Chapter 45: Goku’s Replicas


“Goku?” When Tien Shinhan spoke, everyone was stunned.

There was no reason to doubt his eyesight. In fact, it was one major asset that they could all rely upon. But how could it be Goku standing before them? Tullece? No, that was out of question two, as they could track him going beyond this area in space before they were pulled in by the metal planet.

“This is…” Raditz eyes flashed. As the figures gradually approached, his hands began trembling: “They really look like him! But I can’t feel any Ki, as if they are not living!”

“They are created by the Big Gete Star, aren’t they?” Piccolo asked.

“So, although they look like Goku, their strength surely match his!” Krillin laughed. “What do you think Goku?” He smiled and turned to look at Goku on the side, only to find him very serious. He looked carefully at his replica, and so did Raditz.

In order to deal with them, Gedester sent out so many Robots. But before Goku’s replica, none of these machines could stand before them. This replica should be far stronger, but Raditz had difficulties to guess its power level. He feared that the Big Gete Star might have measured each of their power level, and now sent a new machine created specifically to take them down!

“Be careful.” Piccolo hid Gohan behind him, as he felt how threatening these replicas are.

“You went against my will, I shall capture you again.” They heard the same voice again, and it sounded soulless and emotionless, creeping them out even more.

The deadly replicas slowly approached, their legs colliding with the floor. The chilling sound of metal on metal echoed through the area.

A total of four replicas appeared in the light. Like Goku, they were all in the typical Muten Roshi uniform. Their clothes were flat, not moving as they walked, as of casted upon their bodies. Their hair, muscles, belts and boots shined in the light upon the dull blue floor.

“No doubt, they’re made of metal!”Nappa snorted disdainfully, his hands gathering energy, and rushed to the replicas, sending out one Ki Blast after the other. “Maybe I can’t beat the real Kakarot, but do you think that your cheap knock offs would hold a candle to me?”


The first replica he attacked punched both of his legs, hit his chest, face, and Nappa’s belly accurately, sending him into the air just to fall on the ground.

As his massive body fell on the floor, the impact echoed all over the area.

“Damn it! Reckless Nappa.” Vegeta swept his eyes coldly, his hands unfolding as he marched forward. He could already notice that these replicas completely copied Goku’s fighting style, and even the timing of the punches was perfect.

“I am going to deal with you, scrap piles!”

Defeating these replicas was in way like defeating Goku!

Facing Vegeta’s prideful words, the replicas did not seem to be impressed at all. They looked at him, looking around beyond him, as if looking for a more suitable opponent.

“You just make me mad! Your opponent is right here in front of you!” Vegeta rushed in without any hesitation, sending his furious punches ahead of him.

Tiren Shinhan was dazzled by his speed, and only Goku and Raditz could see him well.

A replica stood in front of Vegeta with his hands crossed, blocking his attack. He was pushed back, making a sharp friction sounds with the floor.

“Well! Vegeta has the upper hand!” Krillin waved his arm and shouted.

“But there are three more of them! Krillin, take care of this girl. Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, let’s go!” Raditz released the girl’s hand and went into the fight.

Despite Piccolo’s power improving a lot through the gravity room training, he still wasn’t quite capable of overwhelming the replicas; he had to cooperate tactically with Gohan.

For Goku, this wasn’t the first battle with a replica, and it was as hard as ever. The two had exactly the same fighting style, and figuring out who would win seemed difficult.

The last replica was larger than the others. It stared at Raditz and said: “You were the first to escape. Now, I shall capture you.” Its mouth moved slightly, emitting a cold voice.

“The Big Gete Star…” Raditz said.

The Robot did not answer, and instead, it rushed in directly, actually yelling!

It went in with full power, cutting through the air. Raditz’s body burst out a vigorous aura that rapped it completely. When the replica’s fist arrived, he met it with another.

The two fists hit each other, and the metal and bone collided. Raditz only felt his arm becoming numb., His body trembled, but he wasn’t visibly hurt, as the power of the impact spreading through the ground around him, creating a large pit. The replica however was sent back, its arm shattered into pieces that were scattered on the floor.

“Well, so, is that all?” Raditz rotated his arm and moved his fingers, and he took in a breath of air.

While the replica took most of the damage, Raditz was in pain. After all, he was flesh and blood.

The robot silently glanced at the pieces of his arm scattered on the ground, and walking in among them. The next second, the pieces seemed to melt, climb up along its body, and proceed to their original places very rapidly, growing back into a brand new arm.

“Liquid metal? And memory repair?” Raditz was stunned, with his face rather gloomy.

It was now clear that dealing with these robots should be very difficult, and unless they completely annihilated them at once, they should be able to self-repair again and again.

‘This is bad!’ Raditz thought to himself.

Not giving him time to breath, the replica rushed in again, kicking Raditz, and sending him flying away! Raditz stopped himself in midair, stabilized his body, and then his Kaioken aura ignited, and he flickered to the replica punching it in the face.

The punch twisted the robot’s head all the way around to his back. Raditz knew that this wasn’t enough, and hit it again with an elbow, slamming it to the ground.

He pulled back his hands, and then launched a massive Ki Blast that shrouded the the replica instantly! The massive ensuing light spread out…