplessly trying to take the initiative.

“It’s useless.” The Big Gete Star raised his hand and prepared to welcome him, but suddenly, Raditz stopped and multiplied himself once, twice, and finally into eight people that surrounded the Big Gete Star’s body around it.

“How can there be eight?” The Big Gete Start threw a punch, only to hit thin air.

Its whole body became stiff like a corpse. At this crucial moment, a foot flew in, kicking it straight to its face. It went back a few steps, and its face showed an obvious big shoe print.

“Like always, you can’t deal with moves you haven’t seen before!” Raditz keep hitting it quickly, circling around.

Big Gete Star suffered a heavy blow and bowed its body as if in pain. At this time, Raditz jumped to its back, smashing it with his elbow to the ground! Cracks formed around the body, spreading all the way to the wall!

Defenseless, its body was forming bruises, like a real human body, and red blood spread underneath it.

“I didn’t expect you to bleed.”

“You will too!” Big Gete Star suddenly whispered, his limbs propped up, quickly leaping into the air, and then propelling itself behind Raditz.

“Ha!” It lifted its leg, swaying it and kicking his back.

Fortunately, Raditz reacted quickly enough to block its kick, only slightly stepping back. He was ready to fight back, but his eyes widened: a few shadows appeared in front of him, turning around him!

“Zanzoken? How could it learn so fast?”

Raditz grinded his teeth, watching the shadows left and right, but couldn’t sense any Ki. To detect the true body among the shadows, he had to rely on his senses. In his the field of vision, a peculiar shadow swiftly approached.


In the blink of an eye, he threw his fist, colliding with Big Gete Star’s punch. The air was blown away, the crack in the ground get even bigger, and the lower edge of the dome began to shake.

Almost at the same time, the two raised their legs and attacked each other.

Fists and feet was colliding fiercely, bursting and shaking. Raditz avoided Big Gete Star’s attacks, throwing a hook that seemed to make contact, but his fist passed through shadow. Suddenly, it appeared behind him, hitting his back with an elbow. But Raditz had already flashed behind it, kicking it again and again. Still, the body also turned quickly, rotating its leg to counter that of Raditz.

“This guy is just like me…” Raditz retreated a few meters, shaking his feet.

His legs were already trembling slightly after the multiple collisions. Looking at Big Gete Star, it was still looking at him coldly. Although its face was stomped and bleeding, it didn’t seem to be hurt or emotional at all!

“Your strength has weakened.”

The annoying electronic sound came again, echoing in the area. Raditz knew it was right. Kaioken x5 was powerful, but consumed a lot of energy. As the fight was being drawn out, his strength began to fade.

The equal power level between the two was in the tireless Big Gete Star’s favor. Even by using Kaioken x5, Raditz’s could not dominate him, and was going to lose sooner or later if this was to go on.

In front of him, Big Gete Star kept the pressure; its fingers emitting several beams of light, like several whips that went towards Raditz.

“Brush! Brush!”

The attack whistled as they went through the air, as if splitting the void into pieces. Raditz had to dodge the attacks, with some of his long hair cut slightly, slowly flying away and falling to the ground.

He was weakened, and these beams were super focused and lethal, filling the area with death!

“Damn, I have to go even beyond, but I’m not at that level yet. If I try and fail, it would be over for me…” Raditz made up his mind, gnawed his teeth and broke through his limits again: “It’s the only way! Kaioken x6!”