Chapter 4: His Power Level is 5!

Chapter 4: His Power Level is 5 !

A few days of rest went by, and the minor wound on Raditz’s forehead has long since healed.

He couldn’t wait to go to the earth. It’s a good place. After all, beside’s earthlings’ superior mastery of Ki, food and beauty on the planet were enough to attract him.

On this planet he was on, he could only eat sour and simmering fruits, and rarely eat wild animals. He couldn’t eat extraterrestrials like the frog men! Just seeing Vegeta eat them raw with blood all over his hands was enough to make him sick.

Whenever he slept, he was mostly out in open air. He couldn’t bathe and all he did all day was fighting.
Despite earthlings’ low overall combat level, their living standard was a thousand times better than that of the inhabitants of this ruined planet.

He made up his mind, picked a good day, and embarked on a journey to Earth.

There were sleeping devices in the spherical spacecraft, which can make people sleep when they are on a long journey, and dream their way to their destination. Without those machines, it would be too boring to stay in such a small cabin for such a long time.

However, he didn’t sleep right off the bat, but instead meditated, using spiritual training to enhance his overall strength. This lasted until he finished what fruit he carried with him, and then he had to use the life-sustaining device and sleep the rest of his journey.

One year later……

On earth, the ambitions of King Piccolo who attempted to conquer the world were history, and people were experiencing a peaceful period of time. Everyone lived prosperously and enjoyed a good life.
A few idle clouds were floating in the sky, and fields were green, with a range of mountains lying on the edge of the wilderness, like giants guarding the boundless land.

The breeze came, shaking the leaves on the trees, and making the grass sway in the fields, like green waves that rolled along with the wind.

Without warning, a meteor-like light swept across the sky, dragging long flames and rushing to the ground!


The huge bang was accompanied by the trembling of the earth and the people around felt the obvious impact. Many people thought that an earthquake had happened and ran to open spaces. The shaking of the ground did not last, and when it calmed down, they saw thick smoke floating in the sky.

“Finally”. After sleeping for so long, Raditz’s whole body was stiff. Such a single-person spacecraft didn’t seem to be suitable for long-distance travel. He opened the hatch and quickly climbed out to take a breath of fresh air.

Although the time he spent in the spaceship was like a dream, his body’s stiffness was real. He couldn’t wait to move his arms and legs, while trying to wave his tail in a circle to ensure that he had no problems anywhere around his body.

He jumped up and out of the huge pit that was created. In front of him was a swollen middle-aged farmer in a straw hat, a strapped shirt along with a rustic jumpsuit, staring at him. The middle-aged man’s face became covered in sweat, he gulped, and the shotgun in his hand kept shaking before Raditz.

Although he had no combat experience, he could still sense Raditz’s superiority.

“Hey… y-you… what are you?”

Raditz didn’t answer, and a number flashed on his scouter : 5.

Unexpectedly, he was actually discovered by the same farmer that discovered him in the Anime!

“Really? 5 combat power?! Hahaha!…” Raditz burst out laughing uncontrollably, disregarding his image, and bent over with laughter.

“This guy… are you…. insane?” The middle-aged farmer was overwhelmed by the sudden change in Raditz’s demeanor.

Raditz laughed for a long time while the farmer was stunned, and then he slowly stopped smiling.

He didn’t want to kill people. He looked at the farmer saying: “I give you some advice: when you see people like me, don’t start shooting randomly.”

“Ah… Well?” After remaining stunned for a moment, the farmer reacted. “Hey, what the hell are you…”

He hadn’t finished talking, when he was shocked once again. His legs couldn’t even support him this time, and he fell to the ground. What he saw was Raditz flying directly into the sky, faster than the wind.

Raditz flew into the air, remembering what he actually said in the Anime, grinning : “What an epic scene!” While he was so amused, the scouter made a beep sound and reacted.

“This power level is quite high for Earth, it’s 2333 miles aways… Could it be Piccolo ?” Raditz started flying faster.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll just go and check it out.”

Flying toward the location, Raditz went all the way to his target.

It wasn’t a barren hill, but a small town. Although it was in the countryside, the roads were wide, the houses were dense, and there were many vehicles rolling around. It was completely different from the place where he first encountered Piccolo in the Anime.

Has history changed? I haven’t started fighting yet. Shouldn’t things be the same?

He just landed on the ground, walked towards the signal source and entered a bar. As soon as he pushed the door, he found that there were many bodies on the floor. The way they died was very obvious; one fatal blow, definitely made by a master.

There were knives and guns around the corpses, they must have died before even reaching them.

“Piccolo?” No, if it was him, the whole place should be destroyed… eh?” Raditz suddenly noticed that the scouter signal had disappeared.

“This person is a master who knows “Ki”!”

Not being able to rely on the scouter, Raditz just sensed the flow of Ki.

Suddenly, he sensed a figure flashing on the top of him, one haven a sword in its hand, coming at him very fast.

Such speed, while great for earthlings, was like a slow-motion animation to Raditz. It was as if he was watching his enemy move frame by frame. Only slightly leaning over his body, Raditz escaped this dangerous blow.

The man reacted flexibly, jumping away immediately after missing, and sneaked into the shadows.

“Hey there boy, as you walked through the door, I could see that you are different. This strange apparatus of yours must mean that you are no ordinary man. Who are you? Are you here to avenge them?”

“I have no interest in avenging them, and I know who you are, so no need to hide your face.” Raditz showed a bitter smile; he didn’t expect to meet this guy, “The world’s number one assassin, Tao Paipai, right?”

The man in the shadows was stunned and then burst out a cheerful laugh: “Ha ha ha, this is the first time someone said my name so casualy. Oh yes, I am indeed the world’s number one assassin, Tao Paipai!”

As he spoke, he walked out slowly from the shades, seeming very careful. He still had his long braided gown and with the word “kill” clearly written on his chest. However, both his arms and eyes were transformed into mechanical ones. The sword Raditz saw just now came out of his hand.

“Young boy, I only kill people for money, I don’t accept apprentices.” Tao Paipai, was admired for his cold blood assassin skills, and was often asked by aspiring martial artists to teach them.

What the hell? Apprentice? Does he think he is at that level?

Raditz’s mouth twitched and he said helplessly: “Sorry, I just found the wrong person…”