Chapter 47: Prisoners Again


Crowds of replicas lined up in well fashioned squares, like a well-trained army, treading rhythmically, shaking the ground as if it would collapse in an instant.

Their solemn expressions were cold as ice; their eyes were dim and dead. But their mere presence seemed to somehow fill the air with despair.

They were endless, chanting those words emotionlessly, which were in sync with the sounds of their metallic steps, forming a one note symphony of death.

The Big Gete Star played its cards right, observing Raditz and the others to build a more powerful army. Every replica here had a power level of over 100,000, and their recovery ability also enhanced. Raditz obviously thought he couldn’t defeat them.

Perhaps it’s like they say; nothing is impossible, but dealing with such an army didn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon. They were being supported by the entire planet itself, and defeating a whole planet was beyond imagination!

In order to defeat The Big Gete Star, the only way seemed to be directly destroying its main chip. A very long time ago, the Tumatians were able to do that, proving that it must be a way to stop it.

But before anything, the chip had to be located!

“I surrender!” Raditz raised his hands.

His words echoed in the passage, shocking everyone!


“We have no way to escape, so we’re better off surrendering now, aren’t we?” Raditz answered the words he had heard from so many, and then turned to the robots again; “But I want to see you, understand? I want to see your body with my own eyes, Mr. ‘Big Gete Star’!”

After a brief silence, a replica answered in a harsh emotionless mechanical voice: “I don’t have a gender, there’s only one of me! Don’t call me Mr.! And no matter what, you can’t destroy me!”

Raditz laughed: “I didn’t say that I want to destroy you, I just want to see how advanced a so-called “smart” chip is. Anyway… you read my mind; you seem to be much advanced than I thought! ”

“I want to meet you too.”

The replica spoke its last sentence and then walked to the crowd.

“Damn!” Goku was getting ready to fight.

“No, Goku, just calm down, it’s useless. This is the planet that we’re fighting; we are inside it. Everything is under its control, we can’t win.” Raditz looked at him, with a firm look, “Trust me, just bet on me again!”

Stunned, Goku looked back at Piccolo, and then finally decided to loosen his grip as well.

After spending over a year together, Goku was trusting his brother more and more. It was mainly thanks to him that they had managed to defeat really strong enemies. So, he decided to trust him this time as well.

As Raditz was captured by a group of replicas, Goku and Piccolo also surrendered. They didn’t know what to think, but they both knew that they were doomed to lose. Nappa struggled before he was easily subdued, and no one else made any resistance.

Once again, everyone was sent back to their old cells. Raditz and the others on the other hand were put in electronic cuffs and put in a massive transparent cage. The other prisoners looked at them, and lost all hope. As they watched him beating obstacle after obstacle, they grew to trust this hero that came out of nowhere. They never expected him to lose and get captured in the end.

The Tumatians were also put in their own massive transparent cave, and were treated differently from other races in the prison, perhaps for they were the natives of this planet. They were at their knees, and the light of hope in their eyes had faded. But then, one the kids’ eyes lit up, and he pointed at Raditz: “Look! He’s actually laughing!”

All the adults in the massive cage looked together, and indeed, they saw Raditz happy, as if he had won!

“Is he… really laughing?”

“Is…. Is he okay?”

“Maybe he lost his mind…”

“But look at him; he seems very relaxed!”

Raditz was leaning on the side of cage, enjoying the company of the orange haired girl.

Among all the other prisoners, she was the only one put in with Raditz’s group, perhaps because she was first to escape the area along with him.

At first, she thanked him for saving her life, and then directly reached for his thigh, taking him by surprise!

‘Are people so… open minded in space? I mean, even if I don’t mind, certain things shouldn’t be done in public…”

The girl’s light fingers began to move as he was daydreaming, and he felt sudden relaxation as her gentle hands pressed against his tired thighs.

, and he felt relaxed as the cool pressed against his tired thighs.

“Really?” The girl was just giving him a massage.

Raditz’s excitement gradually calmed down, and he began to enjoy it it.

The others in the same cage didn’t get such a treatment: Krillin was sitting down, looking at the ground, and holding his head with one hand in envy. Tien was lost in another world, remembering the one he had left on earth. As the image of Chiaotzu came across his mind, his face became very pale. Piccolo and Goku didn’t seem to care at all, and Vegeta was even more scornful.

Beside them, the reactions of the other prisoners were quite different. As they saw Raditz enjoying himself so much, they slammed the walls of their cells, screaming out loud. Although no one could hear them, their anger could penetrate through the glass before them.

They were all prisoners as well, so why such segregation? They also wanted big cages, beautiful girls, and massages!

Raditz saw their expressions, and proudly posed with large grin on his face, provoking them even further.

“Yes, yes, just right there, that’s where I got hit when I fell in earlier.”

“Here? I will be gentle.” the girl gripped Raditz’s waist carefully.

“Aaah yes! That’s good. Next will be my shoulders, but don’t get yourself too tired. We’ll continue tomorrow.” Raditz said casually, but the girl seemed to be glad to continue.

“Tomorrow? Do you intent to live here forever?” Vegeta scornfully said in the corner.

Raditz was just about to answer, when his eyes changed at the sight of the gate opening. His naughty smiles instantly stopped, and his eyes got serious, as if he was willing to fight.

A team of primitive robots that were blue in color passed through the gate, followed by a replica that went straight past the many cells to stop in front of Raditz: “Subject 0 to the X-Area! Subject 0 to the X-Area!”

“Subject 0?” Everyone could hear the message, but no one had ever heard about the existence of a subject 0 until the replica brought Raditz out of the cage. Everyone then understood that it was him who was defined as subject. 0!

Everyone’s electronic cuffs had numbers on them, and on Raditz’s ankle, on the dark electronic screen, 0 was indeed displayed in bright colors.

“Will I meet the Big Gete Star now?”


The replica spoke on behalf of Big Gete Start, lifting Raditz by the shoulders and escorted him out. At the moment the gate opened, Raditz was shocked. On top of this escorting replica, a dozen more were waiting for him outside.

The Big Gete Star knew that Raditz couldn’t be underestimated. The blue regular robots were no matches for him, so it was much safer to bring many replicas to keep him from escaping.

But Raditz had no intention to escape: he really wanted to meet the Big Gete Star!