Chapter 42: The Rescue of a Beauty


In the deep darkness, Raditz began to follow the walls. This place couldn’t be infinitely wide; going in one direction should be the best solution to come to an end. He needed to determine the boundaries of this space, at least to understand its size range.

However, he stopped after only a few small steps, and that was it. Was this a very small room, or a cage of some sort?

He suddenly remembered something, and hit his face with his palm!

“I actually forgot this trick.” He smiled and gathered Ki in his hand, and energy illuminated the area around him making the whole place clear and bright.

“Lights on”

The bright light suddenly emerging in the dark made Raditz feel dazzled for a moment. After his eyes slowly adapted with the scene, he found that the area before him was populated densely with numerous metal cells that were disorderly arranged.

The ten square meters cells had three metal walls, equipped with some sort of electronics. The forth wall was completely transparent, as if made out of glass.

Raditz reached for it, and when his fingers moved upon the slippery surface, golden lines appeared upon it. The walls and floor were so hard, no punches from Raditz even made them budge. On top of that, a horrible massive sickle-like blade was hanging over his head, as if it was about to fall and reap it at any time!

All cells in the area were the same, carrying other Tumantians on top of his companions. Not only that, they help people from several other planets. Almost everyone looked different, but without exception, they were all tied with electronic handcuffs. Well, that is except for the new-comers, who hadn’t been cuffed up yet.

Static electronic voice suddenly came from the massive dome above, followed by a scull tingling sharp voice that sounded like that of two kitchen knives being sharpened against one another.

Then, a shrill voice sounded from the equipment in each cage! “Test Subject 348 was captured successfully….. Test Subject 365 had been captured successfully.”

After announcing the capturing of his companions, Raditz could clearly observe that many were trembling and seemed slightly afraid of punishment that would befall them.

“Test Subjects 66, 71 and 80: To be destroyed!”

“Destroyed?” Raditz was shocked! Looking out from the transparent side, he found that the cages of the called number automatically opened, and a group of armored two-meter tall mechanical warriors took their inhabitants away, getting hope further away from everyone’s heart as they did so.

No wonder they were afraid: spot were limited! With Raditz and his pals arriving, the weaker had to be destroyed.

After all, resources were scarce, and an abundance of them is required to sustain the life of a test subject. Those who were further from the Big Gete Star’s main standard, absolute strength, had to be cut off.

The big room suddenly room, giving Raditz a Chance to rush out! It was a short window not to be missed!

The 3 perished subjects, covered with green linen, were approaching. When the first of them was within less than five meters of him he shouted: “NOW!”

Raditz had already prepared a powerful punch, launching it straight at the transparent wall, which just deformed to a limited extent without chipping or even cracking!

Immediately, he decided to change his strategy, throwing out a Ki Blast, the dazzling blue light of which hit the transparent wall straight; only to disappear. Raditz’s was shocked again!

Suddenly, metal probes and various loaded guns and weapons emerged from the other three walls, ready to fire an onslaught on him!

All became clear to Raditzat that moment: The transparent Wall absorbed his Ki Blasts, just like that last metal giant outsides, transferring it to the three other side walls which were weaponized to attack him back.

The barrage began on Raditz’s body. It was absolutely “uncomfortable” for him to get shot at such close distance. On top of that, the massive blade above him fell down on him quickly, it’s edge reflexting the lights of the attacks!

His case was becoming hell, but he smiled!

Raditz jumped up at the blade, using Kaioken immediately to flicker quickly behind it. With great power, he snapped it out of the lever that was holding it, placed it over his shoulder, and propelled himself as a projectile at the transparent wall!

“If Ki Blasts won’t do anything to this wall of yours, then I shall break it with your own weapon!” With a Kaioken-enhanced Ki blast to the opposing wall, Raditz launched himself at the transparent wall with the Blade.

The edge of the blade was extremely sharp which along with the extreme power generated by Raditz, resulted in enough pressure and impact to break through the wall!

A figure suddenly rushed out of cell towards the main entrance!

Everyone around was shocked, watching the closest thing to a miracle at the time for them: A man actually escaped the cage, going against the horrible machines!

“Raditz!” Goku and the others screamed together, although their voices did not go beyond their cells.

As they screamed, Raditz rushed to the entrance, took away one of the beings they were about to destroy, and turned around hitting the Robots with a twin Ki Blast! Whatever was left of them “bled” green lubricant, as they succumbed to the ground.

The prisoners were in absolute disbelief. They shouted in their cells, with many of them bursting into tears as they cheered hysterically!

“Who wouldn’t cheer for a hero going against fate?”

Immediately, the sound of the alarm took over, a red light flashed, and countless metal warriors immerged from the metal floor, filling the area!

The mighty mechanical army rushed to Raditz as the portal began to close.

“Bang, bang, bang”

After destroying a few with them with Ki Blasts, Raditz channeled a Double Sunday, covering a great area, and destroying the majority of them. However, instead of attacking those who were left, he rechanneled his ongoing attack, propelling himself towards the portal, and passing through it!


The portal closed behind Raditz and the one he saved finally emerged from underneath the dark green linen.

Raditz did not feel its face. He was holding the being by its chest, which was surprisingly soft and plump! Without a doubt, this was a girl!

Looking at her, the girl had a bright orange long heir with one blue braid. Her white porcelain-like skin and her delicate eyes were slowly exposed the Raditz as the linen fell off. Her single piece attire was light and tight, highlighting her delicacy!

She bit her lip, her face was red, and she looked up at Raditz while trying to look away.

“OH! SORRY!” Raditz responded, for his hand still on her chest. He quickly released her, doing his best to explain that it wasn’t on purpose!

“Thank you, thank you.” The girl smiled shyly.