Chapter 48: Weakness


Walking through several iron gates and wide passages, Raditz finally approached a new area. As he approached, white light shone through its gate.

Under the soft light, only a long dark bridge could be seen. Nothing could be seen around it, only darkness, just like in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Kami’s palace. The discomfort of this atmosphere felt smothering; surrounding Raditz like a never breaking chains that surrounded his body.

He lost track of time on the bridge before he saw its end. On its other side was a massive shadowing building, like a castle standing in the darkness.

The replicas stood before this building’s gate that was in bronze color, and it opened. Beyond it, they walked even further, getting down deeper underground until they reach a dome like place made out of pure metal.

Outside, there was grass, flowers, and even a tree. Air was fresh, and light shined upon them, simulating sunshine, and illuminating the dark area.

Raditz was surprised! He never expected the Big Gete Star to have flowers at its “place”. Why would it have such a hobby?

Without waiting for him to finish looking around, the replicas sent Raditz into the dome, and then backed out.

The interior was quite different. There was the usual dull dark golden color dominating the scene. Blue and yellow light illuminated the place, and the devices in the middle were unexpectedly rusty and noisy, as if abandoned for many years.

In a transparent sphere at the center of the room, a chip was suspended, with countless lines and cables connected to its surface. Next to it, there was a tall cylindrical vessel filled with a green liquid that was moving slightly.

“Welcome to the core. This is me.”

The usual cold rigid sound that Raditz heard before from the depths of the tunnels came out of surrounding loudspeakers.

“So the Big Gete Star is indeed a chip. Tumatians were really geniuses to make such a creation.” Raditz approached and observed the sphere.

Suddenly, the rusty surface of the devices in the middle glistened frequently, and a metal dragon, about a meter and a half in diameter, burst out of them longitudinally, coiling around the transparent chip and gathering blue energy in its mouth, energy that felt as hot as magma.

It was facing Raditz directly, its blade-like scaled erected, and its illuminated lights staring fiercely.

“Sorry, you can’t be so close; your danger index is too high.”

“When talking of danger, none beats you I believe!” Raditz stopped, and in order to stop the Big Gete Star from attacking, he speaking quickly: “Alright, let’s talk about your purpose!”

“What do you mean by purpose?” For the first time, the Big Gete star was the one asking questions.

“Well, it should be simple to understand. What are you doing? What do you want to do when you completely consume the resources of this planet?”

“Evolution, I just need to evolve.”

“And after that?”


“I mean, what else? For what purpose are you evolving?”



Raditz was speechless and felt like he was talking to a fool. The funny thing was that the “fool” had far more scientific knowledge than anyone else he had ever met. But it didn’t take him long to understand.

Big Gete Star was originally created to evolve the planet, was thought to be controllable and it served its purpose as a technology. Who would’ve guessed that it would end up concluding that the extinction of the Tomatians would be key to that evolution? The Big Gete star was the planet, and it didn’t need any inhabitants. Thirsty for evolution, it entered blindly into a vicious circle of killing, adapting, evolving and repeating.

This simple principle of function was chilling: it has no emotions, not reason, and was willing to do anything to evolve. In a way, it had gone mad!

“I have hit a plateau in my calculations, and I am now in need for new test subjects, you’re my premium choice.” It talked about lives as if trivial to the extreme.

As it spoke, the cylindrical transparent tank on its side discharged its green liquid and refilled with light mucus. Raditz gradually saw what was inside: it was a shape of a person, a naked humanoid body!

“I have used every element that makes living creatures, and I’ve recreated their bodies’ systems, but they never become like real test subjects. I’m missing something, some crucial information that are necessary for my calculation. I need more test subjects to finish my analysis.”

“So you have imprisoned so many creatures, just to study their bodies?”

“The data they provide allow me to get more information and improve my research. You are the best test subject I’ve found yet, because you made me change so quickly in such a short period of time.”

The Big Gete Star sounded like it’s praising Raditz, but it felt more like he’s speaking of a pig that’s eventually to be slaughtered.  Being the best was actually more of a reason for Raditz to feel helpless for the time being!

“What are you looking for in the human body?”

“I don’t know, but I’m failing every time I try to make life.”

“With your intelect, can’t you create a living sentient being?”

“The eyes of what I create seem hollow.”

Was it talking about emotions? In other words, does he think his creations lack that?

Raditz burst into laughter. “You can’t evolve if you can’t find your own failures, and correct them. Creating one life after destroying so many, you call that evolution?”

The Big Gete Star fell silent and seemed to be stuck.

“Or… Do you actually envy human beings? The environment outside is also a proof that you want to live like a human being, right? Is this body being made for you?” Raditz kept asking questions that pierced through the chip just like his gaze.

“It’s part of evolution!” The Big Gete Star’s tone changed for the first time, revealing emotions similar to human anger.

With its fierce tone, dozens of metal tentacles broke out and flew to Raditz.

Raditz was drained of energy, having no strength to resist. The tentacles easily locked him up, carrying his whole body into midair, and carving through his flesh with the claws at their extremities.

“Thank you, I finally found your weakness.” Raditz’s limbs were limp and hanging in mid-air, but he looked at the Big Gete Star coldly, not showing any fear.

This unexpected answer caused errors in the Big Gete Star’s analysis. For a while, it had no answer, and then, it uttered fours words: “I have no weakness!”

“No, you do! You’re learning ability is very strong, you can calculate almost everything, but there are simply things about people that you will never figure out! Emotions, beliefs, a Saiyan’s potential, they’re all beyond your reach!

Raditz tried to squeeze himself out. His eyes turned bloodshot, his muscles bulged, and eventually he freed out one hand that reached for his mouth… with a Senzu Bean!

He chewed and swallowed it, and then broke through the tentacles, a red aura shrouding him and illuminating the entire area!