Chapter 5: Meeting Goku

Chapter 5: Meeting Goku

“The wrong person?”

Tao Paipai’s face suddenly became gloomy, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t stop twitching. The world number one assassin was taking so lightly. No one ever said such words to him.

“Who are you looking for?”

“It’s none of your business” Raditz said faintly.

“This guy’s driving me insane!” It was the first time Tao Paipai met such a rampant character. His face flushed and he gritted his teeth secretly. “You’re being too arrogant, boy.”

“Save it, you are no opponent of mine.” Raditz was still indifferent.

“Hey, boy, it seems that you only know my name, you don’t seem to know what I’m capable of.”

Tao Paipai’s mechanical eye swivelled forward, protruding a bit, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth:

“Killing someone costs one hundred million zeni.”

“One hundred million zeni?”

“The usual charge for killing a person is 100 million zeni. But for you today, I’ll be doing it for free !” Tao Paipai snorted and his body flickered.

The next second, he appeared behind Raditz, delivering a flying kick straight to the lower back of Raditz. He was confident that with such a kick, Raditz’s spine would shatter and he would no longer be able to stand.

However, his pride shattered as he felt the great impact on his leg, and he was in cold sweat.

Raditz didn’t budge, standing still in the same place.

“No…Impossible…” Tao Paipai revealed a look of disbelief, and continued to attack. The skills of Master Shen’s brother, and the world number one assassin, Tao Paipai were amazing. He launched an onslaught of powerful attacks, one after the other. The only problem was that, for Raditz, they were all just too weak!

“Master, have you finished?” Raditz grabbed his arm, intercepting his full-speed punch. With a little effort, the mechanical arm was crushed.

“You…you…” Tao Paipai was dumbfounded, sweating all over, his snot was hanging, his chin was shaking and he was speechless.

Raditz looked on the scouter and the number 180 was on the screen.

“Oh, your combat power is 180, Master Tao Paipai.” Raditz said as he approached, “My fighting power is exactly ten times yours!”

Raditz finally understood how Frieza felt when bragging about his power level being 530.000. He realized what it feels like to be ten times stronger than one’s opponent. It makes them feel that they stand no chance, and make you feel invincible.

Tao Paipai was so scared that he was trembling. He knew that the strangely dressed guy wasn’t lying. He couldn’t hold his fear within, and it showed very clearly.

After some thoughts, Tao Paipai finally moved, respectfully bowing his head, and being very humble.

“Sorry! I am wrong! I shouldn’t have been so arrogant! You know who I am, spare me please! I can give you a share of the money!”

“A share…” Raditz didn’t expect him to give up so soon.

“Isn’t that enough? It doesn’t matter, I still have a lot of deposits, you can take everything! I will even stop killing! Just let me go!”

Saying he would give Raditz all his money, Tao Paipai seemed extremely sincere. His performance was very convincing. If Raditz didn’t know the character well from the Anime, he might have been deceived by him.

“Actually, I appreciate you too much, Tao Paipai. Your individualistic appearance, your unique personality, your legendary talking skills and your great power, all of this, while being so hot tempered and insidious; you are really a role model for all bad guys”

“Oh my, I’m flattered!”

“You are mistaken, I’m not praising you here.” Raditz’s face changed, and put his five fingers over Tao Paipai’s head, “I was saying that you are worth a hundred million.”

As he finished his words, a blue column of light blasted from Raditz’s hand, instantly drowning Tao Paipai, not even giving him a chance to mourn. After that, his headless body fell to the ground, adding another corpse to the dirty floor.

Tao Paipai had done a lot of evil things, and Raditz wanted to wipe him out, purifying the world from scum like him.

Out of the deserted bar, the scouter warned again that this time, 4899 miles away, there was an energy bigger than that of Tao Paipai.

Son Goku! It must be him!

He could detect that the energy source was moving at high speed before suddenly stopping. Raditz speculated that this was Son Goku flying to Muten Roshi’s island, with his four year old child Son Gohan.

Raditz immediately accelerated and flew toward to him.

In no time, Raditz saw the outline of the island. The sunlight falling onto the sea shined like golden gems scattered among the waves, with dazzling light.The warm and humid sea breeze waved over the wooden house and the rays of light went through the coconuts trees, to land upon the golden sand, accentuating his pure shine. From time to time, seagull glided past, leaving behind a few beautiful trails.

There were several people in front of the house. Raditz’s scouter had already locked one of them. The man with the highest power level on the planet: Son Goku.

Raditz slowly approached Muten Roshi’s Island and looked down at everyone.

The lot were talking and laughing. With the approach of Raditz, Son Goku perceived an extraordinary Ki. He suddenly looked up at the sky and shouted alertly : “Who?! What is this Ki!”

Raditz knew that he was noticed and simply accelerated the landing and appeared in front of them. At first sight of Dragon Ball’s protagonist and his partners, he felt an inexplicable excitement in his heart.

“Ah! This is… Such strong Ki…” Muten Roshi was shocked.

Krilin, aside, also widened his eyes and was very surprised.

“You…who are you?”

“What did you say? Let me think about it…” Raditz, who had just came in so agressively, found himself tangled.

At first, he just wanted to find Son Goku, but he didn’t think about what was to happen next.

Should he take him away? That was certainly impossible. Should he kidnap Son Gohan? That was what Raditz did in the Anime, but he was different now. He recognized Goku! But then, should he just live under the protagonist’s shadow? NO! ‘Forge your own path, make your own destiny!’

Far on the other side of the universe, Vegeta and Nappa, knew that he had come to Earth and were to follow sooner or later. In Frieza’s plan, Earth was also one of his short-term targets. After watching the Saiyans for so long, he was certainly to wipe out those who still survived.

Thinking about all of this, Raditz had only one way to go, and it was against Vegeta and Frieza!

He was still too weak now. In order to fulfill this great purpose, he needed Son Goku, Piccolo, their teammates, and even Vegeta and Nappa to join in.

Although he hated the brainless Nappa, Raditz was still willing to let him live. The most important reason for that was that he really wanted to see what his Super Saiyan transformation would look like. In order for him to achieve such advance transformation, Raditz had to keep him alive.

But the question remained: what now?