Chapter 40: Planet Tumat


Was the Dragon Ball world collapsing on another?

No! No! It was impossible. Those couldn’t be transformers; just ordinary Dragon Ball World Machines

Raditz couldn’t help but glimpse bellow, to witness expressions filled with indescribable horror. Looking at the fear in the eyes of the people underneath, he could imagine their pain being enslaved for such a long time.

“I’ll say this only once: If you target me, I will destroy you!”

Raditz had to deal with these machines one way or another. He looked at the six to seven meter tall robots, facing their weapons without wavering.

The dark gray robots began to move again. On top of the main gun barrels on their chests and hands, their torsos, arms and legs exposed more new ones. All aimed at Raditz, it was as if they were waiting for a signal. They could launch thousands of bullets at him in no time, and bring forth enough firepower to decimate most enemies.

“Come on!” Raditz’s voice was that signal they needed. Simultaneously, countless bullets showered Raditz, making a deafening sound as they were shot, and brightening the dark planet for an instance. The onslaught lasted a full minute, and made everyone’s knees tremble. The heat and the impact were so great; flame and smoke were formed around Raditz.

“Who would survive such an offensive?!”

“Did… did he die?”  A boy asked

“It doesn’t matter either way! Forget about him. We cannot go against their will…” An old man held the frightened child to calm him down, struggling to fight his own fears while patting his head. The boy’s head seemed to tremble; but it if one was to look closely, they would see the old man’s hand shaking.

“But maybe he could save us!” The boy started to cry.

“Shhhhh! Aji, don’t say such things! That would be impossible!” An adult next to the old man covered the kid’s month; “If they hear you, we are doomed!”

“Don’t cry child! It’s our fate. Let’s just hope we get through this day alive.” Every wrinkle on the old man’s face seemed

Everyone sighed together, and one could hear that they were all shivering.

At this time, a dark figure slowly immerged from the flames, its long hair swaying in the scorching air. It was a man’s figure! The old man’s eyes widened, almost bulging out of their sockets. He gulped and coughed in shock, along with everyone else who also collapsed to the ground in shock: It was Raditz, alive and unscathed!

Raditz’s level at the time was far beyond their comprehension. He gently flicked the dust off of the tips of his hair, and cracked hin knuckles and neck.

“Old man, do take hope away from that child!” Raditz punched his palm, and then flickered behind the first Robot. The sound of his cutting through the air was so loud; it was akin to the sound of thunder!


The crowd watched as Raditz punch went through the robot’s thick armor. He was breaking through the ultra durable alloy as if it was flimsy plastic, and the momentum of his attack tore the robot in two as he advanced towards the next one…

“Bang, bang!”

“Three robots in a raw!”

The machines posed no threat to Raditz, even with their collective attack. Raditz smiled, for after he destroyed three of them, the other machines surrounded him again. They could measure power levels, but they be programmed to attack beings that are of lower power. With Raditz’s ability to mask his Ki, they just kept going at him, not able to judge the gap between them correctly.

They approached and shot him from point blank, with several of their bullets pointed at his face. Nevertheless, Raditz kept smiling.

He opened his hands, and gathered Ki in his palms, and then started rotating it around him.

All the slaves were watching, their faces pale, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Soon, those eyes saw nothing, for his Ki Blasts blocked their sight with their veil of light. Even the remaining Robots couldn’t lock down on him. They kept shooting, but out of the Light, Ki expanded like a Rotating wheel of light, bursting out and going through the Robots, and then shrinking back, all within a heartbeat! The bullets were still being shot, but they gradually ceased as the robots collapsed to the ground, fully destroyed.

“Done!” Raditz dusted his hands coldly.

The survivors grew more frightened and shrank back. If it wasn’t for the electronic shackles, they would have run away.

“I saved you, so you don’t have to be so scared! Look at me! Like you, I’m a man, just like you!” Raditz pointed to his face and turned around. He was wearing a T-shit and a leather jacket, and his tail was completely cut off. He looked completely like a normal person.

His words seemed to have touched the old man, but everyone else remained afraid. Some of them looked like they were seeing a ghost.

“You don’t understand; we are not afraid of you. We are afraid of them! They will come back! They will kill us all!”

Raditz became more and more confused, frowning as he heard the old man.

These people seemed to be imprisoned, and understanding what they referred to by “them” might be the key to solving the mystery of this metal planet.

“Just tell me what is going on with this planet! What do you mean by “they”? My friends and I were pulled in by the planet while traveling through the galaxy; why is that?”

Raditz’s questions seemed to make these people hesitate. After a long time, the old man finally stood up, trembled and approached Raditz. His squinted at him with is old eyes, taking a close look at him and sighing:

Initially, he was not willing to speak the truth, but Raditz’s words as he emerged out of the flame, along with his incredible power, both made him think differently.

“Hope? Perhaps there is hope?”

It had been a while since they saw someone new around here; maybe he could be there opportunity?

“We are the inhabitants of this planet, planet Tumat. We call ourselves the Tumatians. Our civilization had been developing for a long time, being one of the oldest in the universe!”

The old man’s words were carrying great pride; he was looking up, seemingly longing for the glorious past. Although he wasn’t there, ancient books did record enough of his civilization’s past glory to inspire him and his kind.

“In the distant past, our civilization developed great science and technology, reaching a peak that surpassed all others in the galaxy at time. However, unexpectedly, and after a period of prosperity, the technological advancement came to a halt, and all prosperity was gone. Eventually, Tumat was brought down…” As the old man spoke, his tone withered, and his face grew even paler.

Raditz guessed what happened and said: “So at some point, you wanted to get your civilization back to that peak?”

On the desolate planet, full of metal, only Raditz’s voice echoed…