Chapter 39: Slaves of Machines


Vegeta believed that after so much hard training in the gravity room, his power should be so great, such foes would fall easily against it. However, dealing with this kind of robot was not that easy, and things weren’t as simple as over-powering it.

This behemoth actually absorbed Vegeta Ki, which actually added to its own strength.

After Vegeta bombarded with Ki, it did suffer some Damage, but absorbed enough power to repair that and get much stronger. Immediately, its fist blew Vegeta away.

“Bastard! I’ll tear you apart!” Vegeta flew directly to the metal giant again, not using Ki Blasts this time.

However, it seemed like the latter did not want to fight, retracting its body back into the pit. Even the mechanical arms were retracted. Shattered scraps of metal remained on top of the ground, but the rest seemed to be absorbed and disappeared in front of everyone. By the time Vegeta reached it, he hit only the ground.

“What’s happening?” Raditz muttered to himself, very confused. He looked back at the spacecraft that was landing, and said in shock: “Was all of this just for the spaceship? What is the planet?” ”

A lot of questions went through his mind, remaining unanswered.

Piccolo was also looking around carefully, examining the seemingly dead planet while remaining on guard.

“Why is the ship landing, Raditz?” Vegeta was puzzled and worried. He was able to fend off the mechanical attack on the ship, so why was it landing anyway?

“The power system is overheated and it can’t fly for a while.”


Goku scratched his head saying: “So how long do we have to stay here?”

“I’m afraid that we have to wait for at around five hours. The self-diagnosis of the ship is clear, and we can’t just ignore its safety procedures.” Raditz looked at the spacecraft. “But the problem is that even then, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to take off. We don’t know the purpose and intentions of this metal planet; we must be careful.”

“Alright, next time thing comes along, I’ll get rid of it.” Despite saying this, Vegeta knew in his heart that things were not going to be that simple.

Indeed, the matter wasn’t that simple. Everyone was in awe as they realized that the giant seemed to be connected to the entire planet! Vegeta’s Ki, which it absorbed, was spreading around the area. With it, metal was morphing, and scraps were used to repair the damage done by the Saiyans’ attacks and further fortify the planet at an amazing speed. They could see the morphing we the naked eye!

With this in mind, they started to realize that they might have to destroy the entire planet if they were to deal with this giant.

“Come on, let’s go back and get some rest.” Raditz couldn’t anticipate how things were going to develop, so he just decided to give the matter some thought before acting rashly.

Goku and Piccolo looked at each other, and then followed him. At last, Vegeta turned around as well, but not before giving the disappearing crack on the ground a gaze of alert.

After that, the ship landed quietly behind some metal pillars, and its surface was barely damaged. Besides a few scratches, its reactor area and energy board on top were searing hot, but nothing it had was a big deal.

After consulting with each-other, the group decided to go out. Although temperature, gravity and air were not that different from earth, everyone couldn’t help but get a chill down their spines as they stood on the surface of this planet. This place was so strange!

“Five more hours, in this place reeking of death…”

“It’s not that long; we’ll just have to hold on.”

“Well, at least it stopped acting weirdly since we landed…”

Everyone was talking a lot, but none of them dared to go around and explore. They could only wait and watch what would happen.

Raditz failed to find a way to get the spaceship to go out earlier. Helpless, he just accepted the fact: “It is what it is.”

Suddenly, Tien Shinhan yelled: “Look! There’s someone!”

He pointed away, behind several tall alloy made buildings, where indeed several unidentifiable shadows seemed to be moving.

Krillin squinted and said: “Could they be people? Can’t it be those machines again?”

“I can’t see clearly!” Tien Shinhan was very confident in his eyesight. If he couldn’t see them, then they had to get closer if they wanted to know.

Raditz was curious and flew into the air. “I’ll go and see if they are humans or humanoids, and then I’ll be back to tell you.” He knew that if he didn’t understand the truth about this strange planet, and even if the spacecraft recovered its power, it would be difficult to escape. Therefore, he concluded that trying to make a contact with this machinery could be a good idea.

He flew to the sky above those figures, and he took a glimpse of who they really were…

“They are really people!”

Indeed, they all looked very similar to earthling humans. Their limbs, facial features, and body shapes were similar. Raditz could see tall, thin, men and women, both old and young. It seemed that they were all chained by some sort of electronic device and that they walked slowly.

There over twenty people, staggering in long lines, with some sort of armored vehicles that moved on caterpillar tracks surrounding them.

“Are they criminals? Anyway, this means that there’s some human like creature behind this planet. Even if these are all convicts, there must be someone that had judged them.” Raditz thought about it, and decided to go ask them directly.

Thinking that his appearance should be awkward, he smiled, and went down planning on being friendly.

As soon as he landed, he reached out and saluted these people.

As he waved his hands to them, they were all extremely shocked and hurriedly shouted: “It’s a person!”

“Run! Quick!”

At that moment, Raditz did not react, understanding that they would be scared. He was more than willing to explain the situation to them.

“Bang Bang Bang!!” Red lights flashed out of the vehicles, and their bullets were shot at Raditz!

“Wait! Hold on! I’m not trying to lock them in…. I mean to break them out! Don’t shoot!” Raditz said, and then he thought: “How can I stop them without looking aggressive? What’s wrong with them? Perhaps they can’t understand my speech!”

Raditz had no choice but to retreat, just to be chased by the vehicles. As he dodged back and forth, they surrounded him little by little while shooting, as if they had a formation and a plan.

“How annoyingly persistent they are! Perhaps they can’t fly!” Raditz jumped up high, and remained in mid air. He could see that these crawling vehicles could not fly indeed. But then….

He heard the noise of gear frictions, and other mechanical sounds that went in tandem… The vehicles started to transform, with their caterpillar tracks dismantled and relocated, their barrels shrunk, and their heavy armor lifted…. Slowly, feet formed, on which they stood, taking a human like shape!

“Trans… Transformers? Are we on Cybertron?”