Chapter 49: Everything Can Be Calculated!


Before he left his friends, Raditz took a senzu bean from Goku just in case, and he didn’t expect it to come in handy so soon.

Once Raditz’s strength was fully restored, he instantly burst out Kaioken, grabbing the tentacles and snapping them to get free. They began to spark, making electronic sounds, and then all fell to the ground powerlessly.

The red light from Raditz’s Kaioken was dazzling, and his hair and clothes were swaying with the waves emitted by his body.

The Big Gete Star obviously didn’t understand the complexities of emotions and beliefs, and it didn’t respond for a moment. Raditz guessed it was just discovering and ‘digesting’ the feeling of “surprise”. After all, it didn’t expect and anticipate that an exhausted man could suddenly get his stamina fully recovered and escape from its control.

“Everything can be calculated! You can’t beat me.” The Big Gete Star finally spoke, his voice as cold as usual.

The great dragon started to whirl toward Raditz. As he watched it rushing in, the latter’s body shuddered slightly, and though he could not perceive its Ki, he instinctively perceived its strength.

Raditz trembled, not out of fear, but because of his Saiyan’s instinct: Facing such an enemy was a great thrill, one he would never pass on!

“Come on!”

With a loud roar, he rushed to the metal dragon, flying and ‘dancing’ around it. From a distance, the two looked like lights, different in length, racing back and forth in the void.

Raditz was lighter and smaller than the long dragon, and after turning around a few times, he stepped on its neck, taking as spot where he couldn’t be reached! He grabbed the slippery long metal whiskers of the dragon, almost pinching them out of shape, and then lifted his other hand to land a punch on the hard surface of its head.

As the great dragon was falling on the ground, Raditz’s face was turning red: “Damn, it’s hot!”

Raditz quickly waved his hand and at the same time, felt a burning sensation from his feet. He had to fly away from the dragon.

The metal dragon could instantly heat his body, this heat was conducted through the metal and Raditz quickly felt the temperature rising.

It pushed Raditz back, swiftly swept away its tail which, like a whiplash, hit him on his abdomen.

Raditz was knocked back and the dragon’s tail followed him to wrap his body.


At this critical moment, Raditz used Kaioken x3 and managed to quickly flee. The tip of the dragon’s tail couldn’t grasp him, but its scales did manage to latch to his trousers, ripping them up, and to his skin, leaving behind a few bleeding cuts.

Raditz was instinctively alert enough to forget about his injuries, and avoid the dragon’s following attack. It started to open is wide mouth, and spurred a fiery flame wave against him, engulfing his body in flames.

The tremendous heat shocked Raditz’s body and he gritted his teeth tightly: “As it is, I should remain in Kaioken x3, for I wouldn’t be able to take this without that!”

“Your skill is better and you’re stronger than my previous replicas, but you won’t last for much longer, as I will quickly put the new readings into my calculation. You can’t stand against me!”

“Really? Don’t make me laugh!”

Raditz resisted the flames and came out from them with pride. “Can’t” was never part of his vocabulary.


With yet another roar, Raditz opened up his defense, gathering Ki in his palms and then joining them together, to launch brilliant light from his red Kaioken aura. The twin Ki blasts joined together and pierced through the dragon’s flame at a super-fast speed, their light reflected by the Dragon’s eyes as they approached it.


The attack overwhelmed the flames and engulfed the dragon. However, Raditz didn’t let his guard down, knowing from past experience that Ki Blasts did not hurt such beings, and that they had Ki absorbing devices.

Sure enough, after the smoke cleared up, the metal dragon stood majestically, with its long body not taking any damage. On the contrary, it showed its sharp claws boldly and prestigiously.

It looked like it was going to carry on with its usual pattern, when suddenly, it roared, and electronic sounds erupted all at once.

Suddenly, the metal dragon roared, and electronic sounds exploded like thunder.

All of the dragon’s scales opened up, exposing what seemed to be cannons. Indeed, they were energy cannons from which white purple and red lights emerged and went to every direction, filling the entire area like a deadly rainbow that left no room for Raditz to dodge.

The beams even hit the Big Gete Star’s sphere, which was absorbing all Ki bouncing on it.

With no other choice, and no way to escape, Raditz could only use Kaioken x5! His will to fight kept him near full power, and his power level exceeded 500,000!

His soaring Ki bounced off the energy waves, and his red aura grew even brighter and larger in size! He floated in midair, his eyes wandering in the storm of attacks and showing mad desire for fighting!

“You’ve destroyed your creators, and today if your turn to be destroyed, starting with your dragon!” The aura around Raditz was flashing in a higher and higher frequency, and with his speed, he turned into a red ghostly figure!

He rushed to the metal dragon with an incredibly speed, his hand ahead of him in a flying punch: “Bang!” An explosion was heard, and debris fell from the sky.

Raditz actually passed through the dragon’s body, leaving behind a hole within it. He turned around, with cable from inside the robot’s body in his hands. He smirked at the sparking robot, and then released an onslaught of fast punches that ravaged through what remained intact of its body. In the blink of an eye, countless other holes formed in the dragon’s body, and all the energy cannons under its scales were destroyed.

“Calculation error! Calculation error!” The alarm sounded abruptly.

With its head deformed, the dragon swung its body trying to grab Raditz, but in vain. The latter was able to punch its tail away in time, and then got up over its neck once again.

He kicked its deformed head from there, making its midsection exposed from above. Raditz release all his Ki behind him, and pierced through the Dragon once again!

This time, whatever metal that was holding the dragon together was destroyed, and the dragon was split in two!

“Calculation error! Calculation error!” The sound became sharper as Raditz followed the dragon’s upper half. Grabbing it by the horns, he pulled its head and then kicked it away. Even headless, what remained of the metal dragon still moved, and its tail swept over trying to hit Raditz.

However, Raditz wasn’t about to let this last for much longer. He grabbed the tail of the Dragon, and smashed around like a ragdoll before spinning and throwing it away.

It made a violent impact with the chamber’s wall, before finally collapsing to the ground; motionless.

“Calculation error. Defensive No. 1 cannot move…”

Finally, the voice faded, like the last voice of a dying old man.

Raditz smirked at the sphere where Big Gete Star was.

“See? You can’t calculate everything. Let everyone get free and let my spaceship take off. Otherwise, I’ll destroy you as well.”

“Ding! Data acquisition complete.” Big Gete Star ignored Raditz, seemingly talking to itself.

In the incubator next to it, a small chip was inserted into the skull of the human body. The tube and cable on the person were pulled out, and the sleeping body suddenly opened his amber eyes!

In an instant, a punch rushed out of the incubator so fast, its fist reached Raditz!

The liquid spread out of the incubator, giving off a rotten smell!