Chapter 43 (Alternative): Fierce Desire for Freedom


(T/N: This is the original version of chapter 43 of the novel. Starting the ending of this chapter, the author decided to modify some events. There weren’t many parts modified, just a couple of chapters, but this meant that this chapter does not represent the official final rendition of the story.

Still, I found these ‘alternative’ chapters rather interesting, and decided to offer you both versions of these Metal Planet Events. For the final rendition, click here!)

Raditz saw the girl blushing and said: “No need to thank me; my name is Raditz.”

“I… I don’t remember my name!” The girl blinked with her watery eyes and frowned as if she was trying to remember. She actually looked in pain.

‘She might have lost her memory during the experiments!’ Raditz thought. However, it didn’t matter much, for their priority now was to get out of trouble.

Raditz keenly tried to listen for the rambling of the machines, and then once again took the girl’s delicate hand and said: “Follow me!”

“Okay!” This was the first time she saw someone who could stand up to the machines. Following him, though risky, might be her only hope for survival.

She clenched her palms on his hand, for it felt so warm in contrast to the cold world of metal she’s been in so far; her eyes were set on his strong muscular back as she followed him out.

The corridor through which they escaped was very wide and tortuous. The silver-colored walls were striped with shimmering light lines on both sides, and the floor was shaking violently as the armored warriors behind them were getting closer!

The Tumatians were right to be frightened: these monster-like robotic soldiers were so many, practically innumerable. A large enough assembly of ticks could take down an elephant. The robots were relentless, and very fast, and their fast loud footsteps on metal echoed and grew, around them. Eventually, a new sound emerged threw the echo: footsteps from the front! Indeed robots were forming a siege straight ahead in front of them!

The corridor was very convenient to surround Raditz, for the robots were so many and he had only two ways to go.

This scared the wits out of the girl, getting her face pale out of fear. She firmly held Raditz’s arm, and her heart was thumping loud enough for him to hear it.

“Don’t be afraid!” Raditz laughed softly, but it was just calm her heart. He did not let his guard down, immediately assuming a fighting position.

The new robots that first met Raditz this time looked a lot more like humans, and were completely different from the first robots that Raditz had met. To deal with him, it seemed that the Big Gete Star was trying new things!

Instead of using firearms this time, they were used cold metal, silver-white blades that were extending from their bodies.

With their weapons reflecting the lights from the surrounding wall, the battle took off!

Several bright lights approached Raditz in a heartbeat. They went straight at him with their blades, audibly cutting through the air. They charged so fiercely for this melee attack; they left sparks behind them!

Raditz hid the girl behind him, and extended his index and middle finger rapidly. Out of nowhere, a Ki Blade immerged from his hand, and he waved it at the incoming blades!

“Dang, dang, dangdang!”

Not only were the swords destroyed, the armors of the robots were torn to shreds, and their cores were penetrated by Raditz’s Ki Sword, getting immediately destroyed.

From midair, what was left of the robots collapsed to the ground, and the debris were dissipating from the contact with Raditz Ki. With just a flick of his fingers, he destroyed five of them!

He kept his sword charged and advances through the corridor.

The Robots kept on coming endlessly. They did not care about their life, just collectively attacking Raditz again and again. The girl was frightened as she barely managed to avoid their blades time and again. She struggled to keep up with Raditz who rotated, trying to stick to him as her final shield from death!

But soon, she was keeping up with this rhythm, as if she was used to doing it before. She imagined Raditz chanting: “Up and Down, Right and Left…” and she started wondering if her memories were coming back!

The soldiers were being chopped like veggies. Their parts, lubricating fluids and sparking electronic went in all directions as they blow up. The scene was terrifying, but more and more of them approached, and there seemed to be no end of them. They did not seem to flinch as they flocked in, probably in an attempt to flood Raditz with their carcasses and then bring him down.

Moreover, with this constant fighting, the robots seemed to gradually get more and more familiar with Raditz’s attack patterns.

They became more and more clever, and adapted their attacks gradually. Some even released ropes to grab Raditz, and then launch a combined attack with other soldiers.

Raditz burst out his Kaioken and their ropes were no match to that, but the girl couldn’t take them anymore. They were bound to fail like trapped animals. Then only one way to survive was to break through them! Moreover, seeing so many soldiers, Raditz knew if he wanted to succeed, the gate at the end of the path had to be wide open!

He turned back quickly, getting behind the girl, “Get ready!”

“Ready? How?”

“In every way!”

The girl was stunned and suddenly felt that her thighs were being pulled up, and she instantly flew into the air: Raditz just threw her above the robots!

Below, Raditz stepped back preparing Double Sunday! The bright light almost engulfed all of the robots that were chasing them, and the heat made them explode, all while bringing the corridor to ruins. What seemed to be an impenetrable wall of iron soldiers was brought down in one strike!

Their debris started to wither, but the larger remaining hunks of metal quickly gathered, getting surrounded by a transparent shield that was absorbing Raditz’s Ki! As the latter expected, they could autonomously evolve very rapidly!

Seeing that the girl was falling from mid air, Raditz reached out grabbing her leg, and then throwing her on his back. He threw a Ki Blast at the two Robots remaining in front of him to confuse their line of sight. Sure enough, their evolution was fast, but Kaioken was faster! Raditz went straight to the portal right in between them.

In fact, since these robots were ones especially activated upon security beaches, they rushed at him, inevitably opening the gate! As they flocked behind him, they left it open for him to get right back in!

Raditz thought of taking advantage of their momentary “scarcity”, to get back and try to save everyone.However, the massive room was immediately filled to the brim with more Robots that rushed straight at him!

Nevertheless, this wasn’t that bad, for their large numbers backfired, and they couldn’t move in quickly enough! Raditz used this “congestion” to enter easily, and quickly found Goku and the others. He directly opened their cells, releasing everyone.

“Thank you Raditz!” Tien Shinhan was the first to step out of the cage and had already rubbed his hands.

“How dare they keep me in such a place?! Let’s crush those iron and copper freaks!” Nappa walked out, flexing his muscles, his head shining in the bright alarm lights.

Then, the third baldy, Krillin, followed right after, and all three looked at the Robots around them and immediately assumed their fighting postures!

Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan followed them one after the other, and all the remaining prisoners and test subjects slapped their cells with a fierce desire for freedom!

Right then, Ki Blasts roared as cold flames fell from the sky, and they all retreated to the back of their cells: the poor fellows couldn’t be saved just yet….