Chapter 44 (Alternative): Breaking through the Barriers


(Translator note: This is the continuation of the old version of these events. To read the final official chapter, read here!)

“Hurry up, let’s get out of here!” Raditz yelled and rushed out.

In order to prevent any of them from escaping, the main door started to close, ignoring the robots bellow, and letting them be destroyed without mercy.

The thick gate had three layers, and it also had a protective wall that absorbed Ki. This metal layer was difficult to break, if they didn’t go out now, it should be very difficult to escape.

Raditz and the others moved as far as they could, with the sparks and thundering sounds of the shots opened behind them.

The door finally closed tightly squashing the last robot in the way. Fortunately, the late to escape Krillin was agile enough to slip out.

But their escape wasn’t through. On the vast two way path before them, the Metal Warriors had already gathered in seemingly infinite groups.

“What the hell are they?”

“Whatever they are, we shall kill them all!” Vegeta had been locked up for a long time and could not bear it anymore. In his hands, he gathered two spheres of Ki, and got out to the open, showering the metal army in Ki Blasts.

However, he did hear the symphony of explosions that he had expected; over a dozen metal warriors arranged themselves in the front, forming a large transparent shield.

It completely absorbed Vegeta’s Ki, and his “just Ki Blast them to death” tactic officially failed.

Vegeta was shocked: “How…”

“Listen to me, they will analyze the way we fight and evolve taking appropriate response measures. From the beginning when they used firearms, then with subsequent use of blades, their use of clever tactics, and now the formation of this energy absorbing shield, all we’ve seen from them is the result of their evolution.” Raditz analyzed, “But the only constant is that they remain very weak. We don’t need to change our way of fighting, we just have to punch them, again and again!”

“Sounds pretty good to me!” Nappa yelled, and his strong muscle shining in the alarm lights, as he looked more aggressive than ever!

With a loud yell, he ran to the robots nearest to him, like a rolling boulder. They didn’t know what to do, for such an attack style was never attempted against them before; it wasn’t in their databases! He was rushing in with no guard, no limb extended to attack, no weapons, no high speed, and no special positioning: What in the world was this posture?!

Quickly, their databases were bypassed, and all the robots resumed operation using their initial instinctive settings.

All of this was of no importance to Nappa. He ran toward them, bear-hugging three at once, squishing their bodies with brute force. Although they were all made out of high-strength alloys, they were immediately deformed and twisted into bizarre postures.

However, they weren’t going out without a fight. Immediately, openings formed around their bodies, leaving way for blades that emerged to pierce into Nappa.

“Get out of the way!” Vegeta suddenly yelled.

Nappa however didn’t seem to care. He smirked at the emerging blades, and a white Ki Aura surrounded his body. Pressing on the robots, he waved them around like ragdolls while violently grinding them along with the blades.

“Dangdang!” “Dangdang!” “Dangdang!”

The three metal bodies were already shattered to scraps by the time they were waved around twice, and then were power-bombed by Nappa into the ground!

“Vegeta, you’re not the only who became stronger, Nappa has also trained hard.” Raditz walked over to Vegeta and looked at the burly Nappa with satisfaction. “His usual training time is no less than yours.”

Vegeta gazed at Raditz and said: “Of course he did.” And the latter turned his head and smiled.

At the same time, Krillin very quickly rushed ahead. He was small enough to slither his way into the Robots and hit them by surprise. His arms were less powerful than Nappa’s, but his punches still managed to go through the metal carcasses like they were butter.

The Robots then transformed again, turning into a lower-stature more defensive form, using their previously attack oriented blades to fend off the attacks.

“Let’s go too! Gohan!” !” Piccolo extended his arms like pythons, wrapping them around several enemies. By the time they were detected, they were tied for the Namekian to wave them around and smash them to the ground!

Gohan tacitly understood Piccolo and rushed in as well, keeping in mind how his teacher taught him to focus his attacks on vital points. The heavy plate armor couldn’t withstand the power of a punch in it those weak spoted, and instantly collapsed, and with it, the lights in the eyes of the robot turned dim. This ferocious kid destroyed many robots; the sound of their explosion was deafeningly frequent, and debris plied behind him as he made this way through them.

“You guys…” The girl looked at them, hardly believing that such powerful guys would exist and could stand against these horrible machines without any help.

Raditz grabbed her hand: “Rest assured, we are very strong.” He smiled at her, and in response, a smile blossomed upon her face like a flower.

Goku scratched his head, while Vegeta tapped on his arms. The two looked at each-other, and then immediately launched a fiery of attacks on their enemies. It was an unspoken competition, and both tried to out-match each other and bring down as many Metal Warriors as possible.

It seemed like the Big Gete Star made a big mistake when pulling their spacecraft!

Under everyone’s struggle, they walked along a path that they opened through the robots, only leaving debris. Although they did not know where to go, they gradually dispersed, and all the intercepting machines were beaten into retreat.

“Data Collection, Complete! Data Collection, Complete!” Suddenly, the metal warriors stopped and made a sound abruptly: “Mission is Complete! Mission is Complete!”

The metal bodies lost power, and automatically collapsed in pieces that scattered on the ground.

Dozens of remaining mechanical warriors were scrapped at the same time, and the scene was extremely spectacular. No one knew what was going on, and their eyes were filled with vigilance, fearing that they would fall into another trap.

“Perhaps, their time has come?”

“I don’t know what happened, but let’s take the opportunity!”

“At this moment, you are inside of the planet! You must be more careful.” Piccolo said calmly, while gazing at the test subjects who were murmuring behind him. “We’re at great risk, especially with so many people!”

“You shall not hurt me!”

Suddenly, a sharp voice broke out from the depths of the planet.

“Did it just say ‘me’! Is it the planet itself?”

Everyone’s nerves tightened as they looked into the distance. Something was appearing on the other side of the corridor!

Tien was first to get a good glimpse of their new opponent, and he could not stop shaking!

“Gok… is that Goku?!”