Chapter 46: Skeletons!


As Raditz was launching his Ki Blasts at the replica, he was blinded by the light of his own attack, and couldn’t notice that the Ki-less leg of the Robot was escaping in its liquid metal form.

Suddenly, he felt something cold latching on to his feet! It was a mechanical arm that reached for his ankle like pincers, trying to immobilize him!

Raditz reacted instantly and quickly flew away. The entire robot’s worth of liquid metal fragments were near him, and they gathered forming a human figure. It remained attached to Raditz’s ankle, trying to pull him down. However, after realizing that it was futile, it used his leg to pull itself up and launch itself upwards, pointing an elbow at Raditz’s face. The latter parried the attack, slamming the replica to the ground with a joined-hands hammerfist, and then following it up with sudden precise Ki blasts to the chin that smashed half of its face.

The heat emitted by the Ki made the air suffocating, and the initially bluefish tint of robot’s armor gradually tuned red. Under Raditz onslaught, it just had to retreat, with its face fully destroyed.

However, Raditz wasn’t about to give it room to recover. He rushed in with a descending flying kick, followed by successively roundhouse and axe kick that hit as fast as whips. The final blow landed on its head directly, slamming straight to the ground, spreading a violent shockwave throughout the surrounding area.

Raditz looked around, and found that the other replicas were being badly beaten two. If they weren’t just so durable and flexible, they should’ve been destroyed several times by now.

” Mismeasurement! Mismeasurement!” Chilling electronic sounds came from their cold bodies.

“Haha, did you think you could measure out strength?!” Raditz said as he continued beating his opponent.

Indeed, the Raditz and the others generally maintain their power levels relatively low, using only what’s exactly needed against any given foe. This didn’t just reduce Ki consumption and ensure maximum efficiency, it also acted well enough to confuse enemies and get them to be too arrogant.

These “Toy Replicas” only had a fixed power level, and couldn’t adapt to increasing power levels.

Although they were made after Goku, their power levels remained stable, not exceeding 50,000. Moreover, they weren’t capable of using his more dangerous techniques, like the Kamehameha or the Kaioken.

Raditz was feeling confident, but then another cold electronic sound immerged from the depths of the passage: “Recalculation Successful: Recycling initiated! “ At the same time, several metal skeletons emerged from the walls, shrouded in a white aura.

As soon as the sound faded, the four replicas turned into liquid, gathering in one place, and then reforming again. The whole process was extremely fast, and in three seconds, a new robot was reconstructed, taking the shape of someone else: Raditz!

So, you’ve used all that extra metal just to make hair?” Raditz couldn’t help but mock the new, and seemingly more powerful robot.

Vegeta roared, a white aura covering his entire body, and rushed towards the new replicas, leaving just a shadow in place: Beating a “Raditz” was not an opportunity to miss!

In the blink of an eye, he raised his leg to kick the replica: “Take this!”

However, the replica was much faster then before. It grabbed his ankle, blocking his attack. Without even looking at him, sharp spikes emerged from its hands, stabbing Vegeta’s angle. Then, it threw it away, with extreme undifference.

Vegeta fell to the ground, and blood gushed out from his injuries, dyeing his battle suit red.

But for him, this was just a “battle scratch”. He could endure such pain, and quickly rose flying again towards the robot, aiming a punch to its head.

The replica did not expect that Vegeta would come back to it so soon, but it quickly dodged the punch, hitting back with a heavy headbutt, bringing him to his knees again.

Vegeta didn’t care and continued to attack roaring. In one fast motion, he stood up delivering a knee to the robot’s abdomen, bring it down. He then delivered two hooks to its cheeks, deforming its face.

Only then, the replica looked up at him. Its eyes seemed to glow, and then they sent two powerful Ki Beams to his head! Vegeta was shocked, but he still had his reflexes. He quickly dodged the attack while retreating, rolling twice in midair before landing on the ground.

The red Beams were so powerful; they pierced through the roof above the Vegeta, leaving two holes surrounded by black ashes.

“Bastard! Such a sudden move! This is not Raditz’s style!” Vegeta screamed furiously, hating the difference between the Robot and Vegeta.

He looked at the replica angrily, just to find that it had disappeared!

“Be careful!” Raditz yelled, but it was already late…

With tremendous force, the robot that had reappeared before Vegeta hit his abdomen with a knee. The blow was as powerful as his attacks in his Great Ape form on earth, causing him to directly vomit blood.

Then, after delivering two hooks to his face, the Robot sent him slamming into the wall.

Right then, one of the skeletons on the wall opened up its ribcage, expanding it enormously! Ribs caught Vegeta’s limbs, and then quickly covered his body.

As the bones closed, a voice was heard from the depths of the passage again: “Capture Complete!”

Vegeta struggled at first, successfully breaking a few of the long ribs that locked him in. However, he felt his energy gradually being drained, as if being absorbed. In the end, he could only drop his hands weakly.

The replica he fought did not just copy Raditz’s fighting style. It had its own style mixed with it, making its attacks more difficult to anticipate.

“Be careful guys, this machine want to recapture us back! Don’t get caught by those things on the wall.” Raditz flew into the air warning everyone.

He noticed that the weird metal skeleton had a transparent layer around it, one that was capable of absorbing Ki.

“Goku, let’s go in together!”

“Wait, look!” Tien Shinhan suddenly screamed, stopping Raditz and Goku who were about to attack.

Everyone looked together, their eyes trembling. Krillin unconsciously stepped back, and his face became blue.

An army of replicas came to them. There were countless, rushing out like demons out of hell, repeating over and over again in one voice: “You cannot escape!”